Samuel Stout

M, b. February 1732, d. 24 September 1803
FatherSamuel Stout b. 1709
MotherCatharine Simpson b. 1692, d. 1749
     Samuel Stout married Anne Van Dyke, daughter of John Van Dyke. Samuel Stout was born in February 1732. He died on 24 September 1803 at age 71.

Sarah Stout

     Sarah Stout married Jessie D Courtright, son of John Courtright and Elizabeth Grubb.
     Married name: Courtright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Stout and Jessie D Courtright

Sarah Stout

F, b. 1656
FatherRichard Stout b. c 1600, d. c 1705
MotherPenelope Van Princis b. c 1622/23, d. c 1732/33
     Sarah Stout was born in 1656 at Gravesend.

Sarah Stout

F, b. 10 September 1689
FatherJonathan Stout b. 1660
MotherAnna Bollen
     Sarah Stout married Andrew Smith. Sarah Stout was born on 10 September 1689 at Middletown, NJ.
     Married name: Smith. She and Andrew Smith were Type: Children six.

Uriah Stout

     Uriah Stout married Catherine.

Child of Uriah Stout and Catherine

Zebulon Stout

M, b. 1699
FatherJonathan Stout b. 1660
MotherAnna Bollen
     Zebulon Stout married Charity Burrows, daughter of Thomas Burrows, at Hopewell. Zebulon Stout was born in 1699.

Jane Stoutenberg

     Jane Stoutenberg married Theodorus DeWitt, son of Petrus DeWitt and Elizabeth Duryea.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jane Stoutenberg and Theodorus DeWitt

Johannes Stoutenberg

M, b. 17 May 1752
FatherTobias Stoutenberg
MotherHelena Van Buskirk b. 23 Mar 1707
     Johannes Stoutenberg was born on 17 May 1752 at NY Dutch Church, NY.

Peter Stoutenberg

     Peter Stoutenberg married Hannah Earle, daughter of Edward Earle Jr. and Elsje Vreeland, before 1712 at Bergen, NJ.

Tobias Stoutenberg

     Tobias Stoutenberg married Helena Van Buskirk, daughter of Andries Van Buskirk and Jannetje van der Linde, on 5 April 1750 at NY Dutch Church, NY.

Child of Tobias Stoutenberg and Helena Van Buskirk

Isaacq Stoutenburg

     Isaacq Stoutenburg married Neeltje Uttenbogert.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Isaacq Stoutenburg and Neeltje Uttenbogert

  • Willemtie Stoutenburg b. 11 Apr 1691
  • Pieter Stoutenburg b. 20 Nov 1692
  • Gysbert Stoutenburg b. 21 Oct 1694
  • Isaacq Stoutenburg b. 17 May 1696
  • Luykas Stoutenburg b. 16 May 1697
  • Isaacq Stoutenburg b. 4 Sep 1698
  • Eva Stoutenburg b. 9 Sep 1699
  • Eva Stoutenburg b. 2 Feb 1701
  • Neeltie Stoutenburg b. 28 Jun 1702
  • Marie Stoutenburg b. 26 Sep 1703
  • Isaac Stoutenburg b. 8 Apr 1705
  • Jacobus Stoutenburg b. 2 Oct 1706
  • Hanna Stoutenburg b. 1 Aug 1708
  • Jacobus Stoutenburg b. 29 Jan 1710

Joanna Stoutenburgh

F, b. 26 June 1765, d. 2 April 1838
     Joanna Stoutenburgh was born on 16 September 1764. She was born on 26 June 1765. She married John Hone, son of Philip Hone and Esther Bourdet, on 29 November 1786. Joanna Stoutenburgh died on 2 April 1838 at age 72.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Joanna Stoutenburgh and John Hone

John Stoutenburgh

     John Stoutenburgh married Hendrica Duyckinck, daughter of Gerrit Duyckinck and Maria Abeel of Albany, on 13 October 1711.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Stoutenburgh and Hendrica Duyckinck

  • Maria Stoutenburgh b. 1 Oct 1712
  • Gerard Stoutenburgh b. 29 Nov 1713
  • Christoffel Stoutenburgh b. 28 Mar 1725

Neiltje Stoutenburgh

     Neiltje Stoutenburgh married Cornelius Cooper, son of Cornelis Cooper and Marritie Van Dien, on 9 May 1784 at Rockland County, NY.
     Married name: Cooper.

Child of Neiltje Stoutenburgh and Cornelius Cooper

Jeffrey Stoveken

     Jeffrey Stoveken married Carol Holzherr, daughter of Paul Holzherr and Karen M Van Riper.

Phebe Stow

     Phebe Stow married Ebenezer Mixer, son of Joseph Mixer and Jane Newton.
     Phebe Stow lived at Southborough. Married name: Mixer.

William Stow

     William Stow married Sarah Mixer, daughter of Joseph Mixer and Jane Newton, in 1845 ((sic)).
     William Stow lived at Southborough.

Hope Stowe

F, b. 31 October 1690, d. 23 January 1763
FatherIchabod Stowe
MotherMary Atwater
     Hope Stowe was born on 31 October 1690 at Middletown, CT. She married Jehiel Hawley, son of Samuel Hawley and Mary Thompson, on 13 December 1708. Hope Stowe died on 23 January 1763 at age 72.
     Married name: Hawley.

Ichabod Stowe


Child of Ichabod Stowe and Mary Atwater

Eliakum Stowell

M, b. 12 January 1782
FatherIsaachar Stowell
MotherLydia Hobart
     Eliakum Stowell was born on 12 January 1782 at Hingham, MA. He married Margaret Chubbuck, daughter of Thomas Chubbuck and Margaret Stodder, on 24 June 1804.

Child of Eliakum Stowell and Margaret Chubbuck

  • Lydia Hobart Stowell b. 15 Mar 1805

Elvira Stowell

     Elvira Stowell married Chauncey De Witt, son of Jezereel De Witt and Lucy Stoddard.
     Married name: De Witt. Name variation: Alvira Stowell.

Child of Elvira Stowell and Chauncey De Witt

Isaachar Stowell

     Isaachar Stowell married Lydia Hobart.

Child of Isaachar Stowell and Lydia Hobart

Debra Stpierre

     Married name: Warman.

Dirck Straatmaker

M, b. circa 1620, d. circa 25 February 1643
     Dirck Straatmaker was born circa 1620 at The Netherlands. He married Jannetje in April 1640. Dirck Straatmaker died circa 25 February 1643 at Pavonia, NJ, in the aftermath of the massacre of Pavonia/Communipaw.

Child of Dirck Straatmaker

Jan Dircksen Straatmaker

M, b. circa 1642/43, d. 1729
FatherDirck Straatmaker b. c 1620, d. c 25 Feb 1643
     Jan Dircksen Straatmaker was born circa 1642/43 at Communipaw?, NJ. He married Geesje Gerritse on 14 January 1666 at Bergen Dutch Reformed Church, Bergen, NJ. Jan Dircksen Straatmaker married Neeltje Buys on 27 January 1707 at Bergen Dutch Reformed Church, Bergen, NJ. Jan Dircksen Straatmaker died in 1729.
     Name variation: Jan Straatmaker.

Child of Jan Dircksen Straatmaker and Geesje Gerritse

Jannetje Straatmaker

F, b. 26 December 1666
FatherJan Dircksen Straatmaker b. c 1642/43, d. 1729
MotherGeesje Gerritse b. c 1646, d. Feb 1700
     Jannetje Straatmaker was born on 26 December 1666. She was baptized on 26 December 1666 at Bergen Dutch Reformed Church, Bergen, NJ. She married Thomas Jurianse Van Ripen, son of Juriaen Thomassen Van Ripen and Ryckje Coerten, on 2 June 1691 at Bergen Dutch Reformed Church, Bergen, NJ.
     Married name: Van Ripen. Name variation: Jannetje Janse Straatmaker. Name variation: Jannetje Straet.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jannetje Straatmaker and Thomas Jurianse Van Ripen

Margrietje Straatmaker

     Margrietje Straatmaker married Hendrick Van Wagoner, son of Gerrit Gerritsen Van Wagoner and Annatje Hermansse, on 3 April 1701.
     Married name: Van Wagoner.

Child of Margrietje Straatmaker and Hendrick Van Wagoner

Rachel Straatmaker

F, d. 12 March 1708
     Rachel Straatmaker married Daniel Van Winkle, son of Jacob Jacobse and Aeltje Daniels, on 11 May 1707. Rachel Straatmaker died on 12 March 1708.
     Married name: Van Winkle.

Martha Strachen

     Martha Strachen married Samuel Goetchius, son of John Hendrick Goetchius and Rachel Zabriske.
     Married name: Goetchius.

Jacob Strader

     Jacob Strader married Phoebe Northrup, daughter of Moses Northrup and Sarah DeWitt.