Elizabeth Sandford

F, b. 9 May 1738
FatherPeregrine Sandford
MotherFitje Vreeland b. 2 Feb 1707
     Elizabeth Sandford was born on 9 May 1738. She was baptized on 30 July 1738 at Second River Church, Belleville, Essex County, NJ.

James Sandford

M, b. 22 June 1904, d. January 1974
FatherLewis Morgan Sandford b. 28 Aug 1861, d. 2 Nov 1915
MotherSara Cathrine Chandler b. 19 Jun 1883, d. 7 Mar 1955
     James Sandford was born on 22 June 1904 at Harrison, Hudson County, NJ. He married Mary Standish, daughter of Anthony Standish, in 1929 at Hudson County, NJ. James Sandford was buried in January 1974 at Florida. He died in January 1974 at Riverview (Hudson), Hillsborough County, FL, at age 69.
     Social Security #: 272-07-2959
James Sandford ,the son of Lewis worked for schickhouse in Newark as a bu tcher.
his wife Mary standish worked for a doll factory and later went into busin ess as a hair dresser with her sister Ann Standish Christy.Broderbund Fa mily Archive #110, Vol. 2 L-Z, Ed. 7, Social Security Death Index: U.S., D ate of Import: Dec 25, 1999, Internal Ref. #

Individual: Sandford, James
Social Security #: 272-07-2959
Issued in: Ohio

Birth date: Oct 11, 1906
Death date: Mar 1966. He was in 1920 butcher for shick house, NJ. He was in 1930 Machine Operator for the electric co.

Johannes Sandford

M, b. 1733
FatherMichael Sandford
MotherMarytje Day b. 1 Jan 1702
     Johannes Sandford was baptized in 1733 at Hackensack, NJ.

Lewis Morgan Sandford

M, b. 28 August 1861, d. 2 November 1915
     Lewis Morgan Sandford was born on 28 August 1861 at Belleville, NJ. He married Sara Cathrine Chandler, daughter of James Walter Chandler and Harriette Pritchard, in 1888 at Belleville, Essex County, NJ. Lewis Morgan Sandford married Sara Cathrine Chandler, daughter of James Walter Chandler and Harriette Pritchard, circa 1903 (Harrison, NJ). Lewis Morgan Sandford died on 2 November 1915 at Secaucus, NJ, at age 54. He was buried on 4 November 1915 at Christ Church Cemetery.
     He was Laborer and fireman for kearny NJ. He lived Kearney and Harrison NJ.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lewis Morgan Sandford and Sara Cathrine Chandler

Lewis Morgan Sandford

M, b. 1890, d. 1955
FatherLewis Morgan Sandford b. 28 Aug 1861, d. 2 Nov 1915
MotherSara Cathrine Chandler b. 19 Jun 1883, d. 7 Mar 1955
     Lewis Morgan Sandford was born in 1890 at Belleville, NJ. He was buried in 1955 at Paupers Field, Newark, NJ. He died in 1955 at Newark, NJ.

Margaret Elizabeth Bataille Sandford

F, b. 8 May 1903, d. 29 March 1988
FatherLewis Morgan Sandford b. 28 Aug 1861, d. 2 Nov 1915
MotherSara Cathrine Chandler b. 19 Jun 1883, d. 7 Mar 1955
     Margaret Elizabeth Bataille Sandford was born on 8 May 1903 at Newark, Essex County, NJ. She married John Alexander Hill, son of John Hill and Annie Mc Gregor Thomson, on 23 December 1922 at Harrison, Hudson County, NJ, (Witness,James Sandford and Greenfield). Margaret Elizabeth Bataille Sandford died on 29 March 1988 at Port Richey, FL, at age 84. She was buried on 31 March 1988 at Crest View Cemetery, Nutley, NJ.
     She was educated; k - 8. Individual: Hill, Martha
Social Security #: 136-12-2510
Issued in: New Jersey
Birth date: May 8, 1903
Death date: Mar 29, 1988
ZIP Code of last known residence: 07071
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Martha was born in 1903 as Margeret Elizabeth Bataille. When her mother d ivorced her husband David Bataille and married Lewis Sandford she was rai sed as Martha Sandford. She never knew she was a Bataille.

When she was 12 yrs. old her father Lewis Sandford died of Tuberculosi s, leaving her and her brother and sister and mother without financial sup port.Martha being the oldest went to work to help support the family. Th ey struggled through the depression years and when Martha Married Jack Hi ll from England she took her mother in to help her raise her three childr en. Mildred 1927,Dorothy1928,and John1931.In 1944 they moved to a hou se in Lyndhurst Martha died of cancer. she was a wonderful person and w as loved by all her family. Martha's mother died in 1955, Her husband Ja ck died 1956 and she died in 1988 her daughter Dorothy died in 199 6. as of 2001 Mildred(Midge)Volker and Jack Hill JR are still living. She was Type: DeathCause Colon Cancer. She was Protestent. She was retired Hudson Fla. She was Caffeteria worker at ITT,Nutly NJ. Married name: Hill. Name variation: Margaret Elizabeth Bataille Myrt. She was Type: Medical Cerebral Vascolar Insuffiency Vascular Heart Disease GongestiveHeart Failure bronchitis cronic renal failure annemia. She was adopted in 1905 by Lewis Sandford.

Child of Margaret Elizabeth Bataille Sandford and John Alexander Hill

Maria Sandford

F, b. 1722
FatherMichael Sandford
MotherMarytje Day b. 1 Jan 1702
     Maria Sandford was baptized in 1722 at Hackensack, NJ.

Michael Sandford

     Michael Sandford was born (of a family which also came from Barbadoes.). He married Marytje Day, daughter of William Day and Annatje Jacobs.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Michael Sandford and Marytje Day

Mildred Sandford

F, b. 1 February 1910, d. 30 August 1985
FatherLewis Morgan Sandford b. 28 Aug 1861, d. 2 Nov 1915
MotherSara Cathrine Chandler b. 19 Jun 1883, d. 7 Mar 1955
     Mildred Sandford was born on 1 February 1910 at Harrison, NJ. She married Thomas Elsey on 5 September 1929 at New Jersey. Mildred Sandford died on 30 August 1985 at Largo, FL, at age 75. She was buried (Cremated (Ashes in Gulf of Mexico)).
     She was Matren in orphanage. Social Security #: 154-26-0854
Issued in: New Jersey
Birth date: Feb 1, 1910
Death date: Aug 1985
Residence code: Florida
ZIP Code of last known residence: 33568
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
River view, Florida. Married name: Elsey.

Child of Mildred Sandford and Thomas Elsey

Molly Sandford

     Molly Sandford married Hendricus Day, son of William Day and Annatje Jacobs, in June 1731 at Hackensack, NJ.
     Married name: Day.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Molly Sandford and Hendricus Day

Peregrine Sandford

     Peregrine is from New Barbadoes and is described as 'first daughter and second child'.

Peregrine Sandford

     Peregrine Sandford married Fitje Vreeland, daughter of Enoch Michielsen Vreeland and Aagtje Van Hooren, circa 1728.
     Peregrine was from New Barbadoes. Name variation: Perregra Zandvoort.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Peregrine Sandford and Fitje Vreeland

Sarah Sandford

     Sarah Sandford married Thomas Doremus, son of Thomas Doremus and Anneken Ackerman.
     Married name: Doremus.

Elizabeth Sands

F, b. 12 October 1749, d. 25 February 1822 or 1832
FatherJoshua Sands b. 22 Mar 1725, d. 28 Mar 1787
MotherMary Smith b. 1729, d. 1832
     Elizabeth Sands was born on 12 October 1749 at Long Island, NY. She married Samuel Wyatt on 2 March 1767 at Orange County, NY. Elizabeth Sands died on 25 February 1822 or 1832 at Orange County, NY.
     Married name: Wyatt.

Child of Elizabeth Sands and Samuel Wyatt

John Sands

M, b. 1684, d. 30 August 1763
     John Sands was born in 1684 at Block Island. He married Catharine Guthrie on 9 September 1706 at Long Island, NY. John Sands died on 30 August 1763 at Long Island, NY.

Child of John Sands and Catharine Guthrie

Joshua Sands

M, b. 22 March 1725, d. 28 March 1787
FatherJohn Sands b. 1684, d. 30 Aug 1763
MotherCatharine Guthrie b. 24 Jun 1690, d. 10 Feb 1769
     Joshua Sands was born on 22 March 1725 at Long Island, NY. He married Mary Smith on 15 October 1748. Joshua Sands died on 28 March 1787 at Long Island, NY, at age 62.

Child of Joshua Sands and Mary Smith

Ingrid Sophia Sandstrom

F, b. 5 April 1875, d. 12 April 1962
FatherPer Jonsson Sandstrom b. 17 Aug 1841
MotherHanna Nilsson b. 1 Jun 1847, d. 16 Mar 1891
     Ingrid Sophia Sandstrom was born on 5 April 1875 at Luhd (Lund?), Sweden. She married Oscar Olsson, son of Karl August Olsson and Louisa P. Carlman, on 21 September 1901. Ingrid Sophia Sandstrom died on 12 April 1962 at Bartlesville, OK, at age 87.
     Married name: Olsson.

Child of Ingrid Sophia Sandstrom and Oscar Olsson

Per Jonsson Sandstrom

M, b. 17 August 1841
     Per Jonsson Sandstrom married Hanna Nilsson. Per Jonsson Sandstrom was born on 17 August 1841.

Child of Per Jonsson Sandstrom and Hanna Nilsson

Egbert Sanduszen

     Egbert Sanduszen married Hermetje Harmens.
     Egbert owned a lot in Flatbush. Name variation: Egbert Sanderszen.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Egbert Sanduszen and Hermetje Harmens

Amos Sanford

     Amos Sanford married Mary.

Child of Amos Sanford and Mary

Bathsheba Sanford

F, b. 8 May 1793, d. 3 February 1820
FatherPhilo Sanford
MotherLydia Whiting
     Bathsheba Sanford was born on 8 May 1793. She married Horace Holden, son of Levi Holden and Hannah Plympton, on 8 August 1816. Bathsheba Sanford died on 3 February 1820 at age 26.
     Married name: Holden.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Bathsheba Sanford and Horace Holden

Charles H. Sanford

M, b. 20 February 1805, d. 18 August 1886
FatherJohn Sanford b. 1 Sep 1758, d. 15 Feb 1851
MotherCatherine De Bow b. 1766, d. 1852
     Charles H. Sanford was buried at Old Butler Cemetery, Butler, Morris County, NJ. He married Mariah Hennion, daughter of Tunis Hennion and Sophia Witty. Charles H. Sanford was born on 20 February 1805. He died on 18 August 1886 at age 81.
     Name variation: Charles H Sandford.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Charles H. Sanford and Mariah Hennion

Charles T. Sanford

M, b. 1833, d. 23 February 1932
FatherCharles H. Sanford b. 20 Feb 1805, d. 18 Aug 1886
MotherMariah Hennion b. 24 Sep 1806, d. 3 Aug 1893
     Charles T. Sanford was buried at Connecticut. He was born in 1833 at Bloomingdale, Passaic County, NJ. He died on 23 February 1932.
     Charles lived with his nephew, Chauncey, shortly before he died. His body was brought to Connecticut to be buried with his wife and children.

Clarissa Sanford

     Clarissa Sanford married Levi Packard.
     Married name: Packard.

Child of Clarissa Sanford and Levi Packard

Clarke Sanford

M, b. 1791, d. 1886
     Clarke Sanford was born in 1791. He married Mary Ann Clarke in 1814. Clarke Sanford died in 1886.

Child of Clarke Sanford and Mary Ann Clarke

Elizabeth Sanford

F, b. 7 November 1704
     Elizabeth Sanford married Lawrence Clinton, son of Lawrence Clinton and Mary Wooden. Elizabeth Sanford was born on 7 November 1704.
     Married name: Clinton.

Child of Elizabeth Sanford and Lawrence Clinton

Ezra Sanford

M, b. 22 April 1763
FatherAmos Sanford
     Ezra Sanford was born on 22 April 1763 at Newtown. He married Mercy Gay, daughter of John Gay Jr. and Mary Bailey of Lebanon, on 11 October 1786.

Francis J Sanford

M, b. 12 February 1860
FatherHenry Clarke Sanford b. 16 Dec 1820, d. 26 Mar 1882
MotherMary H DeWitt b. 24 Jan 1817, d. 6 Sep 1901
     Francis J Sanford was born on 12 February 1860 at Atlas, MI. He married Susie Laselle on 1 December 1880. Francis J Sanford married Nell Pailthrope in September 1901.

George Sanford

     George Sanford married Elizabeth Clark.

Child of George Sanford and Elizabeth Clark

Henry Clarke Sanford

M, b. 16 December 1820, d. 26 March 1882
FatherClarke Sanford b. 1791, d. 1886
MotherMary Ann Clarke b. 1795, d. 1845
     Henry Clarke Sanford was born on 16 December 1820 at Castile, NY. He married Mary H DeWitt on 21 April 1841. Henry Clarke Sanford died on 26 March 1882 at Atlas, MI, at age 61.
     South Farms, CT; Sanford Gen. Vol I, p. 447; Vol II pp. 812, 1149, 1150.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Henry Clarke Sanford and Mary H DeWitt