Pieter Vlierboom

     Pieter Vlierboom married Jannetje de Voort.

Child of Pieter Vlierboom and Jannetje de Voort

  • Geertruyd Vlierboom b. 3 May 1730

Servaas Vlierboom

     Servaas Vlierboom married Gertruyt Lassing.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Servaas Vlierboom and Gertruyt Lassing

  • Marytje Vlierboom b. 27 Feb 1698
  • Margarita Vlierboom b. 19 May 1700
  • Matthys Vlierboom b. 25 Jan 1701
  • Pieter Vlierboom b. 6 Aug 1704

Willemptje Vlierboom

FatherMattys Servaes b. bt 1630 - 1640?, d. c 1695
MotherMarritie Jacobs d. a 1695
     Willemptje Vlierboom married Cornelius Eckerson, son of Jan Thomaszen Eckerson and Apollonia Cornelis Swits, between 24 August 1692 and 1693 (New Amsterdam, NY Dutch Ref. Ch, NY). Willemptje Vlierboom died.
     Married name: Eckerson.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Willemptje Vlierboom and Cornelius Eckerson

Caroline Vliet

F, b. 16 October 1845
FatherNelson Vliet
MotherCaroline Beavers Stinson
     Caroline Vliet was born on 16 October 1845. She married Albert Livingston Drake, son of William Drake and Rachel Morgan Axford, on 20 November 1866.
     Married name: Drake.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Caroline Vliet and Albert Livingston Drake

  • Nelson Drake
  • Caroline Drake
  • Harry Drake

Elizabeth Catherine Vliet

FatherWilliam Van Buskirk Vliet
MotherMartha Ann Axford
     Elizabeth Catherine Vliet married Dresser.
     Married name: Dresser.

Jesse Vliet

     Jesse Vliet married Margaret Axford, daughter of Samuel Axford I and Margaret McDonald.
     Jesse Vliet lived at Roxbury, NJ.

Mary Vliet

     Mary Vliet died Y. She married James Egbert, son of James Egbert and Rachel Bray, in 1829.
     Married name: Egbert.

Nelson Vliet

     Nelson Vliet married Caroline Beavers Stinson.

Child of Nelson Vliet and Caroline Beavers Stinson

William Van Buskirk Vliet

     William Van Buskirk Vliet married Martha Ann Axford, daughter of John Axford III and Eleanor Polhemus.
     He moved to Oakland County, probably near Evart and Clarkston.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William Van Buskirk Vliet and Martha Ann Axford

Sopie E Voel?

     Sopie E Voel? married Alexander James Clinton, son of Dr. Alexander Clinton and Adeline Arden Hamilton.
     Married name: Clinton.

Child of Sopie E Voel? and Alexander James Clinton

  • Charles A Clinton

Jacob Dircksen Vogel

     Jacob Dircksen Vogel married Aeltje Ariaans.

Arnold Vogt

     Arnold Vogt married Helen F Freeland, daughter of Lillian J Gould.

Karl Vogt

     Karl Vogt married Marilyn D VanStone, daughter of Edwin VanStone and Monica Duffy.

Minnie Louise Vogt

     Minnie Louise Vogt married Artemus Washburn.
     Married name: Washburn.

Albert Haring Voight

M, d. March 1879
FatherWilliam Augustus Voight b. 30 Dec 1855
MotherRachel Anna Haring b. 6 Aug 1856, d. Mar 1879
     Albert Haring Voight died in March 1879.

William Augustus Voight

M, b. 30 December 1855
     William Augustus Voight was born on 30 December 1855. He married Rachel Anna Haring, daughter of Albert Casper Haring and Catherine Maria Ackerman, on 28 October 1877.

Child of William Augustus Voight and Rachel Anna Haring

Gerrit Volck

M, d. 1745
     Gerrit Volck married Tryntje Matthyson, daughter of Cornelius Matthyson and Maritie Davidse Demarest. Gerrit Volck died in 1745.
     Name variation: Gerrit Volk.

Dirck Volckerts

M, b. circa 1677, d. 22 July 1754
FatherVolckert Dircks of Bushwick
MotherAnnetje Philipse
     Dirck Volckerts married Geertje. Dirck Volckerts was born circa 1677 at Boswyck. He married Maria DeWitt, daughter of Pieter DeWitt and Sara Alberts, on 25 September 1691 at Dutch Church, Flatbush, NY. Dirck Volckerts died on 22 July 1754 at Somerset County, NJ. His estate was probated on 5 August 1754.
     Dirck with Peter Cortelyou, Hendrick Lott and others purchased the Harlingen Tract in Somerset, NJ about 1700.
Dirck and his two brothers ingerited the 164 acres of their grandfather's land in Bushwick to Captain Peter Praa on 16 Mar 1718/19. He lived after 1700 at Millstone, Somerset County, NJ.

Child of Dirck Volckerts and Maria DeWitt

Children (not necessarily in order) of Dirck Volckerts and Geertje

Peter Volckerts

M, b. 21 August 1695
FatherDirck Volckerts b. c 1677, d. 22 Jul 1754
     Peter Volckerts was baptized on 21 August 1695 at Dutch Church, New York, NY.

Jonas Volhert-Douw

     Jonas Volhert-Douw married Machdeltje Quackenbush on 14 November 1683 at Dutch Reformed Church, Albany, NY.

Nicholas Volk

     Nicholas Volk married Metje.

Child of Nicholas Volk and Metje

Sarah Volk

FatherNicholas Volk
     Sarah Volk married Isaac Storms, son of Staats Storms and Susanna De Voe.
     Married name: Storms.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Volk and Isaac Storms

August George Volker

M, b. 6 August 1899, d. January 1982
     August George Volker was born on 6 August 1899 at Essex County, NJ. He married Viola Eckmeder circa 27 November 1920 at New Jersey. August George Volker died in January 1982 at Westfield, NJ, at age 82.
     2004 ftw.FTW

Social Security #: 156-01-4088
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 L-Z, Ed. 7, Social Security Dea th Index: U.S., Date of Import: Sep 9, 1999, Internal Ref. # .33]

Individual: Volker, George
Social Security #: 156-01-4088
Issued in: New Jersey

Birth date: May 6, 1889
Death date: Jan 1982

Residence code: New Jersey

ZIP Code of last known residence: 07090
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:

Westfield, New Jersey. Name variation: August George Gus. He was adopted in 1945 at New Jersey.

Child of August George Volker and Viola Eckmeder

George August Volker

M, b. 27 November 1924, d. 31 May 1993
FatherAugust George Volker b. 6 Aug 1899, d. Jan 1982
MotherViola Eckmeder b. c 1 May 1899, d. c 1958
     George August Volker was born on 27 November 1924 at Irvington, NJ. He died on 31 May 1993 at Port St. Lucie, FL, at age 68.
     He was Carpenter. He was retired Port St Lucy Fla. He lived Union NJ. [2004 ftw.FTW]

Social Security #: 142-12-7279
Individual: Volker, George August
Issued in: New Jersey
Birth date: Nov 27, 1924
Death date: May 31, 1993
ZIP Code of last known residence: 07083
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:
Union, New Jersey. He was Type: DeathCause heart attack. He began military service in 1942 US Navy.

Dorothea Volkerts

F, d. 1658
     Dorothea Volkerts married Pieter Jans DeWit, son of Jan DeWitt, at The Netherlands. Dorothea Volkerts died in 1658.
     Married name: DeWit.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Dorothea Volkerts and Pieter Jans DeWit

Philip Volkerts

M, b. circa 1670
     Philip Volkerts was born circa 1670. He married Anna Van Cleef before May 1705.
     Philip with his wife and step-daughter moved to Somerset County, NJ about 1703.

Magdaleen Dircks Volkertsen

F, b. 1636, d. between 17 January 1735 and 1736
     Magdaleen Dircks Volkertsen was born in 1636 at Bushwick Creek, Brooklyn, NY. She married Harmen Hendricksen Roosekrans on 3 March 1657 at New Amsterdam, NY. Magdaleen Dircks Volkertsen died between 17 January 1735 and 1736.
     Additional info available in Abbot's book 'The Courtright (Kortright) Family. Married name: Roosekrans. Name variation: Magdalena Dircks.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Magdaleen Dircks Volkertsen and Harmen Hendricksen Roosekrans

Annatje Volkertson

     Annatje Volkertson married Cornelius Bogaert, son of Gysbert Teunise Bogaert and Jannetje Symonson Van Arsdale.
     Married name: Bogaert.

Betty Von Adams

F, b. circa 1865
     Betty Von Adams married John J Ulrich. Betty Von Adams was born circa 1865 at Germany.
     Married name: Ulrich.

Child of Betty Von Adams and John J Ulrich

Lizzie Von Blarcom

     Lizzie Von Blarcom married Peter Duryea.
     Married name: Duryea.

Child of Lizzie Von Blarcom and Peter Duryea