Olive Irene Wheeler

F, b. 14 August 1920, d. 23 February 1984
     Olive Irene Wheeler was born on 14 August 1920 at Shapwicke, England. She married Richard Paul DeWitt, son of Oscar Truman DeWitt and Anna Elizabeth Miller. Olive Irene Wheeler died on 23 February 1984 at Los Angeles, CA, at age 63.

Child of Olive Irene Wheeler and Richard Paul DeWitt

Phoebe Wheeler

     Phoebe Wheeler married Henry Harrawood.
     Married name: Harrawood.

Child of Phoebe Wheeler and Henry Harrawood

Richard K Wheeler

M, b. 1806
FatherNathaniel Wheeler b. 4 Sep 1762, d. 21 Feb 1822
MotherChristina De Kay b. 1769, d. 1853
     Richard K Wheeler married Jane Dickerson. Richard K Wheeler was born in 1806.

Robert Wheeler

     Robert Wheeler married Sarah Moody.

Child of Robert Wheeler and Sarah Moody

Samuel Wheeler

M, b. 12 December 1713
FatherEdward Wheeler
MotherJosyntje Gardenier b. c 1670
     Samuel Wheeler was born on 12 December 1713 at Kinderhook. He married Margareta Van Woerd on 29 January 1737/38.

Sara Wheeler

F, b. 27 May 1694
FatherEdward Wheeler
MotherJosyntje Gardenier b. c 1670
     Sara Wheeler was baptized on 27 May 1694 at Albany, NY.

Sarah Maria Wheeler

F, b. 1789, d. 1837
FatherNathaniel Wheeler b. 4 Sep 1762, d. 21 Feb 1822
MotherChristina De Kay b. 1769, d. 1853
     Sarah Maria Wheeler was born in 1789. She married William Van Duzer on 18 June 1808. Sarah Maria Wheeler died in 1837.
     Married name: Van Duzer.

Child of Sarah Maria Wheeler and William Van Duzer

Solomon Wheeler

     Solomon Wheeler married Elizabeth Mustard.
     Source: Wheeler Gen. p. 1032.

Child of Solomon Wheeler and Elizabeth Mustard

Thomas DeKay Wheeler

M, b. 1791
FatherNathaniel Wheeler b. 4 Sep 1762, d. 21 Feb 1822
MotherChristina De Kay b. 1769, d. 1853
     Thomas DeKay Wheeler married Jane Simonson. Thomas DeKay Wheeler was born in 1791.

William Finn Wheeler

M, b. 2 September 1791
     William Finn Wheeler was born on 2 September 1791 at Warwick, Orange County, NY. He married Juliet Van Duzer on 12 December 1813 at Warwick, Orange County, NY.
     He lived on the family homestead except for service in War of 1812. Name variation: Col.

Child of William Finn Wheeler and Juliet Van Duzer

William Walker Wheeler

M, b. 27 June 1829
FatherMaurinus Venaken Wheeler b. 29 Dec 1800
MotherMaria Ackerman Hammond b. 28 Jul 1803, d. 14 Jul 1840
     William Walker Wheeler was born on 27 June 1829. He married Catharine Lucky in 1852 at Esopus, NY.
     William Walker Wheeler lived at Chicago, IL.

Mary Ellen Whetsell

     Mary Ellen Whetsell married Richard DeWitt, son of Henry DeWitt and Elizabeth Jackson.
     Mary Ellen was a relative of Lew Whetsell, the Indian fighter. Name variation: Mary Ellen Whitsell. Married name: DeWitt.

Rebecca Whetsell

     Rebecca Whetsell married Peter DeWitt, son of Ezeckial DeWitt and Maria Keller, circa 1792.
     Married name: DeWitt. Name variation: Rebecca Casteel. Rebecca Whetsell lived circa 1795 at Roaring Creek, VA, Several years later he moved to Clarke County, KY where he applied for a pension as a veteran of the Revolutionary War.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rebecca Whetsell and Peter DeWitt

Samuel Whisler

     Samuel Whisler married Edna Brown, daughter of John Brown and Mercy Axford.

Asaph D Whitaker

     Asaph D Whitaker married Jane H B Rosecrans.
     Asaph D Whitaker was Type: Source Wawarsing 1497?

Child of Asaph D Whitaker and Jane H B Rosecrans

  • Lemira Whitaker b. 14 Jul 1841

Edward Whitaker

M, d. before 1745
     Edward Whitaker married Jacoba Hardenbergh, daughter of Johannes Hardenbergh and Catharine Rutsen, on 19 December 1729. Edward Whitaker died before 1745.

Elizabeth Whitaker

     Elizabeth Whitaker married John Bovie, son of Abraham Bovie and Sarah Kool.
     Married name: Bovie.

Richard Whitaker

     Richard Whitaker married Elizabeth Wisner, daughter of John Wisner and Eliza Bertholf.

Ronald Graham Whitaker

     Ronald Graham Whitaker married Margaret Jean Grove, daughter of Charles Manford Grove and Mildred Sadie Miles.
     Ronald Graham Whitaker lived at 2343 Chapman Rd., La Presenta, CA.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ronald Graham Whitaker and Margaret Jean Grove

  • Susan Carol Whitaker
  • Gail Laurie Whitaker
  • Bonnie Ann Whitaker

Samuel Whitaker

M, b. 25 December 1715
     Samuel Whitaker was baptized on 25 December 1715 at Kingston, NY. He married Catryna Burhans, daughter of Barent Burhans and Margriet Jans Matthysen, on 10 March 1738 at Kingston, NY.

Elizabeth Whitbeck

F, b. circa 1738, d. 29 July 1820
     Elizabeth Whitbeck was born circa 1738. She married Thomas Houghtaling, son of Hendrick Houghtaling and Hester Pritcher, in 1757. Elizabeth Whitbeck died on 29 July 1820.
     Married name: Houghtaling.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Whitbeck and Thomas Houghtaling

Carrie Whitcomb

     Carrie Whitcomb married A W Smith.
     Married name: Smith.

Child of Carrie Whitcomb and A W Smith

Sara Whitcomb

     Sara Whitcomb married William Bailey, son of Samuel Bailey and Ella Godfrey.
     Married name: Bailey.



Child of White

  • White

Adele White

     Adele White married Clarence DeWitt, son of Alexander DeWitt and G.J. Krayee.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Amos White

     Amos White married Hannah Mills.

Child of Amos White and Hannah Mills

Ann White

F, b. 18 August 1796
     Ann White was born on 18 August 1796. She married Benjamin Blackledge III, son of Benjamin Blackledge Jr. and Deborah Westervelt, in 1820.
     Married name: Blackledge.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ann White and Benjamin Blackledge III

Anne White

F, b. 22 December 1750, d. 25 March 1784
FatherJacob White b. 5 Jan 1726/27?
MotherAbigail Lounsbury b. 11 Sep 1719, d. a 1791
     Anne White was born on 22 December 1750. She married Joseph Mills on 17 August 1769. Anne White died on 25 March 1784 at age 33.
     Married name: Mills.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Anne White and Joseph Mills

Clara White

     Clara White married Jesse Stagg, son of Thomas (2) Stagg and Nancy Seely.
     Married name: Stagg.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Clara White and Jesse Stagg

Delia White

F, b. 1824, d. 1893
     Delia White was born in 1824. She married Peter Kingsland, son of Abraham Kingsland and Mary Hull, in 1844 at New York City, NY. Delia White died in 1893 at Brooklyn?, NY.
     Married name: Kingsland.