Dorothy J White

F, b. 1920
     Dorothy J White married Harris E Burchell, son of Oliver Burchell and Elizabeth Harris. Dorothy J White was born in 1920.
     Married name: Burchell.

Edwin White USN

     Name variation: Rear Admiral.

Child of Edwin White USN

Eli White

M, d. before 1819
     Eli White married Elizabeth Collins, daughter of William Collins and Jane Brouwer, on 19 June 1813. Eli White died before 1819.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Eli White and Elizabeth Collins

  • John S White
  • Jane White+ b. 24 Mar 1814
  • Mary White b. 19 Dec 1815
  • Eli White b. 15 Feb 1818

Elizabeth White

F, d. before 26 December 1693
FatherGoeing White d. a 1649
MotherElizabeth Ward? 'servant to Mr. Hatherlye of Plymouth, MA.'
     Elizabeth White married Thomas Pincen, son of Thomas Pincen and Jane Standlake, on 18 September 1662 at Scituate, MA. Elizabeth White died before 26 December 1693.
     Married name: Pincen.

Child of Elizabeth White and Thomas Pincen

Emily White

     Emily White married Kenneth A Wood, son of Charles G Wood.
     Married name: Wood.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Emily White and Kenneth A Wood

  • Joan Wood
  • Kenneth A Wood Jr.
  • Emily Wood

Francis Ann White

FatherRobert White
     Francis Ann White married Edward Young Shuck, son of Andrew Shuck and Mary Ann Young, in 1826 (Henry County marriage bond is dated 14 Jan 1826.).
     Married name: Shuck.

Frank White

     Frank White married Mary Vreeland, daughter of James C Vreeland and May E Norman.
     Frank White lived in 1917 at 1827 Washington Ave, New York City, NY.

Goeing White

M, d. after 1649
     Goeing White married Elizabeth Ward? 'servant to Mr. Hatherlye of Plymouth, MA.' on 15 October 1638 at Scituate, MA. Goeing White died after 1649.

Israel White

     Israel White married Phebe Sanford.

Child of Israel White and Phebe Sanford

Jacob White

M, b. 5 January 1726/27?
FatherJames White
     Jacob White was born on 5 January 1726/27? He married Abigail Lounsbury, daughter of Michael Lounsbury and Sarah Lockwood, on 16 August 1747.

Child of Jacob White and Abigail Lounsbury

Jacob White

     Jacob White married Etta Storms, daughter of William Albert Storms and Catherine Anne Voorhis.

Child of Jacob White and Etta Storms

  • Donald White

James White

     James White married Elizabeth Waring, daughter of John Waring. James White married an unknown person in 1720.

Child of James White

Jane White

F, b. 24 March 1814
FatherEli White d. b 1819
MotherElizabeth Collins
     Jane White married Isaac Morris Washburn. Jane White was born on 24 March 1814.
     Married name: Washburn.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jane White and Isaac Morris Washburn

  • Elizabeth Ann Washburn
  • Helen Secor Washburn
  • Morris Eli Washburn
  • Mary A Washburn

Johanna White

     Johanna White married Cornelius P Vreeland, son of John Henry Vreeland and Anna Van Horn, on 27 May 1887.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Johanna White and Cornelius P Vreeland

  • Sarah Arabella Vreeland b. 8 Dec 1888
  • Leroy Vreeland b. 7 Mar 1890
  • Viola Vreeland b. 8 Jan 1896

Johanna White

F, d. 26 June 1834
     Johanna White married John Bubenheim Bayard, son of James Bayard and Mary Asheton, (Third wife). Johanna White died on 26 June 1834.
     Married name: Bayard.

Joshua White

     Joshua White married Deborah Lounsbury, daughter of Michael Lounsbury and Lettice, on 1 June 1792.

Leah White

     Leah White married James Tucker, son of John Tucker and Ruth Wooley.
     Married name: Tucker.

Child of Leah White and James Tucker

Leah White

F, b. 1704, d. after 1773
FatherAmos White
MotherHannah Mills
     Leah White was born in 1704. She married Jonathan Stout, son of Richard Stout and Esther Tilton, before 1728/29. Leah White died after 1773.
     Married name: Stout.

Leroy White

     Leroy White married Katerine Getman, daughter of Henry Harrison Getman and Annie Rupert.

Louise D White

FatherEdwin White USN
     Louise D White married John Duncan Quackenbusch, son of George Payn Quackenbusch LL.D. and Louise B Duncan, on 7 June 1916.
     Married name: Quackenbusch.

Lucy White

     Lucy White married Albert Bush, son of Andrew Bush and Susie Bush, on 4 December 1926 at 149 Haledon Ave, Fair Lawn, Bergen County, NJ.
     Married name: Bush.

Martin White

M, b. 1875, d. 1952
     Martin White married Susan B Vreeland, daughter of Peter Vander Voort Vreeland and Elmira Budd. Martin White was born in 1875. He died in 1952. He was buried on 21 June 1952 at Laurel Grove Cemetery, Totowa Borough, NJ, ((Lot 59 Sec 4)).
     He lived in 1924 at Center Ave., Little Falls, NJ.

Mary White

FatherIsrael White
MotherPhebe Sanford
     Mary White was born at Sharon, CT. She married Edward Gay, son of Perez Gay and Margaret Fairbanks, on 13 May 1783.
     Married name: Gay.

Mary R White

     Mary R White married Joris F Ryerson, son of Francis Martensen Ryerson and Jane Dey, in 1750 at Wanaque, Bergen County, NJ.
     Married name: Ryerson.

Child of Mary R White and Joris F Ryerson

Pamelia White

     Pamelia White married Abraham Van Winkle, son of Alexander Van Winkle and Phoebe Coy, on 5 January 1821.
     Married name: Van Winkle.

Child of Pamelia White and Abraham Van Winkle

Phyllis White

     Phyllis White married Clyde E. Warman, son of George Frederick Warman and Sarah Jane Green.
     Married name: Warman.

Child of Phyllis White and Clyde E. Warman

Richard White

     Richard White married Tracy Warman, daughter of Janet Connors.

Ricky Leo White


Robert White


Child of Robert White

Sarah Ann White

F, b. 26 March 1820, d. 31 December 1893
     Sarah Ann White married Harvey Lounsbury, son of Seeley Lounsbury and Rhuahannah. Sarah Ann White was born on 26 March 1820 at Middletown, CT. She died on 31 December 1893 at age 73.
     Married name: Lounsbury.