Hendrickje Simons

     Hendrickje Simons married Evert Duyckinck on 9 September 1646 at Old Dutch Church, New Amsterdam.
     Hendrickje Simons emigrated from Noordthorn? (Nordthorn or Nordham was a small town and fortress near Borcken.). Married name: Duyckinck.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hendrickje Simons and Evert Duyckinck

Jan Simons

     Jan Simons married Jean Dupree.
     Married name: Dupree.

Child of Jan Simons and Jean Dupree

  • Simon Dupree b. 21 Jun 1676

Magdalena Simons

     Magdalena Simons married Willem Appel.
     Married name: Appel.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Magdalena Simons and Willem Appel

  • Maria Magdalena Appel b. 5 Jul 1693
  • Simon Appel b. 26 May 1695
  • Engeltie Appel b. 23 Jun 1697
  • Helena Appel b. 6 Aug 1699

Maria Simons

     Maria Simons married Jan Evertse.
     Married name: Evertse.

Child of Maria Simons and Jan Evertse

  • Evert Evertse b. 28 Aug 1698

Maritie Simons

     Maritie Simons married Martin Abrahamszen.
     Married name: Abrahamszen.

Child of Maritie Simons and Martin Abrahamszen

  • Jilles Abrahamszen b. 24 Apr 1661

Mayken Simons

     Mayken Simons married Joost Van Oblinus.
     Married name: Van Oblinus.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mayken Simons and Joost Van Oblinus

  • Hendrick Van Oblinus b. 18 Feb 1672
  • Maria Van Oblinus b. 14 Jul 1675

Andrew P Simonson

     Andrew P Simonson married Matilda Vreeland, daughter of Michael Vreeland and Altie Outwater, at First Reformed Church, Bayonne, NJ.

Anetta Simonson

     Anetta Simonson married Richard Pollack Kortright, son of Isaac Kortright and Mary Pollack, on 22 November 1876.
     Married name: Kortright.

Caroline Simonson

     Caroline Simonson married Cornelius Vreeland, son of William Vreeland and Rachel Van Buskirk.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Child of Caroline Simonson and Cornelius Vreeland

Carroll Nicholson Simonson

M, b. 12 June 1907, d. 31 December 1935
FatherHalsey Burr Simonson b. 12 Apr 1882, d. 12 Mar 1947
MotherHelen Nicholson b. 30 Jun 1882, d. 19 Jul 1946
     Carroll Nicholson Simonson was born on 12 June 1907 at Brooklyn, NY. He died on 31 December 1935 at Verona, Essex County, NJ, at age 28.
     He and Winifred Adaline Cole were Type: Common Law.

Charles Henry Simonson

M, b. 13 August 1850, d. 4 August 1936
FatherStephen Simonson
MotherMary Bailey
     Charles Henry Simonson married Etta Tompkins, daughter of Cornelius Tompkins and Katherine McCormack. Charles Henry Simonson was born on 13 August 1850 at Newark, NJ. He died on 4 August 1936 at Montclair, NJ, at age 85.

Child of Charles Henry Simonson and Etta Tompkins

Halsey Burr Simonson

M, b. 12 April 1882, d. 12 March 1947
FatherCharles Henry Simonson b. 13 Aug 1850, d. 4 Aug 1936
MotherEtta Tompkins b. 13 Sep 1858
     Halsey Burr Simonson married Helen Nicholson. Halsey Burr Simonson was born on 12 April 1882 at Newark, Essex County, NJ. He died on 12 March 1947 at Montclair, Essex County, NJ, at age 64.

Child of Halsey Burr Simonson and Helen Nicholson

Jane Simonson

     Jane Simonson married Thomas DeKay Wheeler, son of Nathaniel Wheeler and Christina De Kay.
     Married name: Wheeler.

Margaret Simonson

     Margaret Simonson married James H Haviland.
     Married name: Haviland.

Child of Margaret Simonson and James H Haviland

Mary Polly Simonson

F, b. 29 April 1765, d. 19 December 1848
     Mary Polly Simonson was born on 29 April 1765 at New Jersey. She married Chriistopher Supenor circa 1790 at New Jersey. Mary Polly Simonson died on 19 December 1848 at New Jersey at age 83. She was buried on 21 December 1848 at First Presbyterian Church, West Caldwell, NJ.
     Married name: Supenor.

Child of Mary Polly Simonson and Chriistopher Supenor

Stephen Simonson

     Stephen Simonson was born at Bergen County, NJ. He married Mary Bailey.

Child of Stephen Simonson and Mary Bailey

Arrien Simonsz

     Arrien Simonsz married Trijntje Waling.

Child of Arrien Simonsz and Trijntje Waling

Arrien Simonsz

     Arrien Simonsz married Trijntje Waling.

Child of Arrien Simonsz and Trijntje Waling

Dieuwertje Arriens Simonsz

F, d. 1649
FatherArrien Simonsz
MotherTrijntje Waling
     Dieuwertje Arriens Simonsz married Jacob Stevensz, son of Steven Claesz and Janniekje Lourensdr. Dieuwertje Arriens Simonsz died in 1649.
     They had 6 children.

Child of Dieuwertje Arriens Simonsz and Jacob Stevensz

Pieter Simonszen

     Pieter Simonszen married Catharina Simons.

Child of Pieter Simonszen and Catharina Simons

  • Lysabeth Simonszen b. 13 Oct 1666

May Simonton

     May Simonton married Garrett Hopper Yeomen, son of Samuel D Yeomen and Catherine Maria Hopper, in 1885.
     Married name: Yeomen.

Dieuwertje Arriens Simonz

F, d. circa 1649
FatherArrien Simonsz
MotherTrijntje Waling
     Dieuwertje Arriens Simonz married Jan Jaconsz Stevensz Kuiken, son of Jacob Stevensz and Dieuwertje Arriens Simonsz. Dieuwertje Arriens Simonz died circa 1649.

Child of Dieuwertje Arriens Simonz and Jan Jaconsz Stevensz Kuiken


     Simpson married Margaretta Van Horne, daughter of Richard Van Horne and Margaret Axford, (and had 2 children who died young.).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Simpson and Margaretta Van Horne

  • Simpson
  • Simpson


     Name variation: Bishop.

Child of Simpson


     Simpson married Catharine Rapalyea, daughter of Teunis Rapalyea and Catharine Stockholm.

Alice Simpson

     Alice Simpson married Louis Henry Morrison, son of Archie Day Morrison and Margie A Blaisdell. Alice Simpson was born at Eddington, ME.
     Married name: Morrison.

Carrie Elizabeth Simpson

F, b. 21 October 1917, d. 23 October 1918
FatherWilliam Martin Simpson b. 5 Oct 1882, d. 22 Jan 1971
MotherBertha May Elizabeth Tuers b. 19 Feb 1882, d. 10 Feb 1948
     Carrie Elizabeth Simpson was born on 21 October 1917. She died on 23 October 1918 at age 1.

Catharine Simpson

F, b. 1692, d. 1749
     Catharine Simpson married James Stout, son of David Stout and Rebecca Ashton. Catharine Simpson was born in 1692. She married Samuel Stout, son of Jonathan Stout and Anna Bollen, in 1729. Catharine Simpson died in 1749.
     Married name: Stout.

Child of Catharine Simpson and Samuel Stout

David Simpson

     David Simpson married Lodusky Burch.

Child of David Simpson and Lodusky Burch

Elizabeth Simpson


Child of Elizabeth Simpson and Thomas Madison Hawley