Elizabrth Weyt

     Elizabrth Weyt married William De Pew.
     Married name: De Pew.

Child of Elizabrth Weyt and William De Pew

Wm Wh?

M, b. 23 June 1830
     Wm Wh? was born on 23 June 1830. He married Cornelia Hasbrouck, daughter of Abel Hasbrouck and Ruth Huntington, on 23 December 1862.

Mary Whalen

F, b. circa 1799
     Mary Whalen was born circa 1799 at New Jersey. She married Ramer Samson Veldran, son of Michel Veldran and Jeremiah.

Child of Mary Whalen

  • Jeremiah+ b. 25 Dec 1771, d. 29 Jan 1830

Child of Mary Whalen and Ramer Samson Veldran

La Fern Ulysses Whaley

     La Fern Ulysses Whaley married Alice Madglyn Weldon.

Sarah Whartman

     Sarah Whartman married Willem Santvort.
     Married name: Santvort.

Child of Sarah Whartman and Willem Santvort

Ann Wheat

F, b. 1820, d. 1875
     Ann Wheat married Alonzo Van Westervelt, son of John Van Westervelt and Frances Clark. Ann Wheat was born in 1820. She died in 1875.
     Married name: Van Westervelt.

Everson Wheat

     Everson Wheat married Sally Rosekrans, daughter of Benjamin Rosekrans and Margaret Schoonmaker.

James B Wheat

     James B Wheat married Carrie Valleau, daughter of Isaiah Valleau and Ann Borden.

Children (not necessarily in order) of James B Wheat and Carrie Valleau

  • Emma Wheat
  • Hayden Wheat
  • Harriet Wheat
  • James Wheat
  • Wheat

Margaret Wheat

     Margaret Wheat married William Voris, son of John Voris and Elizabeth Shuck.
     Married name: Voris.

Moses Wheate

M, b. 1616, d. 6 May 1700
     Moses Wheate married Tamsen. Moses Wheate was born in 1616 at England. He died on 6 May 1700 at Massachusetts.

Child of Moses Wheate and Tamsen

Sarah Wheate

FatherMoses Wheate b. 1616, d. 6 May 1700
MotherTamsen d. 9 Jul 1689
     Sarah Wheate married Isaac Hill, son of Abraham Hill and Sarah Long, on 12 January 1679/80.
     Married name: Hill.

Child of Sarah Wheate and Isaac Hill

Harry L Wheelden

M, b. 31 August 1875, d. 1 January 1969
     Harry L Wheelden was born on 31 August 1875 at Bangor, ME. He married Cora Isabel Morrison, daughter of Charles H Morrison and Sarah L Ham, on 20 December 1916 at Bangor, ME. Harry L Wheelden died on 1 January 1969 at Bangor, ME, at age 93.

Eliza Freelove Wheeldon

F, b. 1881
FatherLen Wheeldon
MotherMary S Moon
     Eliza Freelove Wheeldon was born in 1881. She married Charles Hardy Dow, son of Samuel Dow and Evelyn Grant, in 1898.
     Married name: Dow.

Child of Eliza Freelove Wheeldon and Charles Hardy Dow

Len Wheeldon

     Len Wheeldon married Mary S Moon.

Child of Len Wheeldon and Mary S Moon


     Wheeler married Elizabeth Gates, daughter of Simon Gates and Hannah Benjamin.

Albert J Wheeler

     Albert J Wheeler married Catharine Norton Clinton, daughter of George William Clinton and Laura Catherine Spencer.

Ann E Wheeler

F, d. 1879
FatherWilliam Finn Wheeler b. 2 Sep 1791
MotherJuliet Van Duzer b. 2 Jan 1796
     Ann E Wheeler married William H Houston, son of John H Houston and Julia Ann Wheeler, on 5 January 1842. Ann E Wheeler died in 1879.
     Married name: Houston.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ann E Wheeler and William H Houston

Brechje Wheeler

F, b. 10 May 1696
FatherEdward Wheeler
MotherJosyntje Gardenier b. c 1670
     Brechje Wheeler was baptized on 10 May 1696 at Albany, NY. She married Johannes Segers on 19 June 1719.
     Married name: Segers.

Caleb Wheeler


Child of Caleb Wheeler

Charles S Wheeler

M, b. circa 1899
     Charles S Wheeler was born circa 1899 at Massachusetts. He married Leona R DeWitt, daughter of Oscar Truman DeWitt and Anna Elizabeth Miller.
     Charles S Wheeler lived with Oscar Truman DeWitt and Anna Elizabeth Miller in 1920 at Pittsfield, MA. Charles S Wheeler was in 1920 a foreman on the railroad at Pittsfield, MA.

Cornelia M Wheeler

F, b. 31 October 1830, d. 2 September 1846
FatherMoses G? Wheeler b. 18 Jul 1804, d. 16 Feb 1861
MotherMaria DeWitt
     Cornelia M Wheeler was born on 31 October 1830. She died on 2 September 1846 at age 15.

Dorethe Wheeler

F, b. 5 November 1710
FatherEdward Wheeler
MotherJosyntje Gardenier b. c 1670
     Dorethe Wheeler was born on 5 November 1710 at Kinderhook.

Ebenezer Wheeler

     Ebenezer Wheeler married Joanna Miller.

Child of Ebenezer Wheeler and Joanna Miller

Edward Wheeler

     Edward Wheeler married Josyntje Gardenier, daughter of Jan Jacobse Gardenier and Sarah Janse Van Bremen, on 13 October 1689.
     Name variation: Evert Wiler.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Edward Wheeler and Josyntje Gardenier

Elizabeth Matilda Wheeler

F, b. 19 July 1877
FatherRobert Wheeler
MotherSarah Moody
     Elizabeth Matilda Wheeler married Charles DeWitt. Elizabeth Matilda Wheeler was born on 19 July 1877.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Matilda Wheeler and Charles DeWitt

  • Charles DeWitt
  • Ruth DeWitt

Elnathan Wheeler

     Elnathan Wheeler married Martha De Forest, daughter of David De Forest and Martha Blagge, on 8 December 1726.

Evert Wheeler

M, b. 13 February 1704
FatherEdward Wheeler
MotherJosyntje Gardenier b. c 1670
     Evert Wheeler was baptized on 13 February 1704 at Albany, NY.

Fanny Wheeler

     Fanny Wheeler married George W Armstrong, son of Robert Armstrong and Rachel Smith.
     Married name: Armstrong.

Fanny Eliza Wheeler

F, b. 1799, d. 1868
FatherNathaniel Wheeler b. 4 Sep 1762, d. 21 Feb 1822
MotherChristina De Kay b. 1769, d. 1853
     Fanny Eliza Wheeler married George W Armstrong. Fanny Eliza Wheeler was born in 1799. She died in 1868.
     Married name: Armstrong.

George DeKay Wheeler

M, b. 1803
FatherNathaniel Wheeler b. 4 Sep 1762, d. 21 Feb 1822
MotherChristina De Kay b. 1769, d. 1853
     George DeKay Wheeler married S French. George DeKay Wheeler was born in 1803.