David Potter

     Name variation: Col.

Child of David Potter

Elisabeth Potter

F, b. circa 1713/14
FatherRalph Potter
MotherElisabeth Eckerson b. c 1677/78
     Elisabeth Potter died Y. She was baptized between 15 July 1713 and 1714 at NY Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam, NY. She was born circa 1713/14.

George Potter

M, d. before 1834
     George Potter married Mary Stillman. George Potter died before 1834.
     Name variation: Capt.

Harriet Potter

     Harriet Potter married John Fitzgerald, son of Charles Fitzgerald and Sarah Galloway.
     Married name: Fitzgerald.

Child of Harriet Potter and John Fitzgerald

Hattie Rathburn Potter

F, d. 4 January 1892
     Hattie Rathburn Potter married John Albert Morgan, son of Nelson Morgan and Virginia Haley, on 4 January 1888 at Groton, New London County, CT. Hattie Rathburn Potter died on 4 January 1892 at Groton, New London County, CT.
     Name variation: Hattie Rathburn Morgan.

Joel Potter

     Joel Potter married Adaline Keesler, daughter of Charles D Keesler and Sarah Keesler.

John Potter

     John Potter married Maria Snyder, daughter of Adam Snyder.

Child of John Potter and Maria Snyder

Lois Ann Potter

     Lois Ann Potter married George Hay Newcomb, son of Eban Lewis Newcomb, in 1864.
     Married name: Newcomb.

Lyman Potter

     Lyman Potter married Lydia DeWitt.
     Newcomb Gen. p. 607.

Child of Lyman Potter and Lydia DeWitt

Mabel Potter

     Mabel Potter married John D Hunter, son of Jesse Hunter and Symantha E Hazen, circa 1905.
     Married name: Hunter.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mabel Potter and John D Hunter

  • Elma Hunter b. c 1906
  • Jesse Hunter b. c 1908
  • Elsie Hunter b. c 1910

Margaret K Potter

     Margaret K Potter married William Elmer, son of Dr. Jonathan Elmer and Mary Seeley, in 1819.
     Married name: Elmer.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Margaret K Potter and William Elmer

Margaret Permelia Potter

F, b. 1842
     Margaret Permelia Potter was born in 1842. She married Elisha Dingman Kortright, son of Isaac Kortright and Mary Pollack, on 4 July 1861.
     Married name: Kortright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Margaret Permelia Potter and Elisha Dingman Kortright

Martha Potter

F, b. 1803, d. 1877
     Martha Potter married Peter Valleau, son of Cornelius Valleau and Ann Charlotte Rowe. Martha Potter was born in 1803. She died in 1877.
     Married name: Valleau.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Martha Potter and Peter Valleau

Martha Potter

F, b. 3 January 1729
FatherThomas Potter b. 1695, d. 1773
MotherMary Babcock
     Martha Potter was born on 3 January 1729. She married Matthew Maxson, son of John Maxson and Thankful Randall, on 21 December 1749.
     Married name: Maxson.

Martha E Potter

F, d. 27 December 1840
FatherDavid Potter
     Martha E Potter married Daniel Elmer, son of Daniel Elmer and Esther Thompson, on 9 March 1808. Martha E Potter died on 27 December 1840.
     Married name: Elmer.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Martha E Potter and Daniel Elmer

Martha Jane Potter

F, b. 2 November 1845
FatherLyman Potter
MotherLydia DeWitt
     Martha Jane Potter married George Hay Newcomb, son of Eban Lewis Newcomb. Martha Jane Potter was born on 2 November 1845.
     Married name: Newcomb.

Miranda Potter

     Miranda Potter married Cornelius Valleau, son of Peter Valleau and Martha Potter.
     Married name: Valleau.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Miranda Potter and Cornelius Valleau

  • Ella Valleau b. 1863
  • Annie Valleau b. 1865
  • Styles Valleau b. 1867

Nancy Boyd Potter

F, d. 1816
     Nancy Boyd Potter married William Elmer, son of Dr. Jonathan Elmer and Mary Seeley, in 1812. Nancy Boyd Potter died in 1816.
     Married name: Elmer.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Nancy Boyd Potter and William Elmer

Nelson Potter

     Nelson Potter married Elizabeth.

Child of Nelson Potter and Elizabeth

Nicholas Potter

     Nicholas Potter married Mary Gedney.

Child of Nicholas Potter and Mary Gedney

Ralph Potter

     Ralph Potter died Y. He was born at Ireland. He married Elisabeth Eckerson, daughter of Jan Thomaszen Eckerson and Apollonia Cornelis Swits, between 26 May 1712 and 1713 (New Amsterdam, NY Dutch Ref. Ch, NY).

Child of Ralph Potter and Elisabeth Eckerson

Ruth Potter

     Ruth Potter married John Ivory.
     Married name: Ivory.

Child of Ruth Potter and John Ivory

Susannah Potter

FatherNelson Potter
     Susannah Potter married James Stults, son of John Stults and Sarah, on 18 September 1817 at Presbyterian Church, Kingston.
     Susannah Potter lived on her parents farm. Married name: Stults. They removed toLondown County, VA.

Child of Susannah Potter and James Stults

Thomas Potter

M, b. 1695, d. 1773
     Thomas Potter married Mary Babcock. Thomas Potter was born in 1695. He died in 1773.

Child of Thomas Potter and Mary Babcock

Ida A Potts

     Ida A Potts married Edward A Oviatt.
     Married name: Oviatt.

Child of Ida A Potts and Edward A Oviatt

Margaret Potts

F, b. 27 August 1835, d. 14 December 1969
FatherSamuel Potts
MotherLouise Dabron
     Margaret Potts was born on 27 August 1835. She married Seneca Dutcher, son of David Dutcher and Ellen Romer, on 6 November 1863. Margaret Potts died on 14 December 1969 at Monticello, NY, at age 134.
     Married name: Dutcher.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Margaret Potts and Seneca Dutcher

Patience Potts

F, b. 12 August 1683
FatherWilliam Potts
MotherRebecca Avery
     Patience Potts was baptized on 12 August 1683 at New London, CT. She married Joseph Pendleton, son of James Pendleton and Hannah Goodenough, on 11 December 1700. Patience Potts married Samuel Rogers on 28 April 1707 at Groton, CT.
     Married name: Rogers. Married name: Pendleton. Patience Potts lived after 1707 at Branford, CT.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Patience Potts and Joseph Pendleton

Ruth L Potts

     Ruth L Potts married Otto DeWitt.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Child of Ruth L Potts and Otto DeWitt

Samuel Potts

     Samuel Potts married Louise Dabron.

Child of Samuel Potts and Louise Dabron

William Potts

     William Potts married Rebecca Avery, daughter of James Avery.
     William Potts lived at Groton, CT. He lived at New London, CT.

Child of William Potts and Rebecca Avery