Rebecca Writer

F, b. 2 December 1786
FatherCasper Writer b. b 1742, d. 1842
MotherEve Kortright b. 21 Jul 1752, d. 21 Dec 1830
     Rebecca Writer married Daniel Van Tyle. Rebecca Writer was born on 2 December 1786.
     Married name: Van Tyle.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rebecca Writer and Daniel Van Tyle

  • Alfred Van Tyle
  • Sarah Jane Van Tyle
  • John Van Tyle
  • Eve Van Tyle
  • Susan Van Tyle
  • Nancy Van Tyle
  • Mary Van Tyle
  • Jasper Writer Van Tyle

Sarah Writer

F, b. 22 November 1797, d. 18 January 1823
FatherAaron Writer b. 25 Apr 1776, d. 25 Aug 1855
MotherElizabeth McKeeby b. 1776, d. 1817
     Sarah Writer was born on 22 November 1797. She married Aaron Kortright, son of Lawrence Kortright and Mary Cox, on 2 August 1817. Sarah Writer died on 18 January 1823 at age 25.
     Married name: Kortright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Writer and Aaron Kortright

Susan Writer

F, b. circa 1822
     Susan Writer married Gilbert L Galloway, son of Thomas D Galloway and Ruth Mapes. Susan Writer was born circa 1822 at New York.
     They were living in Goshen in 1842 and Hillsdale, NJ in 1860. Married name: Galloway. She lived in 1860 at Hillsdale, NJ. She and Gilbert L Galloway appeared on the census of 1870 at post office: Chatsworth, Sullivan, Livingston County, IL.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Susan Writer and Gilbert L Galloway

Theodore Writer MD

M, b. 17 July 1837
FatherAaron Kortright Writer b. 2 Mar 1811, d. 25 Sep 1871
MotherAbigal Penny
     Theodore Writer MD was born on 17 July 1837 at Mt. Hope, NY. He married Helen A Green on 3 November 1869.

Child of Theodore Writer MD and Helen A Green

  • Daniel D Writer b. c 1872

Van M Writer

M, b. 18 January 1906, d. 12 April 1989
FatherGeorge S Writer Jr. b. 20 Aug 1876, d. 26 Jan 1962
MotherIda Mae Conklin b. 1877, d. 1959
     Van M Writer was born on 18 January 1906 at Nyack, Rockland County, NY. He died on 12 April 1989 at Nyack, NY, at age 83.

Georgia Ann Wuestfeld

F, b. 23 August 1897, d. 1 December 1965
     Georgia Ann Wuestfeld was born on 23 August 1897 at St. Louis, MO. She married Cornelius H Battelle, son of Samuel Woodall Battell and Ida Caroline Morrison, on 15 June 1920 at St. Louis, MO. Georgia Ann Wuestfeld died on 1 December 1965 at Pittsburgh, PA, at age 68.
     Married name: Battelle.

Augustus Wunder

     Augustus Wunder married Mary Pawlosky.

Child of Augustus Wunder and Mary Pawlosky

Beatrice Wunder

FatherAugustus Wunder
MotherMary Pawlosky
     Married name: Bogert.

Child of Beatrice Wunder

  • Patricia M Bogert

Catharine Jane Wurtz

F, b. 17 June 1813
FatherMartinus Wurtz
MotherMaria Johnson
     Catharine Jane Wurtz married Jacob Peters, son of William Peters and Margaret Hasbrouck. Catharine Jane Wurtz was born on 17 June 1813 at New Paltz, NY.
     Married name: Peters.

John Conrad Wurtz

     John Conrad Wurtz married Anna Goetschi, daughter of Moritz Goetschi and Esther Werdtlin.

Martinus Wurtz

     Martinus Wurtz married Maria Johnson.
     Name variation: Dr.

Child of Martinus Wurtz and Maria Johnson

Anna Wuster

     Anna Wuster married Lawrence W Gumaer, son of Peter L Gumaer and Julia Pruden.
     Married name: Gumaer.

Christina Wutch

F, b. 1891
     Christina Wutch married Rudolph Shamberger, son of Joseph Schamberger Sr. and Anna Dorothy Svantner. Christina Wutch died at Garfield, NJ. She was born in 1891.
     Married name: Shamberger.

Child of Christina Wutch and Rudolph Shamberger

Al Wyatt

M, b. 8 May 1902, d. March 1986
     Al Wyatt was born on 8 May 1902 at New York City, NY. He married Alice Mclennen Taylor, daughter of Edward Mclennen Taylor and Louisa Bastain, circa 1930 at California. Al Wyatt died in March 1986 at Hollywood, CA, at age 83.
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Social Security #: 053-16-4433
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 M-Z, Ed. 6, Social Security Dea th Index: U.S., Date of Import: Sep 8, 1999, Internal Ref. # .67]

Individual: Wyatt, Albert
Social Security #: 053-16-4433
Issued in: New York

Birth date: May 8, 1902
Death date: Mar 1986

Residence code: California

ZIP Code of last known residence: 90019
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:

Los Angeles, California.

Child of Al Wyatt and Alice Mclennen Taylor

Charlotte Crawford Wyatt

F, b. 30 August 1829, d. 8 February 1908
     Charlotte Crawford Wyatt was born on 30 August 1829. She married Charles W DeWitt, son of Nathan DeWitt and Electa Wyatt, on 11 October 1863 at Newburgh, NY. Charlotte Crawford Wyatt died on 8 February 1908 at age 78.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Child of Charlotte Crawford Wyatt and Charles W DeWitt

Delores Wyatt

F, b. 12 March 1931, d. 22 February 1999
FatherAl Wyatt b. 8 May 1902, d. Mar 1986
MotherAlice Mclennen Taylor b. 2 Jan 1911, d. Dec 1981
     Delores Wyatt was born on 12 March 1931 at Hollywood, CA. She died on 22 February 1999 at Redondo Beach, Los Angeles County, CA, at age 67.
     She was Type: Soc Sec Num Redondo beach, Los Angeles, California BET FEB 0562 AND 0063. Married name: Farrell.

Electa Wyatt

F, b. 18 May 1804, d. 25 February 1888
FatherJoshua Wyatt b. 7 Feb 1775, d. 13 Aug 1854
MotherMercy Crawford b. 5 Jul 1783, d. 13 Oct 1854
     Electa Wyatt was born on 18 May 1804 at Newburgh, NY. She married Nathan DeWitt, son of John A DeWitt and Marie Vernooy, on 21 July 1827 at Fostertown, NY. Electa Wyatt died on 25 February 1888 at Newburgh, NY, at age 83.
     Electa Wyatt descended from English nobility tracing her ancestry back to King Edward I of the Plantagenet dynasty in the 15th century. Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Electa Wyatt and Nathan DeWitt

George S Wyatt

     George S Wyatt married Emma Gertrude Woods, daughter of Samuel Alexander Woods and Lizzie Ross.
     George S Wyatt lived at Rosalia, WA.

Joshua Wyatt

M, b. 7 February 1775, d. 13 August 1854
FatherSamuel Wyatt b. 25 Mar 1736, d. 16 Sep 1810
MotherElizabeth Sands b. 12 Oct 1749, d. 25 Feb 1822 or 1832
     Joshua Wyatt was born on 7 February 1775 at Orange County, NY. He married Mercy Crawford on 28 May 1799. Joshua Wyatt died on 13 August 1854 at Orange County, NY, at age 79.

Child of Joshua Wyatt and Mercy Crawford

Nancy Wyatt

     Nancy Wyatt married William Hoyt, son of Joseph Hoyt and Mary Ann Hayward.
     Married name: Hoyt.

Child of Nancy Wyatt and William Hoyt

Samuel Wyatt

M, b. 25 March 1736, d. 16 September 1810
     Samuel Wyatt was born on 25 March 1736 at Orange County, NY. He married Elizabeth Sands, daughter of Joshua Sands and Mary Smith, on 2 March 1767 at Orange County, NY. Samuel Wyatt died on 16 September 1810 at Orange County, NY, at age 74.
     He was a private in the 4th Regiment of the Orange County, NY Militia during the Revolutionary War.

Child of Samuel Wyatt and Elizabeth Sands

Joan Wybourn

     Joan Wybourn married Jeremy Osborne.
     Married name: Osborne.

Child of Joan Wybourn and Jeremy Osborne

Gerret Peterse Wyckhoff

     Gerret Peterse Wyckhoff married Catharine Johanna Nevius.

Child of Gerret Peterse Wyckhoff and Catharine Johanna Nevius

Angelica Wyckoff

     Angelica Wyckoff married Simeon Cuddeback, son of Abraham Cuddebac and Janneke DeWitt.
     Married name: Cuddeback.

Antje Wyckoff

     Antje Wyckoff married Stephen Janse Schenck.
     Married name: Schenck.

Child of Antje Wyckoff and Stephen Janse Schenck

Catherine Wyckoff

     Catherine Wyckoff married Ezekial Forman.
     They removed from KY to IN. Married name: Forman.

Child of Catherine Wyckoff and Ezekial Forman

Cornelius Wyckoff

M, d. April 1758
     Cornelius Wyckoff married Magdelena Duryea, daughter of Jacob (Joosten) Duryea and Catrina Polhemius. Cornelius Wyckoff died in April 1758.
     He was of N.J.

Dennis Wyckoff

     Dennis Wyckoff married Martha Low, daughter of Isaac Low and Elizabeth Hall.

Edna Wyckoff

FatherJames Wyckoff
MotherMary Mackey
     Edna Wyckoff married Theordore K Bennett.
     Married name: Bennett.

Geertje Peterse Wyckoff

     Geertje Peterse Wyckoff married Christoffel Janse Romeyn, son of Jan Romeyn, on 17 March 1678.
     Married name: Romeyn.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Geertje Peterse Wyckoff and Christoffel Janse Romeyn

  • Annetje Romeyn b. 9 Jul 1682
  • Cornelis Romeyn b. 9 Mar 1684