John T Van Note

M, b. circa 1785, d. September 1869
FatherThomas Van Note
MotherDorothy Havens
     John T Van Note married Mary Rebecca Gant, daughter of Zacharia Gant and Hannah. John T Van Note was born circa 1785. He died in September 1869 at Metedoconk, Ocean County, NJ.

Child of John T Van Note and Mary Rebecca Gant

Mary Van Note

F, b. circa 1820
FatherJohn T Van Note b. c 1785, d. Sep 1869
MotherMary Rebecca Gant
     Mary Van Note was born circa 1820. She married John P Harvey, son of Jacob Harvey and Hannah Johnson, on 21 April 1842.
     Married name: Harvey.

Child of Mary Van Note and John P Harvey

Orpha Van Note

F, b. 1833, d. 17 April 1883
FatherJames Van Note
MotherLucretia Miller
     Orpha Van Note married Alexander Pollock. Orpha Van Note was born in 1833 at New Jersey. She died on 17 April 1883 at Linn County, IA.
     Married name: Pollock.

Child of Orpha Van Note and Alexander Pollock

Thomas Van Note

     Thomas Van Note married Dorothy Havens, daughter of Daniel Havens and Jane Fleming, on 10 December 1771.

Child of Thomas Van Note and Dorothy Havens

Van Noy

     Van Noy married Cornelius Hornbeck, son of Evart Hornbeck and Esther Cuddeback.
     Married name: Hornbeck.

Elizabeth Janse Van Nuys

F, b. circa 1660
FatherJan Jacob
MotherGeertie Gysbrecht
     Elizabeth Janse Van Nuys was born circa 1660 at Utrecht?, The Netherlands. She married Derrick Janse Van Sutphen, son of Jans Van Sutphen, in 1680.
     Married name: Van Sutphen. Name variation: Elizabeth Janse Van Rhenen.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Janse Van Nuys and Derrick Janse Van Sutphen

Femmetje Aukes Van Nuys

FatherAuke Janen Van Nuyse
MotherElizabeth Jans
     Femmetje Aukes Van Nuys married Jans Stevense Van Voorhees, son of Steven Coerte Van Voorhies, on 8 October 1680.
     Married name: Van Voorhees.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Femmetje Aukes Van Nuys and Jans Stevense Van Voorhees

Jacob Van Nuys

     Jacob Van Nuys married Sara Rapalye.
     Jacob Van Nuys was Type: Source Flatbush DCh Rec Hol Soc Yr Bk 1898 pp. 144, 149.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jacob Van Nuys and Sara Rapalye

  • Maria Van Nuys b. 18 Mar 1750
  • Anatje Van Nuys b. 25 Mar 1753

Jan Auke Van Nuys

     Jan Auke Van Nuys married Helena Ryerson, daughter of Marten Adrien Ryerson and Annetje Rapalje.

Abagail Van Nuyse

     Abagail Van Nuyse married Leffert Pieterse.
     Married name: Pieterse.

Child of Abagail Van Nuyse and Leffert Pieterse

Auke Janen Van Nuyse

     Auke Janen Van Nuyse married Elizabeth Jans.

Child of Auke Janen Van Nuyse and Elizabeth Jans

Jan Okie (or Auke) Van Nuyse

     Jan Okie (or Auke) Van Nuyse married Magdalena (Joosten) Duryea, daughter of Joost Duryea and Magdalena LeFebre.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jan Okie (or Auke) Van Nuyse and Magdalena (Joosten) Duryea

  • Isaac Van Nuyse
  • Jacobus Van Nuyse
  • Jan Van Nuyse

Maria Van Nuyse

     Maria Van Nuyse married Ferdinand Van Sicklen, son of Fernandus Van Sicklen Jr. and Grietje.
     Married name: Van Sicklen.

Joost Van Oblinus

     Joost Van Oblinus married Mayken Simons.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Joost Van Oblinus and Mayken Simons

  • Hendrick Van Oblinus b. 18 Feb 1672
  • Maria Van Oblinus b. 14 Jul 1675

Beelitje Van Oogsten

F, d. 20 May 1745
FatherDirck Jans Oosten
MotherElizabeth Cornelis
     Beelitje Van Oogsten was born at Hoboken, NJ. She married Gerrit Van Ripen, son of Juriaen Thomassen Van Ripen and Ryckje Coerten, on 6 June 1693 at Bergen, NJ. Beelitje Van Oogsten died on 20 May 1745.
     Married name: Van Ripen. Name variation: Beelitje Janse Oosten.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Beelitje Van Oogsten and Gerrit Van Ripen

Catelyn Van Oosterhout

F, b. 20 September 1665
FatherJan Jansen Van Oosterhout
MotherAnnetje Jelles
     Catelyn Van Oosterhout died Y young. She was born on 20 September 1665.

Hendrick Van Oosterhout

M, b. 25 October 1654
FatherJan Jansen Van Oosterhout
MotherAnneken Hendricks
     Hendrick Van Oosterhout died Y young. He was born on 25 October 1654.

Jan Jansen Van Oosterhout

     Jan Jansen Van Oosterhout was born at Oosterhout, Noord Brabant. He married Anneken Hendricks on 25 October 1653 at Kingston, NY. Jan Jansen Van Oosterhout married Annetje Jelles on 18 February 1663.
     Jan Jansen Van Oosterhout lived at Kingston, NY. He was Type: Source History of Kingston, p. 485; G&B pp. 5, 65. He lived at New Amsterdam.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jan Jansen Van Oosterhout and Anneken Hendricks

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jan Jansen Van Oosterhout and Annetje Jelles

  • Laurens Jansen Osterhout+
  • Lysbet Van Oosterhout b. 7 Nov 1663
  • Catelyn Van Oosterhout b. 20 Sep 1665
  • Jan Van Oosterhout b. 5 Nov 1666
  • Katelyn Van Oosterhout b. 21 Jul 1671
  • Kryn Van Oosterhout b. 31 Aug 1679
  • Gisbert Van Oosterhout b. 28 Aug 1681

Teunis Van Oosterhout

M, b. 15 October 1668
FatherJan Jansen Van Oosterhout
MotherAnneken Hendricks
     Teunis Van Oosterhout married Ariantje Roosa. Teunis Van Oosterhout was born on 15 October 1668.
     Name variation: Teunis Osterhoudt.

Child of Teunis Van Oosterhout and Ariantje Roosa

Jan Hendrickse Van Oostraom

     Jan Hendrickse Van Oostraom married Maglitelje Van Houten, daughter of Roeloff C Van Houten and Gerritje Cornelise Van Ness, on 19 August 1683.

Van Orden

     Van Orden married Martha Vreeland, daughter of Richard Vreeland, on 1 June 1861.

Aeetje Van Orden

F, b. circa 1625, d. circa 1690
     Aeetje Van Orden married Pieter Casparsen Van Naarden. Aeetje Van Orden was born circa 1625 at The Netherlands. She died circa 1690.
     Married name: Van Naarden.

Child of Aeetje Van Orden and Pieter Casparsen Van Naarden

Andreas Van Orden

M, d. before December 1792
     Andreas Van Orden married Catrina Blauvelt. Andreas Van Orden died before December 1792.

Andries Van Orden

     Andries Van Orden married Antje La Roe.
     Andries Van Orden lived at Mahwah, NJ.

Child of Andries Van Orden and Antje La Roe

Annetje Van Orden

     Annetje Van Orden married Reynier Quackenbush, son of Abraham Quackenbush and Susanna Hellings, circa 1755.
     Married name: Quackenbush. Name variation: Ann Vannorden.

Child of Annetje Van Orden and Reynier Quackenbush

Benjamin Van Orden

     Benjamin Van Orden married Elizabeth Vandenberg.

Child of Benjamin Van Orden and Elizabeth Vandenberg

Benjamin Van Orden

M, b. 3 July 1796, d. 26 April 1873
FatherBenjamin Van Orden
MotherElizabeth Vandenberg
     Benjamin Van Orden was born on 3 July 1796. He married Jane Ann Van Orden, daughter of William Van Orden and Catherine Ten Broek, on 23 August 1817 at Kaatsbaan, NY. Benjamin Van Orden died on 26 April 1873 at age 76.

Catharine Christina Van Orden

FatherHenry Van Orden b. 14 Sep 1790, d. 13 Jul 1863
MotherTemperance DeWitt b. 29 Apr 1800, d. 22 Jul 1888
     Catharine Christina Van Orden married Badeau.
     Married name: Badeau.

Charles L Van Orden

M, b. circa 1862
FatherJacob R Van Orden b. 5 Nov 1838 or 5 Nov 1839, d. 22 Jan 1877
MotherAnetta Jane Lutkins b. 9 Mar 1838, d. 21 Feb 1917
     Charles L Van Orden was born circa 1862 at New York.

Elizabeth Van Orden

     Elizabeth Van Orden married John Yeury.
     Married name: Yeury.

Child of Elizabeth Van Orden and John Yeury