Hendrik van Tilburg

M, b. 21 December 1840
     Hendrik van Tilburg was born on 21 December 1840 at Rijswijk, Noord Brabant, The Netherlands. He married Christina van Capel on 7 February 1868 at Giesen, Noord Brabant, The Netherlands.
     His parents were Cornelis van Tilborg (b. 20 Jul 1795, Rijswijk) and Katharina in 't Veld (b. 15 Jun 1806, Eethen). Cornelis marries Katharina on 14 Aug 1832 (1832 #1) in Rijswijk. Hendrik van Tilburg immigrated on 15 November 1881 on the Jason, arriving in New York on 15 Nov 1881, with 4 children: C. (13 F), H. (8 F), K. (6 F) and Y. (3/12 F). His wife is transcribed as H?? van Kopel. With them is another van Tilberg Family: L(eendert) van Tilberg (56 M Laborer), his wife Y Touue (54 F, name is actually Johanna Touw) and 2 children: E van Tilburg (21 F), Y van Tilburg (8 F). Leendert is a half-brother of Hendrik. He is a son of Cornelis van Tilborg and his first wife Jenneke van de Nat. This marriage took place on 6 Nov 1818 (1818 #4) in Rijswijk.

Jacob Jansen van Tilburg

M, d. before 3 November 1706
FatherJan Theuniszen van Tilburg
MotherTrientje Peters Cronenburg
     Jacob Jansen van Tilburg married Grietje Kermer, daughter of Abraham Kermer and Metje Davids, on 30 October 1688. Jacob Jansen van Tilburg died before 3 November 1706.
     He was a mariner. Name variation: Capt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jacob Jansen van Tilburg and Grietje Kermer

  • Tryntje van Tilburg b. 1690
  • Metje van Tilburg b. 13 Mar 1692
  • Catharina van Tilburg b. 1696
  • Abraham van Tilburg b. 1700

Jan Theuniszen van Tilburg

     Jan Theuniszen van Tilburg married Trientje Peters Cronenburg.

Child of Jan Theuniszen van Tilburg and Trientje Peters Cronenburg

Sarah Van Tine

F, d. 1835
     Sarah Van Tine married Lewis Denny, son of Henry Denny and Mary Young, on 31 December 1811 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City, NY. Sarah Van Tine died in 1835.
     Married name: Denny.

H. van Tol

     H. van Tol married W. Kole on 10 July 1914.
     With wife Agatha (40, b. Holland, imm 1901), stepdaughter Nellie Kole (14, b. NJ), daughters Hanna (12) and ? (4 + 7 mo), and sons John (2 + 7 mo) and Harry (11 mo), all born in NJ.

Abraham Van Tricht

     Abraham Van Tricht married Elizabeth Teller, daughter of William Teller and Margaret Donchesen.

Abraham Van Tright


Children (not necessarily in order) of Abraham Van Tright

Eva Helen Van Tright

FatherAbraham Van Tright
     Eva Helen Van Tright married Esias Swart.
     Married name: Swart.

Child of Eva Helen Van Tright and Esias Swart

Helen Van Tright

FatherAbraham Van Tright
     Helen Van Tright married Jan Barentsen Wemple, son of Barent Jansen Wemple and Volkje Veeder, on 30 November 1718.
     Married name: Wemple.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Helen Van Tright and Jan Barentsen Wemple

Neeltje Jans Van Tuil

     Neeltje Jans Van Tuil married Aert Teunisse Van Pelt, son of Teunis Jansen Lanen Van Pelt and Grietje Jans, on 10 September 1686.
     Married name: Van Pelt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Neeltje Jans Van Tuil and Aert Teunisse Van Pelt

Abraham Van Tuyl

     Abraham Van Tuyl married Metje Vreeland, daughter of Michiel C Vreeland and Jenneke Van Houten, on 8 December 1738.
     Abraham Van Tuyl lived at Staten Island, NY.

Alexander Van Tyle

     Alexander Van Tyle married Margaret Writer, daughter of Aaron Writer and Elizabeth McKeeby.

Daniel Van Tyle

     Daniel Van Tyle married Rebecca Writer, daughter of Casper Writer and Eve Kortright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Daniel Van Tyle and Rebecca Writer

  • Alfred Van Tyle
  • Sarah Jane Van Tyle
  • John Van Tyle
  • Eve Van Tyle
  • Susan Van Tyle
  • Nancy Van Tyle
  • Mary Van Tyle
  • Jasper Writer Van Tyle

John Van Tyle

     John Van Tyle married Elizabeth Writer, daughter of Casper Writer and Eve Kortright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Van Tyle and Elizabeth Writer

  • Margaret Van Tyle
  • Arthur Van Tyle
  • Rebecca Maria Van Tyle
  • Eve Eliza Van Tyle
  • Catherine Jane Van Tyle
  • Aaron Van Tyle

Margaret Van Tyle

     Margaret Van Tyle married Henry Rundle, son of Joel Rundle and Anna Writer.
     Married name: Rundle.

John Van Vader

     John Van Vader married Nancy Courter, daughter of Joseph Courter and Sarah Edwards.

Cornelius Van Valen

     Cornelius Van Valen married Elizabeth Blackledge, daughter of Benjamin Blackledge and Cathalyntye Talman, on 31 December 1808.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Cornelius Van Valen and Elizabeth Blackledge

  • Catalynte Van Valen
  • James Van Valen
  • Cornelius Van Valen

James M Van Valen

M, b. 1842, d. 1904
     James M Van Valen was born in 1842. He died in 1904. He was buried at NY Cemetery (Maple Grove), Hackensack, NJ, (Plot 357-A).
     He was a veteran of the Civil War.

Siveer Teunis Van ValenVan Velsen

M, d. 1690
     Siveer Teunis Van ValenVan Velsen married Marytje Mynderts circa 1664. Siveer Teunis Van ValenVan Velsen died in 1690 at Schenectady, NY, in the French and Indian massacre.

Catherine Van Valkenberg

F, b. circa 1650, d. circa 1697
     Catherine Van Valkenberg was born circa 1650. She married Andries Huyck in 1672. Catherine Van Valkenberg died circa 1697.
     Married name: Huyck.

Child of Catherine Van Valkenberg and Andries Huyck

Lanny Jane Van Valkenburg

F, b. circa 1826, d. 1897
     Lanny Jane Van Valkenburg was born circa 1826 at Kinderhook, NY. She married John Perry, son of Stephen Perry and Harriet Stebbins, on 3 August 1850 at Valatie, NY. Lanny Jane Van Valkenburg died in 1897 at Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ. She died on 17 September 1897 at Hackensack, NJ.
     Married name: Perry. Name variation: Helen Van Valkenburg.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lanny Jane Van Valkenburg and John Perry

Abraham Van Valkenburgh

     Abraham Van Valkenburgh married Neeltje Gardenier on 11 July 1740.
     Abraham Van Valkenburgh was Type: Source Schermerhorn Gen 212; Hol. Soc. 1906, pp 118, 128.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abraham Van Valkenburgh and Neeltje Gardenier

Catalyntje Van Valkenburgh

F, b. 25 January 1744
FatherAbraham Van Valkenburgh
MotherNeeltje Gardenier
     Catalyntje Van Valkenburgh was baptized on 25 January 1744 at Albany, NY. She married John Winne Schermerhorn, son of Cornelius Jacobse Schermerhorn and Maria Winne, on 5 December 1773.
     Married name: Schermerhorn.

John Van Valkenburgh


Child of John Van Valkenburgh

Maria Van Valkenburgh

FatherJohn Van Valkenburgh
     Maria Van Valkenburgh married John Van Etten, son of Arie Van Etten and Christina DeWitt, on 4 March 1792 at Kingston, NY.
     Married name: Van Etten.

Mary Van Valkenburgh

     Mary Van Valkenburgh married John Bloodgood, son of Frans Jansen Bloodgood and Lysbeth Jans.
     Married name: Bloodgood.

Jacobus Van Varick

     Jacobus Van Varick married Anna Maria Breestede, daughter of Andries Breestede and Annatje Van Borsum.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jacobus Van Varick and Anna Maria Breestede

  • Johanna Van Varick b. 18 Feb 1710
  • Sara Van Varick b. 29 May 1712
  • Johannes Van Varick b. 14 Feb 1714
  • Andries Van Varick b. 2 Sep 1716
  • Abraham Van Varick b. 3 Mar 1718
  • Dirk Van Varick b. 10 Feb 1720
  • Sara Van Varick b. 22 Jul 1722
  • Abraham Van Varick b. 12 Sep 1725

Ann Van Vechten

F, b. 2 October 1835
FatherJohn Cornelius Van Vechten b. 8 May 1794, d. 10 Jul 1869
MotherMargaret Boyd b. 10 Feb 1800, d. 20 Aug 1896
     Ann Van Vechten was born on 2 October 1835. She married Charles Baumes on 30 May 1855.
     Married name: Baumes.

Antje Van Vechten

     Antje Van Vechten married Jacob Jacobse Schermerhorn.
     Married name: Schermerhorn.

Child of Antje Van Vechten and Jacob Jacobse Schermerhorn

Caroline Van Vechten

F, b. 3 August 1846, d. 24 September 1848
FatherJohn Cornelius Van Vechten b. 8 May 1794, d. 10 Jul 1869
MotherMargaret Boyd b. 10 Feb 1800, d. 20 Aug 1896
     Caroline Van Vechten was born on 3 August 1846. She died on 24 September 1848 at age 2.