Peter Tallman

M, b. 29 October 1816, d. 18 September 1889
FatherHarmen Tallman b. 16 Oct 1773, d. 9 Feb 1863
MotherHester Bogert b. 19 Sep 1784, d. 2 Aug 1867
     Peter Tallman was born on 29 October 1816 at Clarkstown, NY. He married Sophronia Romaine, daughter of Cornelius Romeyn and Mary Van Ness, on 3 July 1844 at Newark, NJ. Peter Tallman died on 18 September 1889 at Nashville, Davidson County, TN, at age 72.

Child of Peter Tallman and Sophronia Romaine

Romaine Tallman

M, b. 30 March 1845, d. 13 August 1913
FatherPeter Tallman b. 29 Oct 1816, d. 18 Sep 1889
MotherSophronia Romaine b. 1821, d. 19 Jul 1890
     Romaine Tallman was born on 30 March 1845 at Newark, NJ. He married Anna Frances Jones on 27 June 1878 at Nashville, TN. Romaine Tallman died on 13 August 1913 at Nashville, TN, at age 68.

Sarah G Tallman

     Sarah G Tallman married Richard Van Riper, son of Daniel R Van Riper and Jane Post, on 16 April 1851.
     Married name: Van Riper.

Teunis Tallman

     Teunis Tallman married Margaret De Baun, daughter of Charles De Baun and Jannetje Haring.

Theunis Tallman

M, b. 27 October 1734
FatherDouwe T Tallman b. 13 Feb 1703, d. 18 Sep 1783
MotherAnnetje Blauvelt b. 17 Oct 1708, d. 12 Dec 1772
     Theunis Tallman was born on 27 October 1734 at Tappan, NY. He was baptized on 24 November 1734. He married Annetje Van Der Bilt, daughter of Jacob Aertse Vanderbilt and Hilletje Hartenburg, circa 1758.

Child of Theunis Tallman and Annetje Van Der Bilt


     Talmadge married Elizabeth Seeley.

Abigail Talmadge

F, b. circa 1649, d. 1718
FatherRobert Talmadge b. c 1623, d. 1662
MotherSarah Nash d. a 1691
     Abigail Talmadge married Benjamin Osborn, son of Thomas Osborn and Mary Goatly. Abigail Talmadge was born circa 1649 at New Haven, CT. She died in 1718 at East Hampton, Long Island, NY.
     Married name: Osborn.

Child of Abigail Talmadge and Benjamin Osborn

Robert Talmadge

M, b. circa 1623, d. 1662
FatherThomas Talmadge
     Robert Talmadge married Sarah Nash, daughter of Thomas Nash and Margery Baker. Robert Talmadge was born circa 1623 at England. He died in 1662 at New Haven, CT.

Child of Robert Talmadge and Sarah Nash

Thomas Talmadge


Child of Thomas Talmadge

Thos. G Talmadge

     Thos. G Talmadge married Dorothy Mueller, daughter of David Miller and Elizabeth Welch.

Cathalyntye Talman

F, b. 1754, d. 1836
     Cathalyntye Talman was born in 1754. She married Benjamin Blackledge, son of Philip Blackledge and Willempie Conwell, on 20 May 1770. Cathalyntye Talman died in 1836.
     Married name: Blackledge.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Cathalyntye Talman and Benjamin Blackledge

John Talman

M, b. 1775, d. 3 January 1864
     John Talman was born in 1775. He married Claasje Blanch on 15 August 1798 at Tappan, NY. John Talman died on 3 January 1864 at Clarkstown, NY.

Child of John Talman and Claasje Blanch

Maria(h) Talman

F, b. 1798, d. 1874
FatherJohn Talman b. 1775, d. 3 Jan 1864
MotherClaasje Blanch b. 1774, d. 5 Feb 1828
     Maria(h) Talman was born in 1798. She married Richard Verveelen, son of Samuel Verveelen and Mary Perry, on 19 August 1820. Maria(h) Talman died in 1874.
     Married name: Verveelen. Name variation: Anna Maria Talman.

Child of Maria(h) Talman and Richard Verveelen

Samuel Talman

     Samuel Talman married Phoebe.

Child of Samuel Talman and Phoebe

Sarah Talman

F, b. 1784, d. 5 April 1873
FatherSamuel Talman
     Sarah Talman was buried at St. James Cemetery, Goshen, Orange County, NY. She was born in 1784. She married Henry Gale Wisner Esq., son of Gabriel Wisner Lt.Col. and Elizabeth Waters, in December 1805. Sarah Talman died on 5 April 1873.
     Married name: Wisner.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Talman and Henry Gale Wisner Esq.

Katarina Talova

     Katarina Talova married Tomas Pakan.
     Married name: Pakan.

Child of Katarina Talova and Tomas Pakan

Cornelius Leonard Tamboer

M, b. 17 March 1877
FatherHenry Tamboer b. Aug 1845
MotherHermina Fek b. May 1850
     Cornelius Leonard Tamboer married Christina Poelstra, daughter of Cornelius Poelstra and Janke Eits. Cornelius Leonard Tamboer was born on 17 March 1877 at New Jersey.
     He was a real estate broker. Name variation: Cornelius Tamboer. He and Christina Poelstra appeared on the census of 1920 at 409 East 18th Street, Paterson City (4th Ward), Passaic County, NJ.

Child of Cornelius Leonard Tamboer and Christina Poelstra

Henry Tamboer

M, b. circa 1903
FatherCornelius Leonard Tamboer b. 17 Mar 1877
MotherChristina Poelstra b. 29 Nov 1879, d. 1957
     Henry Tamboer was born circa 1903 at New Jersey.
     He was a real estate broker (1930).

Henry Tamboer

M, b. August 1845
     Henry Tamboer was born in August 1845 at The Netherlands. He married Hermina Fek on 9 January 1873.
     Henry Tamboer was a laborer in 1880, and a grocer in 1900. He immigrated in 1871 in 1871, but probably not together. He and Hermina Fek appeared on the census of 1880 at 25 North Main Street, Paterson, Passaic County, NJ. with children: Marinus (6), Henry (5), an unknown person (3), Ella (4 mo) and Jacob (1), all born in NJ. Henry Tamboer and Hermina Fek appeared on the census of 1900 at 61 Lafayette Street, Paterson City (3rd Ward), Passaic County, NJ. with four children: an unknown person (Apr 1877, law student), Ella (Nov 1879), Jacob (Feb 1883) and Lenie (Sep 1889), all born in NJ. They have 6 living children. Henry Tamboer and Hermina Fek appeared on the census of 1910 at 473 Van Dyck Ave, Haledon Borough, Passaic County, NJ. with two children: Ella (31) and Lenie (20), both born in NJ.

Child of Henry Tamboer and Hermina Fek

? Tammany

M, b. circa 1810
     ? Tammany was born circa 1810. He married an unknown person before 1835 at Ireland?

Child of ? Tammany

Edward Tammany

M, b. circa 1835
Father? Tammany b. c 1810
     Edward Tammany was born circa 1835 at Ireland. He married Mary O'Brien before 1853.

Child of Edward Tammany and Mary O'Brien

Harry T. Tammany

M, b. 28 March 1881, d. 1 June 1937
FatherJames Henry Tammany b. 1855, d. 24 Feb 1919
MotherMary J Clancy b. Jul 1858, d. 29 Oct 1921
     Harry T. Tammany was born on 28 March 1881 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. He married Elizabeth Amanda Osterberg, daughter of Charles Peter Osterberg and Annie Elizabeth Larsen, circa 1905. Harry T. Tammany died on 1 June 1937 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, at age 56.

Child of Harry T. Tammany and Elizabeth Amanda Osterberg

James Henry Tammany

M, b. 15 September 1919, d. 26 October 1965
FatherHarry T. Tammany b. 28 Mar 1881, d. 1 Jun 1937
MotherElizabeth Amanda Osterberg b. 3 Feb 1884, d. 26 Jan 1960
     James Henry Tammany was born on 15 September 1919 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. He died on 26 October 1965 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, at age 46.

James Henry Tammany

M, b. 1855, d. 24 February 1919
FatherEdward Tammany b. c 1835
MotherMary O'Brien b. c 1838
     James Henry Tammany was born in 1855 at Manhattan, New York County, NY. He married Mary J Clancy, daughter of Timothy Clancy and Ann Hickey, on 29 November 1876 at St. John's RC Church, Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. James Henry Tammany died on 24 February 1919 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY.

Child of James Henry Tammany and Mary J Clancy

Linda Karen Tand

F, b. 6 January 1953, d. 22 November 1969
     Linda Karen Tand was born on 6 January 1953 at St. Joseph Hospital, Paterson, NJ. She died on 22 November 1969 at St. Joseph Hospital, Paterson, NJ, at age 16.

Maartje Tanis

F, b. 1826
     Maartje Tanis was born in 1826 at Ouddorp, Goeree-Overflakkee, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands. She married Klaas Verduin, son of Abraham Verduin and Antje Steenmark, on 24 December 1845 at Ouddorp, Goeree-Overflakkee, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands.
     Her parents were Jacob Tanis and Krijntje Breen. Married name: Verduin.

Alfred Tanner

M, b. 26 June 1842, d. 1930
     Alfred Tanner was born on 26 June 1842. He married Phebe Schoonmaker, daughter of Moses Schoonmaker and Phebe Ann Decker, on 8 June 1865. Alfred Tanner died in 1930.

Child of Alfred Tanner and Phebe Schoonmaker

Alice Tanner

F, b. 25 June 1866, d. 26 September 1940
FatherAlfred Tanner b. 26 Jun 1842, d. 1930
MotherPhebe Schoonmaker b. 16 Aug 1844, d. 6 Jun 1925
     Alice Tanner was born on 25 June 1866. She married Spencer Lyman Dawes on 26 May 1891. Alice Tanner died on 26 September 1940 at age 74.
     Married name: Dawes.

Child of Alice Tanner and Spencer Lyman Dawes

William Taplin

     William Taplin married Olive M Vreeland, daughter of Wilber G Vreeland and Emma G Sisco.

Elizabeth Tapp

F, b. 6 November 1769, d. before 17 May 1809
     Elizabeth Tapp was buried at Caswell County, NC. She was born on 6 November 1769 at Caswell County, NC. She married Manley T. Winstead in 1785 at Northumberland County, VA. Elizabeth Tapp died before 17 May 1809 at Person County, NC.
     Name variation: Elizabeth Winstead.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Tapp and Manley T. Winstead