Mary Jane Vreeland

FatherJesse Kimble Vreeland b. 4 May 1793, d. 16 Apr 1874
MotherLocky Brant
     Mary Jane Vreeland married Van Syckle.
     Married name: Van Syckle.

Mary Jane Vreeland

F, b. 23 February 1832
FatherPeter V B Vreeland b. 27 Aug 1795
MotherAntje Vreeland b. 4 Feb 1799
     Mary Jane Vreeland was born on 23 February 1832. She was baptized on 1 April 1832 at First Reformed Church, Bayonne, NJ.
     Name variation: Maria Jane Vreeland.

Mary Jane Vreeland

F, b. 1854
FatherIsaac Vreeland b. 3 Oct 1826, d. 18 Jul 1904
MotherKate Davidson b. c 1823
     Mary Jane Vreeland was born in 1854 at U.S.A. or Canada.

Mary Lois Vreeland

F, b. 27 February 1875
FatherMichael James Vreeland b. 20 Oct 1838
MotherHelen Stoflet
     Mary Lois Vreeland married Ralph E Collins. Mary Lois Vreeland was born on 27 February 1875.
     Married name: Collins.

Child of Mary Lois Vreeland and Ralph E Collins

  • Frederick Vreeland Collins b. 3 Dec 1904

Mary M Vreeland

F, b. 26 May 1853
FatherHenry R Vreeland b. 19 Oct 1822, d. 15 Jun 1882
MotherElizabeth Jane Musk b. 14 May 1835, d. 27 Apr 1919
     Mary M Vreeland was born on 26 May 1853. She married Garret Van Horn on 22 April 1873.
     Mary M Vreeland lived at California. Married name: Van Horn.

Mary Matilda Vreeland

F, b. 23 November 1842
FatherEnoch Vreeland b. 5 Oct 1807, d. 21 Jun 1849
MotherMatilda Bogert
     Mary Matilda Vreeland was born on 23 November 1842. She married Peter Bogert on 23 October 1867.
     Married name: Bogert.

Marynus Vreeland

M, b. 21 July 1755
FatherCornelius E Vreeland
MotherMargaretta Van Winkle b. 1725
     Marynus Vreeland was born on 21 July 1755. He married Geesje Vreeland, daughter of Michael E Vreeland and Jannetje Van Winkle, on 14 August 1775 at Schraalenburg, Bergen County, NJ.
     Name variation: Marinus Vreeland.

Marytje Vreeland

F, b. 1702
FatherJohannis Vreeland b. 7 Apr 1677
MotherMaria Cregier
     Marytje Vreeland married Abraham Pelletreau. Marytje Vreeland was born in 1702.
     Married name: Pelletreau.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Marytje Vreeland and Abraham Pelletreau

  • Daniel Pelletreau
  • Maria Pelletreau

Mathias Vreeland

M, d. 26 July 1890
     Mathias Vreeland married Sarah. Mathias Vreeland died on 26 July 1890. He was buried on 13 May 1903 at Laurel Grove Cemetery, Totowa Borough, NJ, (Removed from Sandy Hill Cemetery).
     He left a will at Passaic County, NJ. (#14499).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mathias Vreeland and Sarah

  • Peter Vreeland
  • Annie Vreeland
  • Jennie Vreeland
  • Sarah Vreeland
  • Willie Vreeland

Matilda Vreeland

F, b. 18 December 1881
FatherElias Vreeland b. 30 Mar 1840, d. 1 Nov 1895
MotherLizzie C Bogert
     Matilda Vreeland married Frank Bibby. Matilda Vreeland was born on 18 December 1881.
     Married name: Bibby.

Matilda Vreeland

F, b. 17 November 1897, d. 19 September 1985
FatherElias Vreeland b. 18 Apr 1876, d. 1930
MotherElizabeth Jane Peterson b. Sep 1876, d. 1963
     Matilda Vreeland was buried at Fish Pond Cemetery, Oakland, NJ. She married Herman Van Schaik. Matilda Vreeland was born on 17 November 1897. She died on 19 September 1985 at Oakland, NJ, at age 87.
     Married name: Van Schaik. Name variation: Mildred Vreeland. Name variation: Tillie Vreeland.

Child of Matilda Vreeland and Herman Van Schaik

Matilda Vreeland

F, b. 28 August 1878
FatherCornelius P Vreeland b. 9 Nov 1853
MotherMary Knight
     Matilda Vreeland married William Spanjer. Matilda Vreeland was born on 28 August 1878.
     She lived at 323 Haywood Ave, East Orange, NJ. Married name: Spanjer.

Matilda Vreeland

F, b. 6 January 1813
FatherMichael Vreeland b. 31 Oct 1781
MotherAltie Outwater b. 1785
     Matilda Vreeland married Andrew P Simonson at First Reformed Church, Bayonne, NJ. Matilda Vreeland was born on 6 January 1813.
     Married name: Simonson.

Matilda C Vreeland

F, b. 3 March 1862
FatherElias Vreeland b. 22 Feb 1828, d. 24 Feb 1896
MotherMargaret Bogert
     Matilda C Vreeland was born on 3 March 1862. She married Horace R Welsh on 14 June 1879.
     Matilda served as the executrix of her Aunt Rachel's will. Married name: Welsh. Matilda C Vreeland lived in 1904 at Paterson, Passaic County, NJ.

Matthew Vreeland

M, b. 20 April 1870
FatherMichael DeMott Vreeland b. 21 Nov 1818
     Matthew Vreeland married Alice Crocheron. Matthew Vreeland was born on 20 April 1870.

Matty Vreeland

FatherDaniel Vreeland b. 7 Mar 1735, d. b 17 Apr 1812
MotherRachel Pier
     Matty Vreeland married David Jacobus.
     Married name: Jacobus. Name variation: Mitje Vreeland. Name variation: Martha Vreeland.

Child of Matty Vreeland and David Jacobus

Maud Vreeland

FatherSamuel Vreeland
     Maud Vreeland married William Johnson. Maud Vreeland married William Tompkins.
     N.G. Vreeland shows Maud married to William Johnson and living in Oceanport, NJ. E.W. Vreeland shows Maud married to William Tompkins and living in Ridgewood, NJ. Maud Vreeland lived at Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ. She lived at Oceanport, NJ. Married name: Johnson. Married name: Tompkins.

May Vreeland

F, b. circa 1902
FatherAlonzo Vreeland d. 20 Oct 1930
     May Vreeland married George Van Lenten. May Vreeland was born circa 1902.
     Married name: Van Lenten.

May Vreeland

F, b. 27 April 1873, d. 27 June 1875
FatherCornelius G Vreeland b. 26 May 1849, d. 17 Oct 1883
MotherEliza Loveless b. 1842, d. 7 Jan 1921
     May Vreeland was buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Newark, Essex County, NJ. She was born on 27 April 1873. She died on 27 June 1875 at age 2.
     Name variation: Lida May Vreeland.

May E Vreeland

F, b. 1872, d. 20 May 1900
FatherWilliam D Vreeland b. 11 Jul 1849, d. 2 Feb 1903
MotherHarriet L Cadmus b. 1848, d. 4 Apr 1906
     May E Vreeland was buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Paterson, NJ, (Sec 11 Lot 299). She was born in 1872. She died on 20 May 1900.
     Name variation: Mary E Vreeland. She lived in 1900 at Ackerman Ave, Clifton, NJ.

May H Vreeland

F, b. 31 August 1859, d. 15 October 1861
FatherPeter D Vreeland b. 1828, d. 7 Sep 1908
MotherElecta DeMont b. 1833, d. 1924
     May H Vreeland was born on 31 August 1859. She died on 15 October 1861 at age 2.

Melissa Vreeland

F, b. 22 February 1867
FatherJohn Milton Vreeland b. 16 Oct 1845, d. 21 Mar 1918
MotherMary Ellen Cahill b. 25 Jun 1850, d. 4 Oct 1942
     Melissa Vreeland married Charles H Rhinesmith. Melissa Vreeland was born on 22 February 1867.
     Married name: Rhinesmith.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Melissa Vreeland and Charles H Rhinesmith

Melvin Franklin Vreeland

M, b. 29 June 1901, d. 4 January 1971
FatherCharles Stuart Vreeland b. 23 Feb 1864, d. 21 Aug 1955
MotherIrene Lime b. 5 Jan 1857, d. 8 Nov 1940
     Melvin Franklin Vreeland was born on 29 June 1901. He died on 4 January 1971 at age 69.

Mercy Vreeland

F, d. July 1784
FatherAbraham Vreeland d. b 6 Apr 1771
MotherMercy Badgely b. 1725, d. b 5 Jan 1778
     Mercy Vreeland died in July 1784.
     She lived at Westfield, Essex County, NJ. She left a will on 26 June 1784 at Essex County, NJ. proved 7 Aug 1784 (Abst. of Wills vol. 6, page 423).

Metje Vreeland

F, b. 3 October 1698
FatherCornelis Michielsen Vreeland b. 3 Jun 1660, d. 2 May 1727
MotherMetje Braecke b. 3 Jun 1657, d. May 1717
     Metje Vreeland married Renier Van Giesen. Metje Vreeland was born on 3 October 1698. She was baptized on 11 October 1698 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.
     Married name: Van Giesen.

Metje Vreeland

F, b. 28 December 1720
FatherMichiel C Vreeland b. 18 Sep 1694
MotherJenneke Van Houten b. c 1 Nov 1699
     Metje Vreeland was born on 28 December 1720 at Stony Point, NJ. She married Abraham Van Tuyl on 8 December 1738.
     Married name: Van Tuyl.

Michael Vreeland

M, b. 14 September 1684, d. 27 January 1710
FatherJohannes Michielsen Vreeland b. 1 Oct 1656, d. 26 Jun 1713
MotherClaesje Dirckse Braecke b. 7 Mar 1658/59, d. 1713
     Michael Vreeland was born on 14 September 1684. He died on 27 January 1710 at age 25.

Michael Vreeland

M, d. 1790
FatherMichiel Vreeland b. 7 Apr 1666
MotherMarietje Joris van Elslandt d. 1750
     Michael Vreeland died in 1790.
     He left a will on 25 August 1789 at NJ. It was proved 8 Feb 1790 (Abstr. of Wills Vol. VII).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Michael Vreeland

Michael Vreeland

M, b. 24 June 1739, d. 5 December 1804
FatherMichiel C Vreeland b. 18 Sep 1694
MotherJenneke Van Houten b. c 1 Nov 1699
     Michael Vreeland was born on 24 June 1739. He married Annatje Vreeland, daughter of Joris E Vreeland and Annetje Gerritse Van Wagenen. Michael Vreeland died on 5 December 1804 at Pamrapo, NJ, at age 65.
     He lived at Pamrapo, NJ. He left a will on 16 July 1802. It was proved 26 Jan 1805 (Abst. of Wills, Vol. 10, page 483).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Michael Vreeland and Annatje Vreeland

Michael Vreeland

M, b. 4 March 1731, d. 15 September 1801
FatherMichael Vreeland d. 1790
     Michael Vreeland was buried at Acquackanonk Churchyard, Passaic County, NJ. He married Maria Vreeland. Michael Vreeland was born on 4 March 1731 (calculated). He died on 15 September 1801 at age 70.
     He died intestate at the age of 70 years 6 months, 15 days. On Sep 19, 1801, Adrian Post, his brother-in-law, was appointed administrator of his estate. Henry Garritse Jr. and Paul Powlison inventoried his estate. (Abstr. of Wills vol 10, page 483).