Francis Turner Ware

     Francis Turner Ware married Ann Maria Slocomb, daughter of Simon Slocumb and Elizabeth Herring, on 25 November 1846 at Wrentham, MA.

Hannah Ware

     Hannah Ware married Eleazer (sp?) Metcalf, son of Michael Metcalf and Elizabeth Fuller.
     Married name: Metcalf.

John Ware

FatherJohn Ware
MotherHannah Wood
     John Ware married Joanna Gay, daughter of John Gay and Joanna, on 24 January 1679.

John Ware

     John Ware married Hannah Wood.
     Name variation: Capt.

Child of John Ware and Hannah Wood

Lena Mae Ware

F, b. 3 April 1878, d. 5 September 1953
FatherLucius Jeremiah Ware
     Lena Mae Ware was buried at Morningside Cemetery, Brattleboro, VT. She was born on 3 April 1878 at Butler, IL. She married Frank Austin DeWitt, son of Rollin Converse DeWitt and Charlotte Putnam Birchard, on 24 August 1898 at Chester, VT. Lena Mae Ware died on 5 September 1953 at Brattleboro, VT, at age 75.
     She was members of the Congregational Church. Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lena Mae Ware and Frank Austin DeWitt

Lucius Jeremiah Ware


Child of Lucius Jeremiah Ware

Orson Ware

     Orson Ware married Orpha Elizabeth McIntire, daughter of Alexander McIntire and Jane Mars DeWitt.

Samuel Ware

     Samuel Ware was born at Wrentham, MA. He married Sarah Fuller, daughter of Thomas Fuller and Hannah Flower.

Nora Fernetta Warfel

F, b. 22 February 1893
     Nora Fernetta Warfel was born on 22 February 1893. She married Chalmer Hull, son of Edson Reed Hull and Mary DeWitt, on 14 June 1917.
     Married name: Hull.

Child of Nora Fernetta Warfel and Chalmer Hull

Elizabeth Waring

FatherJohn Waring
     Elizabeth Waring married James White.
     Married name: White.

Jesse Waring

     Jesse Waring married Jamima Lounsbury, daughter of Monmouth Lounsbury and Jemima June, on 5 January 1775 at Stamford, CT.

John Waring

     John Waring lived at Oyster Bay, NY.

Child of John Waring

Peter P Waring

     Peter P Waring married Blandina Crispell, daughter of Solomon D Crispell and Sarah S Bell.
     Peter P Waring lived at Piermont, Rockland County, NY.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Peter P Waring and Blandina Crispell

  • Graham Bell Waring
  • Anna T Waring

Rebecca Waring

     Rebecca Waring married Zacharias Hasbrouck, son of Daniel Hasbrouck and Wyntie Deyo.
     Married name: Hasbrouck.

Ada Warman

F, b. 28 March 1874
FatherJohn Warman b. 14 Jul 1831, d. 2 Jun 1916
MotherElizabeth Horton b. c 1836, d. 25 Aug 1925
     Ada Warman was buried at Washington. She was born on 28 March 1874.

Agnes M. Warman

F, b. 16 February 1894, d. 20 March 1976
FatherGeorge Frederick Warman b. 7 Jan 1862, d. 11 Apr 1924
MotherSarah Jane Green b. 18 Oct 1869, d. 22 Oct 1951
     Agnes M. Warman was born on 16 February 1894 at Ludlow, Aroostook County, ME. She married Ray Stevens, son of David Buck Stevens and Esther Robinson, on 27 April 1922 at Houlton, Aroostook County, ME. Agnes M. Warman died on 20 March 1976 at age 82.
     Married name: Stevens.

Child of Agnes M. Warman and Ray Stevens

Alden Warman

M, b. 1884, d. 1972
FatherWilliam Warman b. 1844, d. Apr 1916
MotherEllen Carlyle b. 1846
     Alden Warman was buried at Molus River, Canada. He married Laura Stevenson. Alden Warman was born in 1884 at Molus River, Canada. He died in 1972.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Alden Warman and Laura Stevenson

Alice Isobel Warman

F, b. 1938, d. 1938
FatherHarlan Orlo Warman b. 11 May 1897, d. 23 Aug 1973
MotherEmily B. Maceachem b. 15 Oct 1903, d. 21 Jul 1990
     Alice Isobel Warman died in 1938. She was born in 1938.

Alvin Carlyle Warman

M, b. 4 December 1905, d. 5 April 1910
FatherGordon Alvin Warman b. 1872, d. 1927
MotherAgnes Murphy b. 6 Jul 1874, d. 21 Nov 1970
     Alvin Carlyle Warman was born on 4 December 1905. He died on 5 April 1910 at age 4.

Annie Warman

F, b. 1869, d. 1933
FatherWilliam Warman b. 1844, d. Apr 1916
MotherEllen Carlyle b. 1846
     Annie Warman married William Atkinson. Annie Warman was born in 1869 at Molus River, Canada. She died in 1933.
     Married name: Atkinson.

Child of Annie Warman and William Atkinson

  • Leroy Atkinson b. 16 Jan 1904

Annie Warman

FatherWilliam Graham
MotherElizabeth Warman
     Annie Warman married William Rogers.
     Married name: Rogers.

Child of Annie Warman and William Rogers

  • Graham Rogers

Annie Johnston Warman

F, b. 17 April 1901, d. December 1972
FatherJohnstone Warman b. 1870, d. 1939
MotherRebecca E. Marshall b. 1879, d. 1962
     Annie Johnston Warman was buried at Molus River, Canada. She was born on 17 April 1901. She died in December 1972 at age 71.

Blanche Jemima Warman

F, b. 28 May 1923
FatherClyde Warman b. 1876, d. 1939
MotherElla Mea Jones b. 1891, d. 1947
     Blanche Jemima Warman was born on 28 May 1923 at Crombie.

Borden Warman

M, b. 20 March 1912, d. 31 July 1981
FatherGeorge Edwin Warman b. 1861, d. 1936
MotherMary Campbell b. 1837, d. 1954
     Borden Warman was born on 20 March 1912 at Bass River Point, New Brunswick, Canada. He married Gladys Pyne. Borden Warman died on 31 July 1981 at age 69.

Cathy Warman

MotherKathy MCPHEE
     Cathy Warman married Guy Dodd.
     Married name: Dodd.

Charles Peters Warman

M, b. circa 1838
FatherHenry Warman d. 25 Mar 1877
MotherSarah Peters
     Charles Peters Warman married Mabel Blackney Alice Hoppers. Charles Peters Warman was born circa 1838.

Cheryl Lynn Warman

FatherFrederic Weeden Warman b. 21 Nov 1924, d. 13 Oct 1985
     Cheryl Lynn Warman married James Ross.
     Married name: Ross.

Child of Cheryl Lynn Warman and James Ross

  • Benjamin James Ross

Clyde Warman

M, b. 1876, d. 1939
FatherRichard Warman b. 15 Mar 1835, d. 1 Aug 1917
MotherAnnie Johnstone b. 1834, d. 19 Nov 1893
     Clyde Warman was born in 1876. He married Ella Mea Jones. Clyde Warman died in 1939.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Clyde Warman and Ella Mea Jones

Clyde E. Warman

M, b. 26 July 1899, d. 5 June 1970
FatherGeorge Frederick Warman b. 7 Jan 1862, d. 11 Apr 1924
MotherSarah Jane Green b. 18 Oct 1869, d. 22 Oct 1951
     Clyde E. Warman married Phyllis White. Clyde E. Warman married Ann Colfer. Clyde E. Warman was born on 26 July 1899 at Ludlow, Aroostook County, ME. He died on 5 June 1970 at age 70.

Child of Clyde E. Warman and Ann Colfer

  • Jane Warman

Child of Clyde E. Warman and Phyllis White

Donald Warman

M, b. 1930, d. 1972
     Donald Warman was born in 1930. He died in 1972.