_______ Washburn


Adeline Martha Washburne

F, b. 11 July 1850
     Adeline Martha Washburne was born on 11 July 1850. She married Edward Melendy Slocumb, son of Charles Slocumb and Lucy Melendy, on 2 November 1867 at Greenfield, MA. Adeline Martha Washburne and Edward Melendy Slocumb were divorced in 1892.
     Married name: Slocumb.

John Washer

M, b. 19 September 1861
     John Washer married Mary Edwards. John Washer was born on 19 September 1861 at Port Jervis, NY.
     He was owner of a garage in Hohokus, NJ. P. 279-80. He lived in Pike County, PA and Waldwick, NJ. They removed to Allendale, NJ.

Child of John Washer and Mary Edwards

Mary Washer

F, d. 19 August 1864
     Mary Washer married John C DeWitt. Mary Washer was born at NJ or NY. She died on 19 August 1864 at Mount Gilead, Morrow County, OH.
     She was Methodists. Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Washer and John C DeWitt

  • Price DeWitt
  • Isaac DeWitt
  • Henry DeWitt
  • Joseph DeWitt
  • Lewis DeWitt
  • William DeWitt
  • Levi DeWitt
  • Phoebe DeWitt
  • Elizabeth DeWitt
  • Mary DeWitt
  • Peter DeWitt+ b. 1804, d. bt 1881 - 1882
  • John V DeWitt+ b. 23 Jan 1810
  • Richard DeWitt b. 1812

William Walton Washer

M, b. 15 January 1880
FatherJohn Washer b. 19 Sep 1861
MotherMary Edwards
     William Walton Washer was born on 15 January 1880 at Port Jervis, NY. He married Anna Adelaide Newell on 2 February 1919.

Hannah Washman

     Hannah Washman married Lourenz Decker, son of Issac Decker and Rebecca Spoor, before 1798.
     Married name: Decker.

Child of Hannah Washman and Lourenz Decker


     Waskowich married Barbara Lewis, daughter of Roy Lewis and Annette Terrill.

Claas Willemsz Wassenaar

M, b. circa 1490
FatherWillem Stevensz Wassenaar b. c 1450
MotherEmerentia Gerritsdr Van Poelgeest
     Claas Willemsz Wassenaar was born circa 1490. He married Moatin (Marietje) Jabobsdr.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Claas Willemsz Wassenaar and Moatin (Marietje) Jabobsdr

  • Steven Claesz+ b. c 1523, d. 23 Feb 1612
  • Grietje Claesdr b. c 1525
  • Gerryl Claesz b. c 1529
  • Cornelis Claassen

Cornelis Walings Wassenaar

     Cornelis Walings Wassenaar married Ammers Sioerd Daams.

Child of Cornelis Walings Wassenaar and Ammers Sioerd Daams

Neeltje Cornelisdr Wassenaar

F, b. 1675, d. 1748
FatherCornelis Walings Wassenaar
MotherAmmers Sioerd Daams
     Neeltje Cornelisdr Wassenaar was born in 1675. She married Barthout Arrienszn Kuiken, son of Arien Jans Kuiken and Claasje Willem Dirk. Neeltje Cornelisdr Wassenaar died in 1748.

Child of Neeltje Cornelisdr Wassenaar and Barthout Arrienszn Kuiken

Steven Huigenz Wassenaar

M, b. circa 1410
FatherHughe Jacobs (Barthout0 van Wassenaer b. c 1380, d. 1422
     Steven Huigenz Wassenaar was born circa 1410. He married Willems.

Child of Steven Huigenz Wassenaar and Willems

Willem Stevensz Wassenaar

M, b. circa 1450
FatherSteven Huigenz Wassenaar b. c 1410
     Willem Stevensz Wassenaar was born circa 1450. He married Emerentia Gerritsdr Van Poelgeest.

Child of Willem Stevensz Wassenaar and Emerentia Gerritsdr Van Poelgeest

Mary Stix Wasserman

F, b. 27 January 1925
     Mary Stix Wasserman married Walter Thompson Ridder, son of Victor Frank Ridder and Marie Thompson. Mary Stix Wasserman was born on 27 January 1925.
     Married name: Ridder.

Ann Watel

F, d. 17 August 1843
     Ann Watel married Lucas Elmendorf, son of Jonathan Elmendorf and Helena Smedes. Ann Watel died on 17 August 1843.
     Married name: Elmendorf.

Caty? Waterbury

     Caty? Waterbury married Enos Lounsbury, son of Nathan Lounsbury and Elizabeth Seeley.
     Married name: Lounsbury.

Child of Caty? Waterbury and Enos Lounsbury

Cjarles A Waterbury

     Cjarles A Waterbury married Mary Van B. DeWitt, daughter of Isreal DeWitt and Elsie Thorne.

Child of Cjarles A Waterbury and Mary Van B. DeWitt

David Waterbury

     David Waterbury married Jemima June, daughter of Thomas June.
     Name variation: Capt.

Harriet Waterbury

F, b. circa 1795, d. 1849
FatherJ Gideon Waterbury
     Harriet Waterbury was born circa 1795. She married Rev. John Scudder MD, son of Joseph Scudder and Maria Johnston, in 1816. Harriet Waterbury died in 1849.
     Married name: Scudder.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Harriet Waterbury and Rev. John Scudder MD

Israel DeWitt Waterbury

M, b. 1880, d. 1926
FatherCjarles A Waterbury
MotherMary Van B. DeWitt
     Israel DeWitt Waterbury was born in 1880. He married Winifred Jackson Smith, daughter of Smith, in 1905. Israel DeWitt Waterbury died in 1926.

Child of Israel DeWitt Waterbury and Winifred Jackson Smith

J Gideon Waterbury

     J Gideon Waterbury lived at Darien, CT.

Child of J Gideon Waterbury

Jackson DeWitt Waterbury

M, b. 1908
FatherIsrael DeWitt Waterbury b. 1880, d. 1926
MotherWinifred Jackson Smith b. 1884
     Jackson DeWitt Waterbury married Eleanor Barrows. Jackson DeWitt Waterbury was born in 1908.

Child of Jackson DeWitt Waterbury and Eleanor Barrows

Jackson DeWitt Waterbury Jr.

FatherJackson DeWitt Waterbury b. 1908
MotherEleanor Barrows
     Jackson DeWitt Waterbury Jr. married Sylvia Butler.

Phineas Waterbury

     Phineas Waterbury married Elizabeth Lounsbury, daughter of Monmouth Lounsbury and Jemima June, on 10 May 1762 at Stamford, CT.

Sally Waterbury

     Sally Waterbury married Aaron Byington, son of St. John Byington and Mary Abbott.
     Married name: Byington.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sally Waterbury and Aaron Byington

Sarah Waterbury

     Sarah Waterbury married Benjamin Meade.
     Married name: Meade.

Child of Sarah Waterbury and Benjamin Meade

Edward Pierce Waterman

M, b. 19 August 1792
FatherJedeidiah Waterman b. c 1760, d. 25 Sep 1828
MotherJohanna Van Zandt b. bt 1761 - 1762, d. 1 Dec 1798
     Edward Pierce Waterman died Y young. He was born on 19 August 1792.

Eliza Ann Waterman

F, b. 3 December 1802, d. 5 October 1873
FatherJedeidiah Waterman b. c 1760, d. 25 Sep 1828
MotherElizabeth Plummer b. 5 Apr 1766, d. 7 Aug 1841
     Eliza Ann Waterman was born on 3 December 1802. She married Thomas DeWitt, son of Thomas DeWitt and Elsie Hasbrouck, on 11 October 1826. Eliza Ann Waterman died on 5 October 1873 at New York City, NY, at age 70.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Eliza Ann Waterman and Thomas DeWitt

Jedediah Waterman


Child of Jedediah Waterman

Jedeidiah Waterman

M, b. circa 1760, d. 25 September 1828
FatherJedediah Waterman
     Jedeidiah Waterman married Elizabeth Plummer, daughter of Ebenezer Plummer and Elizabeth Shelton. Jedeidiah Waterman married Johanna Van Zandt, daughter of Tobias Van Zandt and Mary Dike. Jedeidiah Waterman was born circa 1760. He died on 25 September 1828 at New York City, NY.
     He was Type: Source NY G+B Rec. 61-336, 37, 43, 44 62-51; Barnum Fam Book; Waterman fam. Vol. 1 467 ff. Name variation: Jedekiah Waterman.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jedeidiah Waterman and Johanna Van Zandt

Child of Jedeidiah Waterman and Elizabeth Plummer

Maria Waterman

F, b. 24 December 1787, d. 1868
FatherJedeidiah Waterman b. c 1760, d. 25 Sep 1828
MotherJohanna Van Zandt b. bt 1761 - 1762, d. 1 Dec 1798
     Maria Waterman was born on 24 December 1787. She died in 1868 unmarried.
     Name variation: Mary Waterman.