Richard Wallop


Child of Richard Wallop

Eugene Walls


Phebe Walls

     Phebe Walls was buried at Acquackanonk Churchyard, Passaic County, NJ. She married Jacob John Vreeland, son of Johannes Vreeland and Gouda Easterly, on 14 February 1796.
     Married name: Vreeland. Name variation: Phebe Wells. Name variation: Phebe Wallis.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Phebe Walls and Jacob John Vreeland


     Walsh married Frances Douner, daughter of Timothy Belknap Douner and Cynthia Ann DeWitte.
     Walsh and Frances Douner were Type: Removed at Fargo, ND.

Ann Walsh

     Ann Walsh married Ephraim DeWitt, son of Andries DeWitt and Maria Depuy, in 1810 or 1811.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ann Walsh and Ephraim DeWitt

  • Ephraim Henry DeWitt b. 18 Mar 1812
  • Charles Edward DeWitt b. 6 Jul 1814
  • Catharine DeWitt b. 21 Apr 1816
  • Elizabeth DeWitt b. 14 Feb 1818
  • Ephraim Henry DeWitt b. 3 Nov 1821

Helen Walsh

     Helen Walsh married Louis Edwin Kruger, son of Louis Kruger and Harriet Fitzrandolph, on 21 June 1911.
     Married name: Kruger.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Helen Walsh and Louis Edwin Kruger

Leonard Walsh

     Leonard Walsh was born at Newark, Essex County, NJ.

Mary Walsh

F, b. 21 October 1799, d. 24 September 1855
     Mary Walsh was born on 21 October 1799 at Albany, NY. She married Andries Hermance DeWitt, son of Henry DeWitt and Dorothy Hermanse, on 5 December 1822. Mary Walsh died on 24 September 1855 at Albany, NY, at age 55.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Mercy? Walsh

     Mercy? Walsh married Osborn.
     Married name: Osborn.

Child of Mercy? Walsh and Osborn

Morris Walsh

     Morris Walsh married Dorothy Butler, daughter of Arthur Butler and Mary Lewis.

Child of Morris Walsh and Dorothy Butler

  • Betsy Ann Walsh

Margaret Walstone

     Margaret Walstone married Osborn.
     Married name: Osborn.

Anna Maria Walter

F, b. May 1856, d. 1931
FatherMathew W. Walter
MotherKunigunda Nunn
     Anna Maria Walter married Francis Joseph Ullrich, son of John George Ullrich and Anna Maria Platz. Anna Maria Walter was born in May 1856 at Frankfort am Main, Hessen-Nassau, Germany. She married Francis Joseph Ullrich, son of John George Ullrich and Anna Maria Platz, on 16 February 1879 at Englewood, Bergen County, NJ. Anna Maria Walter died in 1931 at Englewood, Bergen County, NJ.
     Married name: Ullrich.

Child of Anna Maria Walter and Francis Joseph Ullrich

Hannah Walter

     Hannah Walter was born at Roxbury. She married Caleb Trowbridge, son of James Trowbridge and Margaret Atherton, in 1718.
     Married name: Trowbridge. Name variation: Mrs.

Mathew W. Walter

     Mathew W. Walter was born at Germany. He married Kunigunda Nunn.

Child of Mathew W. Walter and Kunigunda Nunn

John Walters

M, b. 21 December 1845
     John Walters was born on 21 December 1845. He married Susan Emma Poore, daughter of Alvan Poore and Julia Ann DeWitt, on 8 February 1877.

Peter Walters

     Peter Walters married Zurnah Place.

Child of Peter Walters and Zurnah Place

Sarah Walters

F, b. 22 November 1790, d. 21 November 1854
FatherPeter Walters
MotherZurnah Place
     Sarah Walters was buried at Miamitown, OH. She was born on 22 November 1790. She married Helmus Bogert, son of Isaac Bogert Jr. and Annetje Hoogland, on 26 January 1807. Sarah Walters died on 21 November 1854 at age 63.
     Married name: Bogert. She was Type: Removed in 1820 at Chenot, Hamilton County, OH.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Walters and Helmus Bogert

Susanna Walti

F, b. 1757
     Susanna Walti married Jacob Bertschy. Susanna Walti was born in 1757.
     Married name: Bertschy.

Child of Susanna Walti and Jacob Bertschy

Mary A Walton

     Mary A Walton married Jacob Vreeland, son of Henry J Vreeland and Margaret Vreeland.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Pheobe Ann Walton

     Pheobe Ann Walton married John Watson.
     Married name: Watson.

Child of Pheobe Ann Walton and John Watson

Priscilla Walton

     Priscilla Walton married Nicholas Egbert, son of Laurence Egbert and Sarah Blacklege. Priscilla Walton died Y.
     Married name: Egbert.

William Walton

     William Walton married Cornelia Beekman, daughter of William Beekman and Catherine Peters de la Noy.

Amelia Estella Walworth

F, b. 16 August 1846, d. 27 February 1901
FatherEdward Harris Walworth b. 30 Jan 1824, d. 1 Jan 1896
MotherLucy Ann Barbour b. 6 Mar 1824, d. 29 Jul 1892
     Amelia Estella Walworth was born on 16 August 1846 at South Richland, NY. She married Albert Alexander Maltby, son of Hiram Maltby and Amelia Sabrina Alexander, on 6 June 1867. Amelia Estella Walworth died on 27 February 1901 at Pulaski, NY, at age 54.
     Married name: Maltby.

Child of Amelia Estella Walworth and Albert Alexander Maltby

Benjamin Walworth

M, b. 21 August 1798, d. 4 October 1878
FatherJohn Walworth b. 1764, d. 4 Jan 1798
MotherMercy Rogers
     Benjamin Walworth married Mary Mosher. Benjamin Walworth was born on 21 August 1798 at Hoosick Falls, NY. He died on 4 October 1878 at Malta, Saratoga County, NY, at age 80.

Child of Benjamin Walworth and Mary Mosher

Edward Harris Walworth

M, b. 30 January 1824, d. 1 January 1896
FatherBenjamin Walworth b. 21 Aug 1798, d. 4 Oct 1878
MotherMary Mosher b. c 1800
     Edward Harris Walworth was born on 30 January 1824 at Sandy Creek, NY. He married Lucy Ann Barbour on 8 October 1845 at Cazenovia, NY. Edward Harris Walworth died on 1 January 1896 at Mexico, NY, at age 71.

Child of Edward Harris Walworth and Lucy Ann Barbour

John Walworth

M, b. 1764, d. 4 January 1798
FatherJohn Walworth b. 1729/30
MotherPatience Denison b. bt 7 Jun 1734 - 1735
     John Walworth married Mercy Rogers, daughter of Harper Rogers and Mercy. John Walworth was born in 1764 at Hoosick Falls, NY. He died on 4 January 1798 at Mapletown, NY.

Child of John Walworth and Mercy Rogers

John Walworth

M, b. 1729/30
FatherJohn Walworth b. bt Jun 1696 - 1697, d. 1746/47
MotherSarah Dunn d. 5 Nov 1778
     John Walworth died at Hoosic Falls, Washington County, NY. He married Patience Denison. John Walworth was born in 1729/30 at Groton, CT.

Child of John Walworth and Patience Denison

John Walworth

M, b. between June 1696 and 1697, d. 1746/47
     John Walworth was born between June 1696 and 1697 at Lebanon, CT. He married Sarah Dunn between November 1717 and 1718. John Walworth died in 1746/47 at Groton, CT.

Child of John Walworth and Sarah Dunn

G Walyea?

     G Walyea? married Harriet A Devoe, daughter of John Devoe and Rachel DeWitt, in 1864.

G Walyea?

     G Walyea? married an unknown person in 1864.