Stebings married Phebe Elmer, daughter of Amos Edward Elmer and Abigail Sherman of Stratford.

Maria Elizabeth Steckel

     Maria Elizabeth Steckel married William Kronkhuyt, son of Herck Kronkhuyt and Sophia De Ronde.
     Married name: Kronkhuyt.

Elizabeth Stedman

     Elizabeth Stedman married Abraham Cresner, son of John Henry Cresner and Femmetie Brouwer.
     Married name: Cresner.

Sarah Stedman

     Sarah Stedman married Samuel Perry, son of John Perry and Ann, on 28 January 1668 at Roxbury, MA.
     Married name: Perry.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Stedman and Samuel Perry

Thomas Stedman

     Thomas Stedman married Hannah Metcalf, daughter of Michael Metcalf and Elizabeth Fuller, on 18 November 1729.

John Stedson

M, b. circa 1554, d. 1 November 1614
     John Stedson married Agnes. John Stedson was born circa 1554 at Modbury, Devonshire, England. He died on 1 November 1614 at England.

Child of John Stedson and Agnes

Frederick Stedtler

M, b. July 1869
     Frederick Stedtler married Annigje Tijms, daughter of Kaspar Tijms and Grietje Broekhorst. Frederick Stedtler was born in July 1869 at Germany.
     They lived for many years at an unknown place. He and Annigje Tijms appeared on the census of 1900 at Grand Street (#122), Garfield Borough, Bergen County, NJ. with five children: Margriet (Jan 1893), Caspar (Feb 1894), Theresa (Oct 1895), Frederick (Nov 1897), and Elizabeth (Feb 1900), all born in NJ. Address on page 7 seems to be Palisade Ave, on page 8 Grand Street. Frederick Stedtler and Annigje Tijms appeared on the census of 1920 at Prospect Street (#205), Midland Park Borough, Bergen County, NJ. with seven children: Caspar (25), Theresa A. (24), Frederick W. (22), Elizabeth (19), Julia L. (16), John E. (14), and Ernest I. (12), all born in NJ, and his brother-in-law an unknown person.

Maritie Steeger

F, b. circa 1700
     Maritie Steeger was born circa 1700 at New Barbadoes, NJ. She married Hendrick Bush, son of Hendrick Bosch and Egbertsie Dricx Hendricks, on 1 July 1721 at Hackensack Dutch Church, Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ.
     Married name: Bush. Maritie Steeger lived in 1721 at Essex County, NJ.

Child of Maritie Steeger and Hendrick Bush

Catheyntje Steegers

     Catheyntje Steegers married Barent Francisco, son of John Fransoy, on 19 April 1726 at Acquackanonk, NJ.
     Married name: Francisco.

Child of Catheyntje Steegers and Barent Francisco

Janet Steel

     Janet Steel married James Kent.
     Married name: Kent.

Child of Janet Steel and James Kent

Rachel Steel

     Rachel Steel married Henry DeWitt.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachel Steel and Henry DeWitt

William Steel

M, d. 1883
     William Steel married Mary Valleau, daughter of Hildebrand Valleau and Elizabeth Campbell. William Steel died in 1883.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William Steel and Mary Valleau

  • Mary Jane Steel b. 1841
  • Allan D Steel b. 1842

Elizabeth Vanderbilt Steele

     Elizabeth Vanderbilt Steele married Chester Valentine Dolph.
     Elizabeth Vanderbilt Steele lived at Havana, NY. Married name: Dolph.

Child of Elizabeth Vanderbilt Steele and Chester Valentine Dolph

John Graden Steele

M, b. 30 June 1900
     John Graden Steele married Mabel Rainey Fisher, daughter of William Edgar Fisher and Mary Elizabeth Rainey. John Graden Steele was born on 30 June 1900.

Joseph Steele

M, b. circa 1760
     Joseph Steele died at Missouri. He was born circa 1760. He married Elizabeth Carson on 29 October 1785 at Greene, TN.

Child of Joseph Steele and Elizabeth Carson

Joseph Young Steele

M, b. 8 September 1822
FatherWilliam Steele b. 13 Aug 1791, d. 23 Jan 1864
MotherJane Kirkpatrick b. 25 Sep 1793, d. 3 Aug 1854
     Joseph Young Steele was born on 8 September 1822 at Cooper, MO. He married Martha Ann Cordry, daughter of John Cordry and Mary 'Polly' Garton, before 1845 at Cooper, MO.

Child of Joseph Young Steele and Martha Ann Cordry

Margaret Jane Steele

F, b. 31 January 1845, d. between 8 June 1890 and 1891
FatherJoseph Young Steele b. 8 Sep 1822
MotherMartha Ann Cordry b. 27 Jul 1819, d. 14 Feb 1861
     Margaret Jane Steele was born on 31 January 1845 at Cooper, MO. She married William Jasper Smith, son of William Jasper Smith and Elizabeth Hedrick, on 15 December 1864 at Cooper, MO. Margaret Jane Steele died between 8 June 1890 and 1891 at Barry, MO.
     Married name: Smith.

Child of Margaret Jane Steele and William Jasper Smith

Oliver P. Steele

     Oliver P. Steele died Y. He married Anna Egberts, daughter of Anthony Egberts and Eve Van Degee.

Sarah Steele

     Sarah Steele married Samuel Sands Seymour, son of William Seymour Jr. and Dorothy Lord.
     Married name: Seymour.

William Steele

M, b. 13 August 1791, d. 23 January 1864
FatherJoseph Steele b. c 1760
MotherElizabeth Carson b. abt 1760/1770, d. c 1835
     William Steele was born on 13 August 1791 at Tennessee. He married Jane Kirkpatrick, daughter of Robert Kirkpatrick and Martha, on 24 December 1812 at Christian, KY. William Steele died on 23 January 1864 at Cooper, MO, at age 72.

Child of William Steele and Jane Kirkpatrick

Sarah Steely

F, b. 20 January 1754, d. 6 July 1829
     Sarah Steely was born on 20 January 1754. She married William Frampton, son of John Frampton and Elizabeth Critchfield, in 1770. Sarah Steely died on 6 July 1829 at age 75.
     Married name: Frampton.

Child of Sarah Steely and William Frampton

Jannetie Steen

     Jannetie Steen married Hendrick Kortright.
     Married name: Kortright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jannetie Steen and Hendrick Kortright

  • Rachel Kortright b. 24 May 1777
  • Willem Kortright b. 13 May 1779

Sarah Steenbrander

     Sarah Steenbrander married Jacob Day, son of Abraham Day and Jenneke Ellis, on 30 October 1773 (probable marriage. It is not known if the children listed belong to this Jacob.).
     Married name: Day.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Steenbrander and Jacob Day

Antje Steenmark

F, d. before 1834
     Antje Steenmark was born at Ouddorp, Goeree-Overflakkee, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands. She married Abraham Verduin on 29 June 1821 at Ouddorp, Goeree-Overflakkee, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands. Antje Steenmark died before 1834.
     Her parents were Hendrik Steenmerk and Elisabeth Blumer. Married name: Verduin.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Antje Steenmark and Abraham Verduin

Caspar Steenmets

     Caspar Steenmets died Y. He married Dorothea Aestens. Caspar Steenmets married Jannekin Gerrits. Caspar Steenmets married Tryntje Jacobs on 15 March 1671 at NY Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan, NY.

Nadine Steeves

     Nadine Steeves married Richard Earle Warman, son of Johnstone Warman and Rebecca E. Marshall.
     Married name: Warman.

Child of Nadine Steeves and Richard Earle Warman

  • Oin Earle Nicholas Warman

Dirk Steger

     Dirk Steger married Jannetje Jacobusse, daughter of Roeloff Jacobusse and Geertruyt Buys, on 19 December 1729 at Acquackanonk Church, Passaic County, NJ.

Katharina Steger

F, b. 1773, d. 3 September 1850
     Katharina Steger was born in 1773 at Bavaria, Germany. She married Alois Raymund Hofstetter. Katharina Steger died on 3 September 1850 at Haldenwang, Bavaria, Germany.
     She was Type: Identifier Number 17. Married name: Hofstetter. She was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

Child of Katharina Steger and Alois Raymund Hofstetter

Sarah Steger

     Sarah Steger died Y. She married Wallins Egberts, son of Wallens Egbertsen and Martje Spier, in 1781.
     Married name: Egberts.

Abraham Stegg

M, b. 1705, d. 17 March 1761
FatherJan Stagg b. 17 Mar 1674
MotherNeeltje Verwey b. 1697
     Abraham Stegg was born in 1705. He married Marritie Bogert, daughter of Johannes Bogert and Maria Bertholf, on 23 June 1732. Abraham Stegg died on 17 March 1761.
     He lived at Schraalenburgh, NJ. Name variation: Abraham Stagg. He and Marritie Bogert were Type: Children six.