Johannes Tappen

M, b. 7 October 1766
FatherChristopher Tappen b. 2 Jun 1742, d. 3 Aug 1826
MotherAnnatje Wynkoop b. 1741
     Johannes Tappen was born on 7 October 1766. He married Sarah Jansen on 13 December 1791.
     Johannes Tappen was a lawyer. He was also editor and proprietor of 'The Plebian', an Ulster County newspaper. A printer(?) in Revolutionary War under Col. Charles DeWitt. Name variation: John Tappen.

Jurian Tunisen Tappen

     Jurian Tunisen Tappen married Wybrecht Jacobse. Jurian Tunisen Tappen married Ariantje Davidts, daughter of Christopher Davidson and Cornelia de Vos, circa 1662.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jurian Tunisen Tappen and Ariantje Davidts

Marytjen Tappen

     Marytjen Tappen was born at Kingston, NY. She married Wilhelmus Houghteling, son of Jan Houghteling and Maria Colevelt, on 18 November 1720 at Kingston, NY.
     Married name: Houghteling.

Child of Marytjen Tappen and Wilhelmus Houghteling

Peter Tappen

M, b. 3 September 1738, d. 12 January 1748
FatherPetrus Tappan b. 28 Jan 1715/16, d. 12 Jan 1748
MotherTjaatje Wynkoop b. 2 Jul 1710
     Peter Tappen was born on 3 September 1738. He was baptized on 10 September 1738. He died on 12 January 1748 at age 9.

Petrus Tappen

M, b. 30 October 1764, d. 9 April 1846
FatherChristopher Tappen b. 2 Jun 1742, d. 3 Aug 1826
MotherAnnatje Wynkoop b. 1741
     Petrus Tappen was born on 30 October 1764 at Tappan, NY. He was baptized on 4 November 1764. He married Ann DeWitt, daughter of Charles DeWitt and Blandina DuBois, on 16 February 1786 at Kingston, NY. Petrus Tappen died on 9 April 1846 at New York City, NY, at age 81.
     He lived at Marbletown, NY. He was Type: Source Marbletown, p. 90; Wynkoop Gen. p. 48; Hoffman Gen. pp. 19, 251; Olde Ulster vol. 1, p. 341; G&B vol. 22, pp 3, 4; vol. 38, p. 312. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in artillery under Col. Lamb in the Revolutionary War.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Petrus Tappen and Ann DeWitt

Rebecca Tappen

     Rebecca Tappen married Johannes Du Bois, son of Matthew Du Bois and Sara Matheyson Van Keuren, on 13 November 1728.
     Married name: Du Bois.

Sarah DuBois Tappen

F, b. 11 January 1801
FatherPetrus Tappen b. 30 Oct 1764, d. 9 Apr 1846
MotherAnn DeWitt b. 11 Nov 1764
     Sarah DuBois Tappen was baptized at Kingston, NY. She was born on 11 January 1801 at Tappan, NY.

Teunis Tappen

M, d. 1727
FatherJurian Tunisen Tappen
MotherAriantje Davidts d. a 11 Nov 1694
     Teunis Tappen was born at Albany, NY. He married Sara Schepmoes, daughter of Dirck Janse Shepmoes and Maria Williams, on 10 October 1695. Teunis Tappen died in 1727 at Kingston, NY.


     Tarbox married Sarah Ann Worden, daughter of Daniel Worden and Christi(a)na Ero.

Child of Tarbox and Sarah Ann Worden

  • Tarbox

Della Targett

     Della Targett married Charlie Barnes, son of Joseph Albert Barnes and Ella Heskett.
     Married name: Barnes.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Della Targett and Charlie Barnes

Malachi A Tarrant

M, b. 8 April 1873, d. 21 February 1965
FatherRichard Tarrant
MotherMary McAuliffe
     Malachi A Tarrant was born on 8 April 1873 at Bolerbue, County Cork, Ireland. He married Helen Sullivan, daughter of Patrick Sullivan and Julia Driscoll, on 28 February 1897. Malachi A Tarrant died on 21 February 1965 at Teaneck, NJ, at age 91.

Child of Malachi A Tarrant and Helen Sullivan

Margaret Christina Tarrant

F, b. 25 December 1909, d. 29 September 1959
FatherMalachi A Tarrant b. 8 Apr 1873, d. 21 Feb 1965
MotherHelen Sullivan b. 11 Dec 1869, d. 29 May 1957
     Margaret Christina Tarrant was born on 25 December 1909 at Jersey City, NJ. She died on 29 September 1959 at Jersey City, NJ, at age 49.
     Married name: Wirtz.

Richard Tarrant

     Richard Tarrant married Mary McAuliffe.

Child of Richard Tarrant and Mary McAuliffe

Elizabeth Tash

     Elizabeth Tash married Andrew Edgerly, son of Thomas Edgerly and Agnes Phillips, in April 1794.
     Elizabeth Tash lived at Exeter, ME. Married name: Edgerly.

Elizabeth Tash

     Elizabeth Tash married Alvah Edgerly, son of Thomas Chesley Edgerly and Hannah Libbey.
     Married name: Edgerly.

Mary Tash

F, b. 13 February 1774, d. 8 May 1866
FatherThomas Tesh
MotherMartha Crummet
     Mary Tash was born on 13 February 1774 at Newmarket, NH. She married Josiah Edgerly, son of Thomas Edgerly and Agnes Phillips, on 12 July 1793 at New Durham, NH. Mary Tash died on 8 May 1866 at age 92.
     Married name: Edgerly. Name variation: Polly Tash.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Tash and Josiah Edgerly

Geertje Task

     Geertje Task married Frederick Vandermarken.
     Married name: Vandermarken.

Child of Geertje Task and Frederick Vandermarken


     Tate lived at Portsmouth, NH. Name variation: Capt.

Child of Tate

Benjamin S Tate

FatherJoseph Tate
MotherElizabeth Small
     Benjamin S Tate married Eliza Holden, daughter of Thomas Holden and Ann Vose.
     Benjamin S Tate lived at Newark, NJ. Name variation: Capt.

Betsey Tate

F, d. September 1848
     Betsey Tate married Samuel Edgerly, son of Jonathan Edgerly and Sarah Doe. Betsey Tate died in September 1848.
     Married name: Edgerly.

Joseph Tate

     Joseph Tate married Elizabeth Small.

Child of Joseph Tate and Elizabeth Small

Rebecca Taunton?

     Rebecca Taunton? married Benjamin Maltby.
     Married name: Maltby.

Child of Rebecca Taunton? and Benjamin Maltby

? Tawson

M, b. circa 1815
     ? Tawson was born circa 1815 at Ireland. He married Unknown before 1836 at Ireland.

Child of ? Tawson and Unknown

Mary Tawson

F, b. 1834, d. 12 July 1904
Father? Tawson b. c 1815
     Mary Tawson was born in 1834 at County Clare, Ireland. She married John Halloran, son of John (Call) Halloran and Mary S Higgins, circa 1860 at New York City, NY. Mary Tawson died on 12 July 1904 at 11 Coenties Slip, New York City, NY.
     Married name: Halloran.

Child of Mary Tawson and John Halloran


     Taylor married Evelyn Vreeland, daughter of David Vreeland and Mary Vandelinda.


     Taylor married Margaret Hancock.

Child of Taylor and Margaret Hancock


     Taylor married Charlotte Smith, daughter of Moses Smith and Jane O'Neil, circa 1855.

Abbie Ann Taylor

F, b. 1853, d. 1930
FatherJames Taylor
     Abbie Ann Taylor was born in 1853 at Haselgreen, WI. She married Isaac Gurley DeWitt, son of Peter DeWitt and Lavinia Bowels, between 1885 and 1886 at Montfort, WI. Abbie Ann Taylor died in 1930 at Montfort, WI.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abbie Ann Taylor and Isaac Gurley DeWitt

Alexander Taylor

M, b. 28 April 1838, d. 3 May 1924
     Alexander Taylor married Amelia M Gregory, daughter of James Hunter Gregory and Elizabeth Smith. Alexander Taylor was born on 28 April 1838. He died on 3 May 1924 at age 86.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Alexander Taylor and Amelia M Gregory

Alice Mclennen Taylor

F, b. 2 January 1911, d. December 1981
FatherEdward Mclennen Taylor b. Sep 1891, d. 15 Apr 1967
MotherLouisa Bastain b. Jul 1890
     Alice Mclennen Taylor was buried at California. She was born on 2 January 1911 at North Bergen, Hudson County, NJ. She married Al Wyatt circa 1930 at California. Alice Mclennen Taylor died in December 1981 at Redondo Beach, Los Angeles County, CA, at age 70.
     Social Security #: 154-18-2770
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 M-Z, Ed. 6, Social Security Dea th Index: U.S., Date of Import: Sep 8, 1999, Internal Ref. # .175]

Individual: Wyatt, Alice
Social Security #: 154-18-2770
Issued in: New Jersey

Birth date: Jun 2, 1911
Death date: Dec 1981

Residence code: California

ZIP Code of last known residence: 90277
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:

Redondo Beach, California. Married name: Wyatt.

Child of Alice Mclennen Taylor and Al Wyatt