Abraham Pieterzen Vosburgh


Child of Abraham Pieterzen Vosburgh

Catharine Vosburgh

FatherJan Vosburgh
MotherCornelia Harmen b. 1695
     Catharine Vosburgh married Jacob Hermance, son of Andries Hermance and Neeltje Van Wagoner, on 30 December 1747.
     Married name: Hermance.

Child of Catharine Vosburgh and Jacob Hermance

Christina Vosburgh

     Christina Vosburgh married Lorrens Decker, son of Jan Decker and Tysje Bogart, before 1734.
     Married name: Decker.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Christina Vosburgh and Lorrens Decker

Jacob Vosburgh

     Jacob Vosburgh married Dorothea Janse Van Alstyne.

Child of Jacob Vosburgh and Dorothea Janse Van Alstyne

Jan Vosburgh

FatherJacob Vosburgh
MotherDorothea Janse Van Alstyne
     Jan Vosburgh married Cornelia Harmen, daughter of Harmen Jansen and Lysbet Janse Bogert.

Child of Jan Vosburgh and Cornelia Harmen

Johannes Vosburgh

M, d. before 1793
     Johannes Vosburgh married Cornelia Gardenier. Johannes Vosburgh died before 1793.

Mantie Abrahamse` Vosburgh

FatherAbraham Pieterzen Vosburgh
     Mantie Abrahamse` Vosburgh married Thomas Jansen Mingail, son of Jan Thomaszen Mingail.
     Married name: Mingail.

Child of Mantie Abrahamse` Vosburgh and Thomas Jansen Mingail

Marytje Vosburgh

F, b. 1726
FatherAbraham Vosburgh b. c 1706
MotherMarytje Decker b. 1708
     Marytje Vosburgh was born in 1726. She married Ryer Schermerhorn circa 1751. Marytje Vosburgh married John Oosterhout after 1752.
     Married name: Oosterhout. Married name: Schermerhorn.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Marytje Vosburgh and Ryer Schermerhorn

  • Ryer Schermerhorn b. 1752
  • Jan Schermerhorn b. 1752

Ann Vose

F, b. 6 June 1773
     Ann Vose was born on 6 June 1773. She married Thomas Holden, son of Levi Holden and Hannah Plympton, on 7 April 1799 at Sudbury, MA.
     Married name: Holden.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ann Vose and Thomas Holden

Sarah Jane Vought

F, b. 1864, d. 1943
     Sarah Jane Vought married Lester Orson Vreeland, son of Thomas Orson Vreeland and Martha Brown. Sarah Jane Vought was born in 1864. She died in 1943.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Child of Sarah Jane Vought and Lester Orson Vreeland

Rebekah Vradenberg

F, d. 1864
     Rebekah Vradenberg married John Taylor. Rebekah Vradenberg died in 1864.
     Married name: Taylor.

Child of Rebekah Vradenberg and John Taylor

Evert Ryckse Van Vranken

     Evert Ryckse Van Vranken died Y. He married Maria Visscher, daughter of Bastian Harmense Visscher and Dirckje Metselaer, on 29 October 1709 (Albany).

Abraham Vredenburg

FatherWilliam Isaacszen Vredenburg
MotherAppolonia Barent b. 29 Jan 1645
     Abraham Vredenburg married Isabella Parcell before 1706. Abraham Vredenburg married Dorothe Colyer, daughter of Jurian Colyer and Lysbeth Van der Hoeven, on 17 January 1706 at New York City, NY.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abraham Vredenburg and Dorothe Colyer

  • Elizabeth Vredenburg b. 3 Apr 1715
  • Abraham Vredenburg b. 23 Sep 1716
  • Elizabeth Vredenburg b. 1 Jan 1719
  • Willem Vredenburg b. 11 Jan 1721
  • Cornelia Vredenburg b. 28 Apr 1723
  • Annatje Vredenburg b. 29 Aug 1725
  • Jannetje Vredenburg b. 18 Nov 1727

Arie Vredenburg

M, b. circa 1709
FatherWilliam Van Vredenburg
MotherHeyltje Van Etten b. 21 Apr 1679
     Arie Vredenburg married Sara Rosekrans, daughter of Dirck Rosekrans and Wyntie Kierstide. Arie Vredenburg was born circa 1709.
     He was Type: Source G+B Coll. #5 pp. 98, 109. G + BS Rec. Vol. 21, p. 167.. Name variation: Aaron Van Vredenburgh.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Arie Vredenburg and Sara Rosekrans

  • Blandina Vredenburg b. 30 May 1738
  • Lydia Vredenburg b. 25 Oct 1743
  • Catharina Vredenburg b. 30 Jun 1745
  • Lydia Vredenburg b. 5 Jul 1747

Blandina Vredenburg

F, b. 23 January 1738, d. 22 November 1835
     Blandina Vredenburg was born on 23 January 1738 at Pennsylvania. She married Daniel Decker, son of Thomas Decker and Janneke Van Nimwegan, on 4 December 1756. Blandina Vredenburg died on 22 November 1835 at age 97.
     Married name: Decker.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Blandina Vredenburg and Daniel Decker

Cornelia Vredenburg

     Cornelia Vredenburg married Cornelius Martense Esselstine.
     Cornelia Vredenburg lived at Kingston, NY. Married name: Esselstine.

Child of Cornelia Vredenburg and Cornelius Martense Esselstine

Jacob Vredenburg

M, d. before 9 September 1800
     Jacob Vredenburg married Jannetje Brouwer, daughter of Jacobus Brouwer and Jannetje Hartje, on 23 October 1769. Jacob Vredenburg died before 9 September 1800.

Joost Vredenburg

     Joost Vredenburg married Lena Brouwer.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Joost Vredenburg and Lena Brouwer

  • Nicholas Vredenburg b. 27 Aug 1725
  • Jannetje Vredenburg b. 13 Mar 1728
  • Isaac Vredenburg b. 13 Dec 1730

Lydia Vredenburg

F, b. 25 October 1743
FatherArie Vredenburg b. c 1709
MotherSara Rosekrans b. 4 Feb 1711
     Lydia Vredenburg died Y young. She was baptized on 25 October 1743.

William Isaacszen Vredenburg

     William Isaacszen Vredenburg married Appolonia Barent, daughter of Barent Jacobsen Kool and Marretje Leenderts De Grauw, on 16 October 1664.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William Isaacszen Vredenburg and Appolonia Barent

Benjamin Vredenburgh

     Benjamin Vredenburgh married Eve Benson, daughter of Samuel Benson and Rebecca Dykman.

Cornelia Vredenburgh

F, d. 25 June 1785
FatherWilliam Vredenburgh
     Cornelia Vredenburgh married Hermanus Hoffman, son of Martinus Hoffman and Tryntje Benson, on 12 May 1778. Cornelia Vredenburgh died on 25 June 1785.
     Married name: Hoffman.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Cornelia Vredenburgh and Hermanus Hoffman

Lydia Vredenburgh

     Lydia Vredenburgh married Petrus Westbrook, son of Cornelius Westbrook and Antje Roosa.
     Married name: Westbrook.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lydia Vredenburgh and Petrus Westbrook

  • Cornelis Westbrook b. 13 Sep 1761
  • Sarah Westbrook b. 17 Jul 1763
  • Blandina Westbrook b. 18 Aug 1765
  • Benjamin Westbrook b. 5 Jul 1773
  • Lydia Westbrook b. 28 Aug 1780

Nicholas Vredenburgh

     Nicholas Vredenburgh married Mary DeVoo, daughter of Daniel DeVoo III and Sarah Mapes.

William Vredenburgh

     William Vredenburgh married Willemente.

Child of William Vredenburgh and Willemente


?, b. 19 September 1754, d. 19 September 1754
FatherJoris E Vreeland b. 25 Sep 1710, d. 21 Jun 1795
MotherAnnetje Gerritse Van Wagenen b. 1714, d. 28 Feb 1782
     Vreeland died on 19 September 1754 at Bergen, NJ. Vreeland was born on 19 September 1754.


?, b. 19 August 1786
FatherAbraham Vreeland b. 31 Oct 1756, d. c 2 Aug 1844
MotherJannitje Ferver d. c 19 May 1845
     Vreeland was born on 19 August 1786 at Pompton Plains, Morris County, NJ. Vreeland was christened on 24 September 1786 at Pompton Plains, Morris County, NJ.


?, b. 1673, d. 29 October 1673
FatherHartman Michielsen Vreeland b. 1 Oct 1651, d. 18 Jan 1707
MotherMaritje Braecke b. 6 Oct 1652, d. c 1724
     Vreeland was born in 1673. Vreeland died on 29 October 1673.


?, b. 1689
FatherHartman Michielsen Vreeland b. 1 Oct 1651, d. 18 Jan 1707
MotherMaritje Braecke b. 6 Oct 1652, d. c 1724
     Vreeland was born in 1689. Vreeland was buried on 31 March 1690.


F, b. 8 March 1683, d. 8 March 1683
FatherJohannes Michielsen Vreeland b. 1 Oct 1656, d. 26 Jun 1713
MotherClaesje Dirckse Braecke b. 7 Mar 1658/59, d. 1713
     Vreeland died on 8 March 1683. She was born on 8 March 1683.
     Her sex determined from the note under Johannis.