Peter Thorp

M, b. 1 June 1759, d. 2 October 1823
FatherJohn Tharp b. 1720
     Peter Thorp was born on 1 June 1759 at Bottle Hill, Madison, NJ. He died on 2 October 1823 at 14 Clarke Street, New York City, NY, at age 64.
     Peter Thorp (Tharp in his pension papers) was b. 1 June 1759 at Bottle Hill (now Madison), N.J., son of John Tharp of Rahway, N.J., and his wife Margaret Elizabeth Frezier. He d. 2 Oct. 1823 at 14 Clarke St., New York City. On 16 Aug. 1785 he married (Elder Abingdon, Baptist minister at Platekill, Ulster Co., N.Y., officiating) Jemima Turnere b. 20 May 1764, dau. of Edmund and Hannah (Brouwer) Turnere of Newburgh, N.Y. Jemima d. 1841 in New York City.

Peter and Jemima lived in Marlborough town for about 5 years; from 1790 to 1809 at Newburgh, N.Y., where they were members of the Old School Baptist Church; and in New York City, where he taught school on Hudson St. for years and where "our beloved sister Jemima Thorp" was a member (6 Oct. 1838) of the North Beriah Baptist Church.

Peter enlisted during the Revolutionary War on 20 Jan. 1777 in the 3rd Regiment, New Jersey Line, and was in active service for about 2 years. He applied for a pension 1 Apr. 1818 at Essex Co., N.J., and received $8 per month. His application stated that he had received badges of merit but that he had had the misfortune to lose the papers. On 13 July '1820 he wrote the Pension Board from Newark, N.J., reciting that he was a resident of Rahway, N.J; was 61 years old the 11th of June last; and that for 25 years he had been sorely afflicted with rheumatism and sciatica; that he formerly taught school but by reason of weak eyes had been obliged to quit sometime in the summer of 1818, after which he undertook to mend shoes for his neighbors but could not follow it; that his wife Jemima was a cripple, occasioned by a fall from a horse bv which she broke her collar bone and dislocated her right shoulder and wrist; that she often got some kind neighbor to wash for her, as she was not able to do much work herself; that they had, for many years before he drew a pension, been helped by public but chiefly by private charity, but with his pension he rents a small tenement for $20 per annum; tends a garden, and by using strict economy they lived in a degree comfortable, but should his pension be stopped they should inevitably fall victims to public charity. Accompanying this statement was an inventory of his personal possessions with a total value estimated to be about $50. A few of the items listed follow: 1 gum table; 1 cherry stand; 1 school desk and stool; 1 common carpet wove by my son-in-law and by him given to my wife; 14 old chairs; 1 small
Bible given me by the Female Bible Society before I obtained the pension; lasts and tools for mending shoes; small grind stone; churn; various pots, kettles, griddles, etc; washing machine; pine wash tub; pepper mill; earthen pots; 3 pewter plates; 2 earthen plates; 12 tea cups and saucers; various jugs, spoons, etc; 1 psalm and prayer book; 1 sermon book; 1 book on navigation; 1 book on Arithmetic; 1 small dictionary; 1 Clark's magazine; Pope's Essay on Man; the 21st vol. of Manor's Treatise; the 1st vol. of the Guardian of Youth; in numbers; 8 fowls with about 30 chickens; spectacles and iron
case; 1 snuff and tobacco box; 1 sun glass; 1 slate and pencil; 1 red morocco pocketbook; and many other articles of a like nature, meticulously listed down to the last 2 lin cups.

On 28 Dec. 1838 Jemima Tharp (her mark) appeared before Marine Court of the City of New York in order to obtain benefit of the provisions of the Act of 7 July 1838 entitled "An Act of Congress granting half pay and pensions to certain widows". She supplied the date of her marriage and the date of her husband's death. Henry C. Thorp of New York, N.Y., on the same day introduced a leaf from the family Bible of Peter Tharp, deceased, which leaf gave the names and birth dates of each of the 10 children of Peter and Jemima.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Peter Thorp

Philip Thorp

M, b. 20 February 1822, d. 31 March 1896
FatherJohn Thorp b. 27 Mar 1788, d. 26 Jun 1868
MotherMaria Lent b. 10 Feb 1790, d. a 1832
     Philip Thorp was born on 20 February 1822 at Cortlandtown, Westchester County, NY. He died on 31 March 1896 at age 74.

Raymond Thorp

M, b. 1884
FatherWillard Gardner Thorp b. 18 Apr 1860, d. 31 Jul 1944
MotherElla Mary Harris b. c 1854
     Raymond Thorp was born in 1884 at Pennsylvania.

Stephen Thorp

M, b. 22 April 1818, d. 27 August 1883
FatherJohn Thorp b. 27 Mar 1788, d. 26 Jun 1868
MotherMaria Lent b. 10 Feb 1790, d. a 1832
     Stephen Thorp was born on 22 April 1818 at Cortlandtown, Westchester County, NY. He died on 27 August 1883 at age 65.

W. Harris Thorp

M, b. circa 1889
FatherWillard Gardner Thorp b. 18 Apr 1860, d. 31 Jul 1944
MotherElla Mary Harris b. c 1854
     W. Harris Thorp was born circa 1889 at Minnesota.

Willard Gardner Thorp

M, b. 18 April 1860, d. 31 July 1944
FatherWilliam J Thorp b. 3 Jun 1832, d. 15 Jun 1913
     Willard Gardner Thorp was born on 18 April 1860 at New York. He married Ella Mary Harris on 18 October 1882 at Willamana, PA. Willard Gardner Thorp married Eldora P Kramer on 6 January 1912 at St. Paul, MN. Willard Gardner Thorp died on 31 July 1944 at Los Angeles, CA, at age 84.
     Marriages are unconfirmed, taken from online source in Ancestry by Gerry Coulson, with no source citations.

Based on birthplaces of children and marriages in census, lived in Pennsylvania, Minnesota (working as a Blacksmith in St. Paul 1890-91), San Bernardino and Los Angeles, CA.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Willard Gardner Thorp and Ella Mary Harris

William J Thorp

M, b. 3 June 1832, d. 15 June 1913
FatherJohn Thorp b. 27 Mar 1788, d. 26 Jun 1868
MotherMaria Lent b. 10 Feb 1790, d. a 1832
     William J Thorp was born on 3 June 1832 at Spencer, Tioga County, NY. He died on 15 June 1913 at New York at age 81.
     William was a Baptist minister, and is described as the only child who remained close to his father after his move to New Jersey. William is listed in 1872 as the minister of Ebenezer Baptist Church, 154 West 36th Street, New York, receiving a salary of $800/year. He also presided over the two weddings of his sister-in-law, Helen Blauvelt according to the Blauvelt Genealogy.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William J Thorp

John H Thorton

M, b. 1844, d. August 1896
     John H Thorton was born in 1844. He died in August 1896. He was buried at NY Cemetery (Maple Grove), Hackensack, NJ, (Plot 338-A).
     He was a veteran of the Civil War.

Rachel Thorton

     Rachel Thorton married Jacob Ten Eyck on 16 April 1760 at Orange County, NY.
     Married name: Ten Eyck.

Child of Rachel Thorton and Jacob Ten Eyck

Eliza Throckmorton

     Eliza Throckmorton married Joshua Warne.
     Married name: Warne.

Child of Eliza Throckmorton and Joshua Warne

John Throckmorton

M, b. between 1640 and 1650, d. summer 1690
FatherJohn Throckmorton b. c 1600, d. bet 17 Mar 25 Apr 1783/4
     John Throckmorton died summer 1690 at Garrets Hill, Middletown, Monmouth, MA. He was born between 1640 and 1650 at Salem, MA, (probably). He married Alice Stout, daughter of Richard Stout and Penelope Van Princis, on 12 December 1670.

Child of John Throckmorton and Alice Stout

John Throckmorton

M, b. circa 1600, d. bet 17 Mar 25 Apr 1783/4
     John Throckmorton died bet 17 Mar 25 Apr 1783/4 at Middletown, Monmouth, NJ. He married Rebecca. John Throckmorton was born circa 1600 probably in England.

Child of John Throckmorton and Rebecca

Sarah Throckmorton

F, d. after 1728
FatherJohn Throckmorton b. bt 1640 - 1650, d. summer 1690
MotherAlice Stout b. c 1652, d. a 1704
     Sarah Throckmorton married Moses Lippet on 8 December 1697. Sarah Throckmorton died after 1728 at Middletown, Monmouth, NJ.
     Married name: Lippet.

Child of Sarah Throckmorton and Moses Lippet

Thomas Throckmorton

     Thomas Throckmorton married Miriam Drake.


     Thrux married Catnalyna Berry, daughter of Samuel Berry and Susanna Courter.

David Thurston

     David Thurston married Sarah Fairbanks, daughter of Jonathan Fairbanks and Deborah Shepherd.

Eleazer Thurston

     Eleazer Thurston married Sarah.

Child of Eleazer Thurston and Sarah

Elizabeth Thurston

F, b. circa 1830, d. 24 October 1869
FatherEleazer Thurston
     Elizabeth Thurston married George Burch. Elizabeth Thurston was born circa 1830 at Michigan. She died on 24 October 1869 at Davison, Genesee County, MI.
     Married name: Burch.

Child of Elizabeth Thurston and George Burch

Helen Winston Thurston

F, b. 1906, d. February 1955
FatherJames S. Thurston
     Helen Winston Thurston was born in 1906. She married John Blackstock Hawley Jr., son of John Blackstock Hawley and Sue Anna Terrell, on 3 November 1925. Helen Winston Thurston died in February 1955.
     Married name: Hawley.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Helen Winston Thurston and John Blackstock Hawley Jr.

James Thurston

M, b. 1909, d. 1971
     James Thurston married Thelma Ward, daughter of Frank Ward and Rena VanStone. James Thurston was born in 1909. He died in 1971.

James S. Thurston


Child of James S. Thurston

John Thurston

     John Thurston married Martha Shorey, daughter of Samuel Shorey Sr and Martha Hooper, on 9 April 1767 at Berwick, ME.

Lewis Edgar Thurston

     Lewis Edgar Thurston married Bernice Christine Shuart, daughter of Howard David Shuart and Bonnie Bernice Zukowski.

Nettie Thurston

F, b. 3 April 1861
     Nettie Thurston was born on 3 April 1861 at Garden City, MN. She married Edward Tyler Edgerly, son of John Woods Edgerly and Maria Louisa Chambers, on 5 February 1891.
     Married name: Edgerly.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Nettie Thurston and Edward Tyler Edgerly

Hezekiah Tibbets

     Hezekiah Tibbets married Mary Edgerly, daughter of Daniel Edgerly and Abigail Deland.


     Tibby married Rachel Vreeland, daughter of Catharine Vreeland.

Andries Tibout

M, b. circa 1668, d. before 8 September 1705
     Andries Tibout was born circa 1668. He married Maritie Garrison circa 1690. Andries Tibout died before 8 September 1705.
     Name variation: Andries Jansz Tiebout. Name variation: Andrew Tarbot.

Andries Tibout

     Andries Tibout married Susanne Aliee, daughter of Jean Aliee and Susanna Le Roux.

Jacomyntie Tibout

F, b. 4 June 1666
FatherJan Tibout
     Jacomyntie Tibout was born at Breuckelen. She was baptized on 4 June 1666 at Dutch Reformed Church, New York City, NY. She married Reyer Michielsen, son of Michael Bastiaensen, on 15 April 1686 at New Haerlem.
     Married name: Michielsen.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jacomyntie Tibout and Reyer Michielsen

Abram Tice

M, d. 2 May 1837
     Abram Tice was born at New York. He married Willempje Johnson, daughter of Abraham Jansen and Maria Van Houten, on 22 August 1822 at Kakiat/Brick Church, West New Hempstead, Rockland County, NY. Abram Tice died on 2 May 1837 Died on or shortly before 2 May 1837, place unknown Note- He drowned and it may have been in the Hudson River as he worked in Manhattan and drownings crossing the Hudson were common in those days.
     Name variation: Abram Tyson.

Child of Abram Tice and Willempje Johnson