Hendrick Tice

     Hendrick Tice married Fitje Vreeland, daughter of Dirk Vreeland and Neefsje Neefsjes.

Child of Hendrick Tice and Fitje Vreeland

Herman Ackerman Tice

     Herman Ackerman Tice married Charity Terwilleger, daughter of Abraham Terwilleger and Catharine Jane Quackenbush.

John Tice

M, b. 1795, d. 1853
FatherHendrick Tice
MotherFitje Vreeland b. 17 Aug 1752
     John Tice married Margaret Lines. John Tice was born in 1795. He died in 1853.

John Tice

     John Tice married Catharine Van Tassel, daughter of Abraham Van Tassel and Cornelia.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Tice and Catharine Van Tassel

  • Rebecca Tice
  • Elizabeth Tice b. 18 Jan 1848

John P Tice

M, b. 1850, d. 1901
     John P Tice was born in 1850. He died in 1901. He was buried at NY Cemetery (Maple Grove), Hackensack, NJ, (Plot 61-A).
     He was a veteran of the Civil War.

Lena Tice

     Lena Tice married George Ryerson, son of John G Ryerson and Neeltje Vreeland.
     Married name: Ryerson. Name variation: Magdalena Tysen.

Child of Lena Tice and George Ryerson

Lida Tice

     Lida Tice married Enzley Clayton, son of Corlies Clayton and Sarah Margaret Irons.
     Married name: Clayton.

Moses B. Tice

M, b. 1835, d. 1912
     Moses B. Tice was born in 1835. He married Sophia Ann Drake, daughter of Daniel D. Drake and Sarah (Sally) Ann Crawford, on 4 November 1857. Moses B. Tice died in 1912. He was buried on 17 December 1912 at Hillside, Union County, NJ.
     Moses fought for the Grand Army of the Republic (Union Army) during theCivil War. He was a member of Company A of the 179th Ohio Infantry according to his foot marker in Evergreen Cemetery.

Child of Moses B. Tice and Sophia Ann Drake

Naatje Tice

     Naatje Tice married Abraham Lein III, son of John Lein I and Elenor, on 4 February 1797.
     Married name: Lein.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Naatje Tice and Abraham Lein III

  • Sarah Lein b. 8 Nov 1797
  • John Lein IV b. 4 Feb 1799

Raymond Tice

M, b. 1881, d. 23 July 1883
FatherMoses B. Tice b. 1835, d. 1912
MotherSophia Ann Drake b. 19 Feb 1841, d. 1916
     Raymond Tice was buried at Hillside, Union County, NJ. He was born in 1881. He died on 23 July 1883.



Children (not necessarily in order) of Tichenor

Isaac S. Tichenor

M, b. 1832, d. circa 16 August 1898
     Isaac S. Tichenor was buried at Arlington, VA. He was born in 1832. He married Mary DeForest Hawley, daughter of Joel Edwin Hawley and Miranda Orcelia Phillips, on 3 July 1860 at Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY. Isaac S. Tichenor died circa 16 August 1898 at Washington, DC.
     Isaac's obituary read as follows:
A LIFE FULL OF PURPOSE - Death of Colonel Isaac S. Tichenor After Long Illness; A Gallant Soldier and Former Auditor of the District -- Widely Esteemed and Popular.
'A well-rounded and successful career was closed last night, when deathclaimed Col. Isaac S. Tichenor, formerly Auditor of the District of Columbia, and for many years prominent and popular in the national capital.
Col. Tichenor had been in poor health for several years. A few weeks ago his malady took a more severe turn, and resulted as stated.
He was a native of Trumansburg, NY, where he was born 69 years ago. When the war broke out, he enlisted in 1861 in the 105th, NY Volunteers, and was made a Captain a year later for distinguished gallantry at Bull Run. His heorism at Chantilly made him a Lt. Colonel, and he was made a Colonel in December, 1862, for brilliant services at Fredericksburg.
When the war closed, Col. Tichenor was given an appointment in the office of the third auditor of the Treasury, where he remained many years as chief of one of the most important divisions. In 1872, he was sent to London as one of the Treasury Department messengers in charge of United States bonds, which had been purchased by a London syndicate headed by the Rothschilds.
While still employed in the Treasury, he was proffered, in 1882, and accepted, the position of Auditor and Controller of the District ofColumbia, and retained it until the 1st term of President Cleveland. During his incumbency, the title of the office was changed to that of Auditor of the District. He made many admirable changes and inaugurated the system of keeping the municipal accounts now in use. The Special Comittee of the House of Representatives, appointed to investigate the records of the District, warmly recommended Auditor Tichenor in its report.
Since retiring from the auditorship, Col. Tichenor devoted himself to his private affairs. He was a man of great energy and attractive personality, and enjoyed wide esteem. He was a member of Bunside Post,#8, GAR, and of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, and was prominent in Masonic circles, being a representative of the Grand Lodge of the District; of Harmony Lodge, #17 of Columbia Commandery, Knights Templar,and honorary member of two lodges in England.
He was a graduate of the class of '92 of the law department of the National University, and vice president of the alumni association of the District. Col. Tichenor had resided many years at 1311 M Street, NW,where his death occurred. He leaves a widow and one son, George H. Tichenor, a contractor of this city.
The interment of Col. Tichenor's remains will be made in Arlington Cemetery, but the arrangements have not yet been completed.'
(Taken from a write-up collected in the Hawley Family Files. andthe obiturary from Washington, D.C..(1) Washinton Star, 16 Aug 1898 and Washington Times, 16 Aug 1898.). Name variation: Col.

Child of Isaac S. Tichenor and Mary DeForest Hawley

  • George H. Tichenor

James Tichenor

     James Tichenor married Mary Vreeland, daughter of James Vreeland and Jane Beam, at Greenwood Lake.

Elizabeth S Tichner

F, d. 1948
     Elizabeth S Tichner married Albert H King, son of Albert King and Ilgretta Virginia Smith. Elizabeth S Tichner was born at Brooklyn, NY. She died in 1948.
     Married name: King.

Abigail Tidd

F, d. 21 September 1768
     Abigail Tidd married Samuel Thompson, son of Samuel Thompson and Ruth Wright, on 15 May 1753. Abigail Tidd died on 21 September 1768.
     Married name: Thompson.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abigail Tidd and Samuel Thompson

Elizabeth Tidd

FatherJohn Tidd b. 1618, d. 24 Apr 1657
MotherMargaret d. 1651
     Elizabeth Tidd married Thomas Fuller on 13 June 1643.
     Married name: Fuller.

John Tidd

M, b. 1618, d. 24 April 1657
     John Tidd married Margaret. John Tidd was born in 1618. He married Alice before 1657. John Tidd died on 24 April 1657.
     John sailed from Yarmouth, England 12 May 1637 as the servant of Samuel Greenfield of Norwich. He lived in Charleston and Woburn, MA.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Tidd and Margaret

John Tidd

FatherJohn Tidd b. 1618, d. 24 Apr 1657
MotherMargaret d. 1651
     John Tidd was born at England. He married Rebecca Wood on 14 April 1650.

John Tidd Jr.

     John Tidd Jr. married Rebekah Wood.

Child of John Tidd Jr. and Rebekah Wood

Mary Tidd

F, d. 1705
FatherJohn Tidd b. 1618, d. 24 Apr 1657
MotherMargaret d. 1651
     Mary Tidd was born at England. She married Francis Kendall, son of John? Kendall, on 24 December 1644 at Woburn, MA. Mary Tidd died in 1705 at Woburn, MA.
     Married name: Kendall. Name variation: Mary Todd.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Tidd and Francis Kendall

Rebecca Tidd

FatherJohn Tidd Jr.
MotherRebekah Wood
     Rebecca Tidd married Thomas Blodgett, son of Samuel Blodgett and Ruth Eggleton, on 11 November 1685.
     Married name: Blodgett.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rebecca Tidd and Thomas Blodgett

  • Thomas Blodgett b. 5 Aug 1686
  • Blodgett b. c 1687, d. 13 Apr 1688
  • Rebecca Blodgett b. 5 Jun 1689
  • Ruth Blodgett b. 14 Oct 1694
  • Joseph Blodgett b. 17 Sep 1696
  • Abigail Blodgett b. 7 Nov 1698
  • Samuel Blodgett b. 17 Jun 1702

Susan Tidd

     Susan Tidd married Elias DeWitt. Susan Tidd was born at Downsville, Delaware County, NY.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Child of Susan Tidd and Elias DeWitt

Irene Tidenberg

F, b. 4 May 1897, d. 10 October 1929
     Irene Tidenberg was born on 4 May 1897 at Jonesboro, PA. She married Charles Leo Armstrong, son of James Lee Armstrong and Effie Mae Lucas, on 12 October 1925 at Amarillo, TX. Irene Tidenberg died on 10 October 1929 at Fresno, CA, at age 32.
     Married name: Armstrong.

Child of Irene Tidenberg and Charles Leo Armstrong

Elizabeth Tiebout

     Elizabeth Tiebout married Johannes Chavelier, son of Pieter Chavelier and Cornelia Bosch.
     Married name: Chavelier.

Child of Elizabeth Tiebout and Johannes Chavelier

George Tiebout

     George Tiebout married Margaret Calyer, daughter of Peter Calyer and Margaret Debevoise, between 1790 and 1791.

Jan Tiebout

     Jan Tiebout married Sarah VanderVlucht.
     Jan was a French Huguenot who settled in New Amsterdam in 1656 or earlier.

Child of Jan Tiebout and Sarah VanderVlucht

Margrietje Tiebout

F, b. 25 August 1700, d. after 20 May 1750
FatherTeunis Tiebout
MotherMaryken Van DeWater
     Margrietje Tiebout was baptized on 25 August 1700. Marriage banns for Margrietje Tiebout and Hans Joralemon were published on 26 February 1722. Margrietje Tiebout married Hans Joralemon, son of Jacobus Janse Joralemon and Pieterje Claes, on 6 March 1722 at Dutch Reformed Church, New York City, NY. Margrietje Tiebout died after 20 May 1750.
     Married name: Joralemon. Name variation: Margarita Tiebout.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Margrietje Tiebout and Hans Joralemon

Teunis Tiebout

FatherJan Tiebout
MotherSarah VanderVlucht
     Teunis Tiebout married Maryken Van DeWater.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Teunis Tiebout and Maryken Van DeWater

  • Sara Tiebout b. 13 Mar 1692
  • Hendrick Tiebout b. 7 Mar 1694
  • Johannes Tiebout b. 5 Feb 1696
  • Margarita Tiebout b. 26 Feb 1699
  • Margrietje Tiebout+ b. 25 Aug 1700, d. a 20 May 1750
  • Marytie Tiebout b. 10 Nov 1703
  • Theunis Tiebout b. 23 Sep 1705
  • Albertus Tiebout b. 13 May 1708

Susan Tier

     Susan Tier married George Washington Varian, son of Richard Varian and Susanna Gardenier, on 27 April 1797.
     Married name: Varian.

Pieter Tierckje

     Pieter Tierckje married Hendrickje Van Sutphen, daughter of Derrick Janse Van Sutphen and Elizabeth Janse Van Nuys.
     Name variation: Pieter Turckse.