Martha Sophia Pickering

F, b. 1854, d. 1868
FatherFrank Tuscan Pickering b. 3 Jan 1816, d. 10 Dec 1885
MotherSophia Eleanora Gertrude DeWit b. bt 12 Jun 1819 - 1820, d. 29 Jan 1892
     Martha Sophia Pickering was born in 1854. She died in 1868.

Mary Susette Pickering

F, b. 12 June 1857
FatherFrank Tuscan Pickering b. 3 Jan 1816, d. 10 Dec 1885
MotherSophia Eleanora Gertrude DeWit b. bt 12 Jun 1819 - 1820, d. 29 Jan 1892
     Mary Susette Pickering married Jackson M Hoyt at Newington, NH. Mary Susette Pickering was born on 12 June 1857.
     Married name: Hoyt.

Thomas Pickering

     Thomas Pickering married Martha Brackett.

Child of Thomas Pickering and Martha Brackett

Abigail Pickett

     Abigail Pickett married Samuel Benedict.
     Married name: Benedict.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Abigail Pickett and Samuel Benedict

John Pickett

     John Pickett married Joyce Allen, daughter of Edward Allen and Hazel Bates.


     Rebecca PICKETT married James St. John, son of Matthias St. John, in 1672/73.
     Married name: St. John.

Child of Rebecca PICKETT and James St. John

Ann Pickle

     Ann Pickle married Charles Pierson.
     Married name: Pierson.

Child of Ann Pickle and Charles Pierson

Jonas Pickles

M, d. between May 1662 and 1666
     Jonas Pickles married Alice Hatch, daughter of Thomas Hatch, on 23 December 1657 at Scituate, MA. Jonas Pickles died between May 1662 and 1666 at Scituate?, MA.

Child of Jonas Pickles and Alice Hatch

Lydia Pickles

F, b. 10 April 1662, d. after 1706
FatherJonas Pickles d. bt May 1662 - 1666
MotherAlice Hatch d. a 22 May 1669
     Lydia Pickles married Thomas Roose between December 1655 and 1666 at Scituate, MA. Lydia Pickles was born on 10 April 1662 at Scituate, MA. She married Samuel Stetson, son of Robert Stetson and Honour Tucker, circa 1678 (married possibly in Scituate, MA.). Lydia Pickles died after 1706 died possibly Scituate, MA. d.r. not found Scituate or Hanover, MA.
     Married name: Roose. Married name: Stetson.

Child of Lydia Pickles and Samuel Stetson

Amey Pickring

     Amey Pickring married Oliver Perry, son of Oliver Perry and Elizabeth Smith, on 8 October 1780.
     Married name: Perry.

Anna Fredericka Pieper

     Anna Fredericka Pieper married William Heidgerd.
     Married name: Heidgerd.

Child of Anna Fredericka Pieper and William Heidgerd

Cornelius Pier

     Cornelius Pier married Anne Vreeland, daughter of Johannis E Vreeland and Antje Van Blercum, on 14 August 1785.

Daniel Pier

     Daniel Pier married Elizabeth Vreeland, daughter of Jacob Vreeland and Catherine, on 20 August 1795 at First Reformed Church, Pompton Plains, NJ, (First Reformed Church of Pompton Plains records).

Jacob Pier

     Jacob Pier married Pryntje Vreeland, daughter of Enoch C Vreeland and Lea Van Winkle, on 20 November 1803.

Jan Pier

     Jan Pier married Geestje Pieterzen, daughter of Pieter Pieterzen and Tryntje.

Johannis Pier

     Johannis Pier married Lena Vreeland, daughter of Johannis E Vreeland and Antje Van Blercum, on 31 December 1782 at (Acq.).

Magladen Pier

     Magladen Pier married Roelf Vreeland, son of Johannis Vreeland and Annetje Spier.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Nieltye Pier

     Nieltye Pier married Jacob Doremus, son of Cornelius Doremus and Sara Ryerse.
     Married name: Doremus.

Child of Nieltye Pier and Jacob Doremus

Rachel Pier

FatherTunis Pier
     Rachel Pier married Daniel Vreeland, son of Johannes Vreeland and Metje Jurraense Van Riper.
     Married name: Vreeland. Rachel Pier lived in 1812 at Pequannock, NJ.
See will of Tunis Pier, Abst. of Wills vol. 9, page 285.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachel Pier and Daniel Vreeland

Rachel Pier

F, b. 8 November 1691, d. 7 April 1748
MotherCatrina T Cadmus b. 1662, d. 1748
     Rachel Pier married Hendrick Spier, son of Johannes Spier and Maritje Franse. Rachel Pier was born on 8 November 1691 at Newark, Essex County, NJ. She died on 7 April 1748 at Bergen County, NJ, at age 56.
     Name variation: Rachel Spier.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachel Pier and Hendrick Spier

Tunis Pier

     Tunis Pier married Neeltje Vreeland, daughter of Johannes Vreeland and Metje Jurraense Van Riper.
     Tunis was from Pequannock Twp. Tunis Pier left a will on 21 June 1800.

Tunis Pier

     Tunis Pier left a will. (NJ Abstr Wills Vol. 9, p285).

Child of Tunis Pier


     Pierce married Flora McDonald, daughter of Theodore McDonald and Elizabeth Jones.
     Pierce lived at Mckeesport, PA.


     Pierce married Ann.

Adelbert Mason Pierce

M, b. 27 June 1854, d. 12 January 1915
     Adelbert Mason Pierce was buried at Weedsport, NY. He was born on 27 June 1854. He married Mary Ida Mapes, daughter of James Weisner Mapes and Sarah King, on 8 December 1875. Adelbert Mason Pierce died on 12 January 1915 at age 60.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Adelbert Mason Pierce and Mary Ida Mapes

Charles F Pierce

M, b. 1 April 1901, d. 20 October 1966
FatherEdward M Pierce b. 1845, d. 1907
MotherMatilda Weinman b. 1862, d. 1935
     Charles F Pierce married Katheryne McQueeney, daughter of Daniel H McQueeney and Rosa Annis Taylor. Charles F Pierce was born on 1 April 1901. He died on 20 October 1966 at age 65.

Clarence William Pierce

M, b. 19 November 1877, d. 29 March 1929
FatherAdelbert Mason Pierce b. 27 Jun 1854, d. 12 Jan 1915
MotherMary Ida Mapes b. 18 May 1857, d. Apr 1942
     Clarence William Pierce was born on 19 November 1877. He married Elizabeth Comerford on 1 May 1901. Clarence William Pierce married Margaret L Dingman on 21 September 1912. Clarence William Pierce died on 29 March 1929 at age 51.

Edward M Pierce

M, b. 1845, d. 1907
FatherHorace W Pierce
     Edward M Pierce married Matilda Weinman, daughter of Jacob Weinman and Catherine Muller. Edward M Pierce was born in 1845. He died in 1907.

Child of Edward M Pierce and Matilda Weinman

Elizabeth Pierce

     Elizabeth Pierce married Isaac Mixer, son of Isaac Mixer and Rebeckah Garfield, in 1684.
     Married name: Mixer.

Eva Pierce

     Eva Pierce and Frank VanStone were divorced. Eva Pierce married Frank VanStone, son of William T VanStone Jr. and Margaret Wilson.
     Married name: VanStone.