Gerald Wakefield

     Gerald Wakefield married Gail Pope, daughter of Clive Arden Pope Jr. and Vivian Evelyn Harper.

Edward Wakeham

     Edward Wakeham married Sarah Meuler(sp?).

Child of Edward Wakeham and Sarah Meuler(sp?)

Elizabeth Wakeham

F, b. 11 October 1719, d. 1 August 1774
FatherEdward Wakeham
MotherSarah Meuler(sp?)
     Elizabeth Wakeham was baptized on 11 October 1719. She married John Edgerly, son of Samuel Edgerly and Elizabeth Tuttle, in 1730. Elizabeth Wakeham died on 1 August 1774 at age 54.
     Married name: Edgerly.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Wakeham and John Edgerly

Mary Wakeham

     Mary Wakeham married John Kent.
     Married name: Kent.

Child of Mary Wakeham and John Kent

Bertha M Walcott

     Bertha M Walcott married Charles Hamilton Slocomb, son of Edward Melendy Slocumb, on 25 June 1910.
     Bertha M Walcott was a Professor of Music at Smith College and Chapen School. She was also the organist at All Souls Unitarian Church, Greenfield.
There were no children. Married name: Slocomb.

Debra Waldeck

     Married name: Reed.

Carol Walder

     Carol Walder married Robert Storms, son of Robert Storms and Mae Stewart.
     Married name: Storms.

Chloe Waldo widow

F, d. 30 April 1882
     Chloe Waldo widow married Caleb Lincoln, son of Caleb Lincoln and Martha Hobart, on 16 October 1825. Chloe Waldo widow died on 30 April 1882 at Union City, Branch County, MI.
     Married name: Lincoln.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Chloe Waldo widow and Caleb Lincoln

Nathan Waldo

     Nathan Waldo married Maria Devoe, daughter of John Devoe and Rachel DeWitt.
     They had one child who dies as an infant.

Abraham Waldron

M, b. 7 May 1805
FatherCornelius Waldron
MotherJannetie Van Wie
     Abraham Waldron married Elizabeth Groesbeck, daughter of Cornelius Groesbeck and Catharine Bradt. Abraham Waldron was born on 7 May 1805. He married Elenor Van dekar, daughter of John Van dekar and Mary DeWitt, on 23 September 1838.

Anneke Waldron

     Anneke Waldron married John Delamater.
     Married name: Delamater.

Child of Anneke Waldron and John Delamater

Annetje Waldron

F, b. 1657
FatherJoseph Waldron d. 1686/87
MotherAnnetje Daniels
     Annetje Waldron was born in 1657. She married John de la Montagne, son of Jan de la Montagne and Pieternella Pikes, on 4 September 1678.
     Married name: de la Montagne.

Child of Annetje Waldron and John de la Montagne

Barent Waldron

M, b. 6 November 1720, d. before 1760
FatherJohannes Waldron b. 7 Aug 1692
MotherSusannah Delamater
     Barent Waldron married Lena?? Gardenier, daughter of Jacob Gardenier and Sarah Van Woert. Barent Waldron was born on 6 November 1720. He married Lena Gardenier, daughter of Albert Gardenier and Rachel Davids, on 9 June 1744. Barent Waldron died before 1760.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Barent Waldron and Lena Gardenier

Barent Waldron

M, b. circa 1655, d. after 1740
FatherResolved Waldron b. 10 May 1610 (1616?), d. c 17 May 1690
MotherTanneke Nagel b. c 1624
     Barent Waldron was born circa 1655 at New Amsterdam. He married Jannetje Jans Meynderts, daughter of Jan Meyndertsen and Bellitje Plettenborg, on 25 September 1687. Barent Waldron died after 1740 at Harlem, NY.

Child of Barent Waldron and Jannetje Jans Meynderts

Catharina Waldron

     Catharina Waldron married Isaac Boele.
     Married name: Boele.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catharina Waldron and Isaac Boele

  • Catharina Boele b. 2 Sep 1709
  • Sara Boele b. 22 Apr 1711

Catharine Waldron

     Catharine Waldron married Lewis Hardenbergh, son of Johannes Hardenbergh and Maria Dubois, on 20 September 1753.
     Married name: Hardenbergh. Name variation: Cornelia Waldron.

Catharine Waldron

F, b. circa 1729
FatherJohannes Waldron b. 7 Aug 1692
MotherSusannah Delamater
     Catharine Waldron married Reynier Quackenbush, son of Jacob Quackenbush and Ann Elizabeth Brouwer. Catharine Waldron was born circa 1729.
     Married name: Quackenbush.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catharine Waldron and Reynier Quackenbush

Catherine Waldron

F, d. 21 November 1837
     Catherine Waldron married David Godwin, son of Abraham Godwin and Phebe Cool, on 18 March 1791. Catherine Waldron died on 21 November 1837 at New York City, NY.
     Married name: Godwin.

Child of Catherine Waldron and David Godwin

Catrintje Waldron

     Catrintje Waldron married Hendrick Jacobse Van Winkle, son of Jacob Jacobse and Grietje Hendricks Hollinge, on 26 May 1726.
     Married name: Van Winkle.

Cordelia Waldron

F, b. 12 January 1811, d. 23 August 1854
FatherJeremiah Waldron
     Cordelia Waldron was born on 12 January 1811 at Farmington, NH. She married Josiah Bartlet Edgerly, son of Josiah Edgerly and Mary Tash, on 3 January 1833. Cordelia Waldron died on 23 August 1854 at age 43.
     Married name: Edgerly.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Cordelia Waldron and Josiah Bartlet Edgerly

Cornelia Waldron

FatherJohannes Waldron
MotherSusanna Delameter
     Cornelia Waldron married Jacob Gardenier, son of Jacob Gardenier and Sarah Van Woert, circa 1737.
     Married name: Gardenier.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Cornelia Waldron and Jacob Gardenier

Cornelius Waldron

     Cornelius Waldron married Jannetie Van Wie.

Child of Cornelius Waldron and Jannetie Van Wie

Daniel Waldron

FatherJoseph Waldron d. 1686/87
MotherAnnetje Daniels
     Daniel Waldron married Sarah Rutgers Van Langendyck, daughter of Rutger Williamszen Van Langendyck and Gysbertje Martins, on 1 October 1673.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Daniel Waldron and Sarah Rutgers Van Langendyck

  • Joseph Waldron b. 29 Jul 1674
  • Judith Waldron b. 22 Dec 1675
  • Rutger Waldron b. 24 Oct 1677
  • Willem Waldron b. 22 Feb 1679
  • Annetie Waldron b. 7 Jul 1680
  • Annetie Waldron b. 19 Nov 1681
  • Sara Waldron b. 5 May 1683
  • Jan Waldron b. 20 Jan 1685
  • Maria Waldron b. 25 Jul 1686

Engeltie Waldron

     Engeltie Waldron married Lawrence Meyer, son of Abraham Meyer and Margaret Mattie Kortright.
     Married name: Meyer.

Jan Waldron

     Jan Waldron married Kornelia Van Houten, daughter of Teunis Rolf Van Houten and Tryntie Claes Kuyper, circa 1713.

Jannetje Waldron

     Jannetje Waldron married Henricus Boele.
     Married name: Boele.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jannetje Waldron and Henricus Boele

  • Jacob Boele b. 5 Apr 1719
  • Annatje Boele b. 27 Nov 1720
  • Abraham Boele b. 14 Oct 1722
  • Hendricus Boele b. 5 Aug 1724
  • Joseph Boele b. 25 Jun 1727
  • Catryntje Boele b. 19 Jul 1730

Jannetje Waldron

F, b. 22 May 1761
FatherBarent Waldron b. 6 Nov 1720, d. b 1760
MotherLena Gardenier b. 1728
     Jannetje Waldron married Cornelius Peterson, son of Andries Peterson and Sara Haldron. Jannetje Waldron was born on 22 May 1761.
     Married name: Peterson.

Child of Jannetje Waldron and Cornelius Peterson

Jannetje Waldron

     Jannetje Waldron married Joachim Gardenier, son of Jacob Gardenier and Sarah Van Woert, circa 1738.
     Married name: Gardenier.

Jeremiah Waldron


Child of Jeremiah Waldron

Johannes Waldron

M, b. 7 August 1692
FatherBarent Waldron b. c 1655, d. a 1740
MotherJannetje Jans Meynderts
     Johannes Waldron died at Philipsburg, Westchester County, NY. He was baptized on 7 August 1692 at Harlem, NY. He married Susannah Delamater, daughter of Isaac Delamater and Cornelia Evarts Van Nebs, on 5 June 1719.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Johannes Waldron and Susannah Delamater