Ernest Wall

     Ernest Wall married Clara VanStone, daughter of George VanStone and Martha Sales.

Mary Ann Wall

F, b. circa 1854
     Mary Ann Wall was born circa 1854 at St. Vincent, Ontario, Canada. She married Alfonzo Berdan, son of Jacob Berdan and Lucinda Hunter, on 17 April 1872 at Episcopalian Methodist Church, Malahide Twp, Ontario, Canada.
     Married name: Berdan.

Child of Mary Ann Wall and Alfonzo Berdan

Vera Wall

F, b. 1908
     Vera Wall married William Lane, son of John Lane and Cornelia Harris. Vera Wall was born in 1908.
     Married name: Lane.


     Wallace married Ann Retan, daughter of Daniel Retan and Sarah.


?, b. 1776, d. 1783
FatherJames Wallace d. 1781
MotherMarguerite Valleau
     Wallace was born in 1776. Wallace died in 1783.


?, b. 1780, d. 1783
FatherJames Wallace d. 1781
MotherMarguerite Valleau
     Wallace was born in 1780. Wallace died in 1783.


?, b. 1780, d. 1783
FatherJames Wallace d. 1781
MotherMarguerite Valleau
     Wallace was born in 1780. Wallace died in 1783.

Alexexina Wallace

F, b. 1828, d. 1866
     Alexexina Wallace was born in 1828. She married Samuel Wilds Evans, son of Edward Evans and Chestnut Taylor, in 1844. Alexexina Wallace died in 1866.
     Married name: Evans.

Child of Alexexina Wallace and Samuel Wilds Evans

Francis D Wallace

     Francis D Wallace married Julia Lounsbury, daughter of Charles Lounsbury and Thomas.

James Wallace

M, d. 1781
     James Wallace married Marguerite Valleau, daughter of Peter Theodorus Valleau and Elizabeth Anthony. James Wallace died in 1781.

Children (not necessarily in order) of James Wallace and Marguerite Valleau

James Wallace

M, b. 1779, d. 1863
FatherJames Wallace d. 1781
MotherMarguerite Valleau
     James Wallace was born in 1779. He died in 1863.

James H. Wallace

     James H. Wallace married Susannah Moores, daughter of Abraham Mooers and Elizabeth Noyes.

John Wallace

     John Wallace married Grietje Van Inwegen, daughter of Gerardus Van Inwegen and Jane De Witt.
     John Wallace lived before 1776 at Deer Park, NY. He and Grietje Van Inwegen were Type: Removed after 1781 at Onondagua?, NY.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Wallace and Grietje Van Inwegen

  • Cornelius Wallace
  • Jane Wallace

John Wallace

M, b. circa 1855
     John Wallace married Mary Bresnahan. John Wallace was born circa 1855 at England.

Child of John Wallace and Mary Bresnahan

Martha Wallace

     Martha Wallace married George Bear (Baer) in May 1856.
     Married name: Bear (Baer).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Martha Wallace and George Bear (Baer)

Nancy Wallace

     Nancy Wallace married Johannes Hardenbergh, son of Jacob Rutze Hardenbergh and Dinah Van Bergh.
     Married name: Hardenbergh.

Ruth Wallace

F, b. 25 November 1779
FatherThomas Collin Sr. b. c 1748
MotherMary b. c 1749
     Ruth Wallace was born on 25 November 1779 at Castle Sowerby, Cumberlandshire, England.

Thomas Patrick Wallace

M, b. circa 1884, d. 1912
FatherJohn Wallace b. c 1855
MotherMary Bresnahan b. c 1857
     Thomas Patrick Wallace married Beatrice Ulrich, daughter of John J Ulrich and Betty Von Adams. Thomas Patrick Wallace was born circa 1884 at Chicago, Cook County, IL. He died in 1912 at Syracuse, NY.

Child of Thomas Patrick Wallace and Beatrice Ulrich

William Wallace

     William Wallace married Mary Retan, daughter of Daniel Retan and Sarah.

William John Wallace

M, b. 29 January 1910, d. 1973
FatherThomas Patrick Wallace b. c 1884, d. 1912
MotherBeatrice Ulrich b. c 1890
     William John Wallace married Alice Elizabeth Munn, daughter of Matthew Marsh Munn and Agnes Florina DeLisle. William John Wallace was born on 29 January 1910 at Syracuse, NY. He died in 1973 at Saranac Lake, NY.

Lillian Wallach

     Married name: Bataille.

Child of Lillian Wallach

  • David Bataille

Elizabeth (Phebe) Wallen

F, b. 1750
FatherJoseph Wallen
MotherNeeltje Decker b. 1725
     Elizabeth (Phebe) Wallen was born in 1750. She married Jacob Shimer circa 1774.
     Married name: Shimer.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth (Phebe) Wallen and Jacob Shimer

  • Neeltje Shimer b. 1774
  • Lena Shimer b. 1776
  • Hester Shimer+ b. 1780
  • Mary Shimer b. 1781
  • Derick Shimer b. 1783
  • Susannah Shimer b. 1785
  • Abraham Shimer b. 1787
  • Elizabeth Shimer+ b. 1789
  • Jacob Shimer b. 1791
  • Issac Shimer b. 1793
  • Ledy Shimer b. 1795
  • Margaret Shimer b. 1800
  • Joseph Shimer b. c 1801

Joseph Wallen

     Joseph Wallen married Neeltje Decker, daughter of Hendrick Decker and Anna Annatje Titsworth, circa 1749.

Child of Joseph Wallen and Neeltje Decker

Edward Wallenius

     Edward Wallenius married Eila.

Elizabeth Waller

F, b. 1578
FatherJohn Waller d. 1593
MotherElizabeth Bayford
     Elizabeth Waller married Robert Seymour, son of John Seymour and Dyzory Porter. Elizabeth Waller was born in 1578.
     Married name: Seymour.

Child of Elizabeth Waller and Robert Seymour

John Waller

M, d. 1593
     John Waller married Elizabeth Bayford. John Waller died in 1593.

Child of John Waller and Elizabeth Bayford

John C Walling

M, b. 10 April 1830
     John C Walling was born on 10 April 1830 at Hamburg, Sussex County, NJ. He married an unknown person on 22 October 1851. He married Sarah Durland, daughter of Jonas Durland and Abigail Little, on 21 December 1859. John C Walling married an unknown person on 1 January 1867.
     John moved to Goshen with his father in 1852, and ran a farm of 145 acres; selling dairy products directly to New York City.

Lilly James Walling

     Lilly James Walling married George Mead Smith.
     Married name: Smith.

Child of Lilly James Walling and George Mead Smith

Elmer E Wallis

M, b. 25 January 1911, d. 12 March 1994
     Elmer E Wallis was born on 25 January 1911 at Willamette City, Clackamas, OR. He married Jean Ruth Grove, daughter of Charles Lincoln Grove and Ella Taylor Veldran, on 8 June 1948. Elmer E Wallis died on 12 March 1994 at Woodburn, Marion County, OR, at age 83.

Anne Wallop

FatherRichard Wallop
     Anne Wallop married Henry Hickman LL.D.
     Married name: Hickman.

Child of Anne Wallop and Henry Hickman LL.D.