Ann Marie Williams

F, b. circa 1810
     Ann Marie Williams married John Lambert Townsend. Ann Marie Williams was born circa 1810 at New Jersey.
     Married name: Townsend.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ann Marie Williams and John Lambert Townsend

Anna Williams

F, b. circa 1618, d. 16 February 1657/58
FatherJohn Williams b. c 1600, d. 22 Jun 1694
     Anna Williams was born circa 1618 at England. She married John Barker circa 1638 at Scituate, MA. Anna Williams died on 16 February 1657/58 at Scituate, MA.
     Married name: Barker.

Child of Anna Williams and John Barker

Antie Williams

FatherRobert Williams
MotherMaritje York
     Antie Williams married Cornelis Van Tassel, son of Jacob Van Tassel and Alida Storm, on 26 August 1732.
     Married name: Van Tassel.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Antie Williams and Cornelis Van Tassel

Augusta Williams

     Augusta Williams married James Case.
     Married name: Case.

Child of Augusta Williams and James Case

Bessy Williams

     Bessy Williams married George W Devoe, son of John Devoe and Rachel DeWitt.
     Married name: Devoe.

Carl Daniel Williams

     Carl Daniel Williams married Marian Alma DeWitt, daughter of Charles Howard DeWitt and Zuma Leah Snyder.

Catharine Elizabeth Williams

F, b. 6 February 1846
     Catharine Elizabeth Williams was born on 6 February 1846 at Sparta, Stark County, OH. She married Daniel Webster Poore, son of Alvan Poore and Julia Ann DeWitt, on 15 August 1869.
     Married name: Poore.

Catherine Williams

     Catherine Williams married William Krey.
     Catherine Williams lived at Bronx, NY. Married name: Krey. Name variation: Catherine Wilhelm.

Catherine E Williams

F, b. 30 January 1913, d. 29 October 1983
FatherAlbert Williams b. 6 Mar 1887, d. 1944
MotherElizabeth Ziehl b. 18 Jul 1888, d. 27 May 1955
     Catherine E Williams was born on 30 January 1913. She died on 29 October 1983 at age 70.

Charles F Williams

M, b. 26 April 1878
     Charles F Williams was born on 26 April 1878. He married Anna Mabel Evans, daughter of John D Evans and Bertha Bertholf, on 13 December 1897.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Charles F Williams and Anna Mabel Evans

Charlotte Bishop Williams

FatherW. W. Williams
MotherCharlotte G Ford
     Charlotte Bishop Williams married Frederic Ellsworth Kip, son of Nicholas J Kip and Susan Pinkham Worcester, on 15 October 1884.
     Married name: Kip.

Child of Charlotte Bishop Williams and Frederic Ellsworth Kip

Clara Williams

     Clara Williams married Benjamin Kortright, son of Cornelius Kortright and Catherine Kennedy.
     Married name: Kortright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Clara Williams and Benjamin Kortright

Delphine Heloise Williams

F, b. 21 December 1900
FatherCharles F Williams b. 26 Apr 1878
MotherAnna Mabel Evans b. 4 Feb 1881, d. 10 Jan 1926
     Delphine Heloise Williams was born on 21 December 1900. She married Charles Klein on 14 April 1925.
     Married name: Klein.

Eliza Williams

     Eliza Williams married Thomas Murphy.
     Married name: Murphy.

Child of Eliza Williams and Thomas Murphy

Elizabeth Williams

     Elizabeth Williams married James Vreeland, son of James Vreeland and Susanna Clark.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Williams and James Vreeland

Elizabeth Williams

     Elizabeth Williams married Matthias Hallenbeck.
     Married name: Hallenbeck.

Child of Elizabeth Williams and Matthias Hallenbeck

Elizabeth Williams

FatherJohn Williams b. 20 Mar 1719, d. 3 Jan 1779
MotherElizabeth Tucker b. 25 Jul 1728, d. Dec 1824
     Elizabeth Williams married Vincent Wainwright, son of Daniel Wainwright and Jedidah West.
     Married name: Wainwright.

Child of Elizabeth Williams and Vincent Wainwright

Fred Williams

     Fred Williams died at Brooklyn, NY.
     He lived at Bronx, NY. Name variation: Fred Wilhelm.

Fred O Williams

     Fred O Williams married Effie Vreeland, daughter of John Van Riper Vreeland and Anna Maria Newkirk.

George Williams

     George Williams married Irene Holden, daughter of Franklin Holden and Caroline Davis.
     George and Irene had 6 sons.

Grace Beatrice Williams

F, b. 23 December 1907, d. 1908
FatherCharles F Williams b. 26 Apr 1878
MotherAnna Mabel Evans b. 4 Feb 1881, d. 10 Jan 1926
     Grace Beatrice Williams was born on 23 December 1907. She died in 1908.

Grace Violet Williams

F, b. 8 December 1908
FatherCharles F Williams b. 26 Apr 1878
MotherAnna Mabel Evans b. 4 Feb 1881, d. 10 Jan 1926
     Grace Violet Williams was born on 8 December 1908.
     Married name: Melgiere.

Jennetje Williams

     Jennetje Williams married Jacob Decker, son of Jacob Decker and Marytje Vosburg, circa 1764.
     Married name: Decker.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jennetje Williams and Jacob Decker

John Williams

M, b. circa 1600, d. 22 June 1694
     John Williams was born circa 1600. He married Ann before 1618. John Williams died on 22 June 1694 at Scituate, MA.

Child of John Williams and Ann

John Williams

M, b. 20 March 1719, d. 3 January 1779
     John Williams was born on 20 March 1719. He married Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of James Tucker and Leah White, on 29 December 1742. John Williams died on 3 January 1779 at age 59.

Child of John Williams and Elizabeth Tucker

John A Williams

     John A Williams married Irene Hopper, daughter of Samuel B Hopper and Margaret Jane Carlough.

Jurianse Williams

     Jurianse Williams married Elsje.

Child of Jurianse Williams and Elsje

Kate Williams

F, b. 29 July 1858, d. 6 November 1921
FatherWilliam Williams
MotherJane E Bennett b. 15 Apr 1828
     Kate Williams was born on 29 July 1858. She married Harlan Crandall on 5 December 1881. Kate Williams died on 6 November 1921 at age 63.
     Married name: Crandall.

Child of Kate Williams and Harlan Crandall

Laura Williams

     Laura Williams was born at Cazenovia, NY. She married George W S Phillips, son of George W Phillips M.D. and Abby Caroline, on 9 October 1845 at Cazenovia, NY.
     Married name: Phillips. Laura married George at the age of 24 and they lived at 119 East Buffalo Street (I would guess in Ithaca NY). They were members of the Presbyterian Church. The information for this was found in a newspaper obit, with no date or name of paper, in the Hawley Family Records. Source: Notes found on the Hawley-Phillips families in the basement of Edwin Wesley Vreeland, great grandson of Laura Williams Phillips.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Laura Williams and George W S Phillips

  • Frederick W Phillips
  • Mary W Phillips

Loretta Williams

     Loretta Williams married Henry Neyman.
     Married name: Neyman.