Index to the 1861 Corey-Hopkins Map of Bergen County

Our dedicated volunteers have indexed the names and businesses shown on the Map of Bergen and Passaic Counties, by G.H. Corey, John E. Gillette, and Griffith Morgan Hopkins. The map was published in Philadelphia by G.H. Corey in 1861 and shows the homesteads of thousands of families.

1861 Corey-Hopkins Map-ALL

The Ridgewood Public Library (RPL) has an original Corey-Hopkins map, as well as as set of gridded black and white copies used in the indexing. Or, you can download a copy of the map from the Library of Congress (LOC) and Princeton University Library. (Note that the map at the RPL was less damaged than those in the LOC and Princeton, and has been professionally restored and conserved, but a digital copy of the RPL map was not available.) The map used for the grid and indexing is the Library of Congress' version.

If you are looking for a name that falls very closely to the edge of a grid segment, and you do not find it, check the abutting grid section(s)—as each one of the maps were conserved in slightly different ways and have slight differences around the seams.

Map Indexes

The indexes are correlated to a grid, with each grid quadrant roughly a square mile. (Download Grids, Below)

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Map Grids

Large PDFs, click to view in browser window or right-click to download files. Use these grids in conjunction with the index, above, to locate the square mile referenced on the index entry. (A printed copy of these grids is located at the Bolger Heritage Center at the Ridgewood Public Library.)

View the Master Grid used in Indexing (6.7MB PDF) or (7MB JPG)
View the Master Grid Broken into Multiple Pages (41.7MB PDF)

View the Town and Village Details; Ungridded Map Insets (8.1MB PDF)

The Grid Used in Indexing (Note that smaller towns are NOT on this map but in the "Town and Village Details" PDF, above)

1861 Corey-Hopkins Map of Bergen and Passaic-LOC LARGE DISPLAY GRID