Index of Family Names on the 1912-1913 Bromley Map

This index is based upon the Table of Contents made by Thomas Wicks in 1996. That work itself was based upon a black & white transcription of the original Bromley maps by Howard Rose, the late Historian of New Milford, Bergen County, NJ.

Indexed by Afina Broekman, 2005. Notes on the index:

  • I have re-checked the Rose transcriptions, increased the number of names, and also included businesses. The businesses are filed in the main index. A separate index by type of business is included.
  • Names with Van, Van de, Mac, Mc etc are filed without spaces, regardless how they appear on the map.
  • Names are indexed as they were written in the Rose transcriptions, even if they were obvious or apparent spelling errors.
  • Each name is only included once per map; the numbers refer to the map number and E(astern) or W(estern) portion of Bergen County.
  • The Society CANNOT in general provide information about the individuals mentioned on the maps, we do not have the volunteers to do extensive research. Succinct questions are however welcomed through the Society's Contact Form.

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Eastern Portion, 1912

Western Portion, 1913