Rachael Lena Ridder

F, b. 26 March 1894, d. 31 December 1932
FatherHenry Bernard Ridder b. 18 Nov 1863, d. 18 Jul 1936
MotherLena Westervelt Croker b. 1 May 1866, d. 15 Oct 1921
     Rachael Lena Ridder married Edward Kelly Hanlon. Rachael Lena Ridder was born on 26 March 1894. She died on 31 December 1932 at age 38.
     Married name: Hanlon.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Rachael Lena Ridder and Edward Kelly Hanlon

Richard Ridder

M, b. 25 April 1925, d. 26 April 1925
FatherCharles Henry Ridder b. 11 Jun 1888, d. 10 Oct 1964
MotherAlice Amelia Lytle b. 12 Jul 1891, d. 18 Apr 1941
     Richard Ridder was born on 25 April 1925. He died on 26 April 1925.

Robert Blair Ridder

M, b. 21 July 1919
FatherVictor Frank Ridder b. 4 Apr 1886, d. 14 Jun 1963
MotherMarie Thompson b. 3 Oct 1885, d. 22 Jan 1935
     Robert Blair Ridder married Kathleen Marie Culman. Robert Blair Ridder was born on 21 July 1919.

Rosemary Ridder

F, b. 3 February 1918, d. 3 May 1968
FatherBernard Herman Ridder b. 20 Mar 1883
MotherNell Hickey b. 3 Jun 1890
     Rosemary Ridder married Robert McCoun. Rosemary Ridder married Malcolm D Sanders. Rosemary Ridder was born on 3 February 1918. She died on 3 May 1968 at age 50.
     Married name: Sanders. Married name: McCoun.

Thomas William Ridder

M, b. 30 June 1922
FatherCharles Henry Ridder b. 11 Jun 1888, d. 10 Oct 1964
MotherAlice Amelia Lytle b. 12 Jul 1891, d. 18 Apr 1941
     Thomas William Ridder married Muriel Elizabeth Schlater. Thomas William Ridder was born on 30 June 1922.

Victor Frank Ridder

M, b. 4 April 1886, d. 14 June 1963
FatherHerman Ridder b. 5 Mar 1851, d. 1 Nov 1915
MotherMary C Amend b. 1 Jul 1849, d. 27 Jun 1926
     Victor Frank Ridder married Marie Thompson. Victor Frank Ridder married Ruth O'Day Boyd. Victor Frank Ridder was born on 4 April 1886. He died on 14 June 1963 at age 77.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Victor Frank Ridder and Marie Thompson

Victor Frank Ridder Jr.

M, b. 15 May 1914, d. 4 July 1922
FatherVictor Frank Ridder b. 4 Apr 1886, d. 14 Jun 1963
MotherMarie Thompson b. 3 Oct 1885, d. 22 Jan 1935
     Victor Frank Ridder Jr. was born on 15 May 1914. He died on 4 July 1922 at age 8.

Victor Lytle Ridder

M, b. 20 April 1917
FatherCharles Henry Ridder b. 11 Jun 1888, d. 10 Oct 1964
MotherAlice Amelia Lytle b. 12 Jul 1891, d. 18 Apr 1941
     Victor Lytle Ridder married Virginia Marie Quinn, daughter of Muriel Nally. Victor Lytle Ridder was born on 20 April 1917.

Child of Victor Lytle Ridder and Virginia Marie Quinn

Walter Thompson Ridder

M, b. 1 April 1917
FatherVictor Frank Ridder b. 4 Apr 1886, d. 14 Jun 1963
MotherMarie Thompson b. 3 Oct 1885, d. 22 Jan 1935
     Walter Thompson Ridder married Mary Stix Wasserman. Walter Thompson Ridder was born on 1 April 1917.

William Frederick Ridder

M, b. 1 May 1868, d. 9 March 1874
FatherHerman Ridder b. 12 Mar 1816, d. 29 Dec 1871
MotherMary Gertrude Thiemann b. 14 Feb 1830, d. 6 Nov 1907
     William Frederick Ridder was born on 1 May 1868. He died on 9 March 1874 at age 5.

William Joseph Ridder

M, b. 20 March 1888, d. June 1895
FatherHerman Ridder b. 5 Mar 1851, d. 1 Nov 1915
MotherMary C Amend b. 1 Jul 1849, d. 27 Jun 1926
     William Joseph Ridder was born on 20 March 1888. He died in June 1895 at age 7.

Charles Riddle

     Charles Riddle married Olive DeWitt, daughter of Alexander DeWitt and G.J. Krayee.


     Ridenour married Margaret Alyea.

Ann Rider

F, b. 25 May 1796, d. 18 May 1876
     Ann Rider was born on 25 May 1796. She married Jacobus Lake on 2 June 1814. Ann Rider died on 18 May 1876 at age 79.
     Married name: Lake.

Elizabeth Rider

     Elizabeth Rider married Thomas Lein I, son of Peter Lein I and Elizabeth, on 18 February 1807.
     Married name: Lein.

Child of Elizabeth Rider and Thomas Lein I

  • Peter Lein III b. 27 Aug 1807

Henry Rider

M, b. 1823
     Henry Rider was born in 1823. He married Mary Jane Galloway, daughter of John Galloway and Sarah, in 1860 at Matamoros, PA.

Joseph Rider

     Joseph Rider married Maria Polly De Baun, daughter of Petrus De Baun and Jacamynte Westervelt.

Henry Ridgely

M, b. between 1635 and 1639, d. circa 1710
     Henry Ridgely was born between 1635 and 1639 at Staffordshire, England. He married Elizabeth Howard, daughter of Matthew Howard and Ann Hall, before 19 September 1664. Henry Ridgely died circa 1710 at Prince Georges County, MD.
     Name variation: Colonel.

Child of Henry Ridgely and Elizabeth Howard

Anne Ridgeway

F, b. 1758, d. 1848
     Anne Ridgeway was born in 1758. She married Abraham Egbert, son of Abraham Egbert and Elizabeth Garrison, in 1779. Anne Ridgeway died in 1848.
     Married name: Egbert.

Sarah Ridgley

F, b. between 1664 and 1667, d. 28 June 1727
FatherHenry Ridgely b. bt 1635 - 1639, d. c 1710
MotherElizabeth Howard b. c 1638, d. b 9 Aug 1695
     Sarah Ridgley was born between 1664 and 1667 at Anne Arundel County, MD. She married Thomas Odell Sr. in April 1691 at Maryland. Sarah Ridgley died on 28 June 1727.
     Married name: Odell.

Child of Sarah Ridgley and Thomas Odell Sr.

William Ridler

     William Ridler married Nina Bennett, daughter of DeWitt G Bennett and Ellenor Wood.

Lillian Garnett Ridsdale

F, b. 12 February 1892, d. 29 March 1980
     Lillian Garnett Ridsdale was buried at Seaside Cemetery, Chatham, Barnstable County, MA. She was born on 12 February 1892 at Michigan. She married Arthur Samuel Spohn, son of Henry Spohn and Susan Tuers, on 11 March 1909 at Montclair, Essex County, NJ. Lillian Garnett Ridsdale died on 29 March 1980 at Burbank, CA, at age 88.
     Information is from Peggy Pomeroy who is Aunt Lil's neice. She attached copies of the 1910 and 1920 cencus.
Sally Spohn's information shows her middle name, date of death, marraige date and location which was 56 Montague Place the home of her mother. Name variation: Lillian Garnett Spohn.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lillian Garnett Ridsdale and Arthur Samuel Spohn

Elizabeth Rieber

     Elizabeth Rieber married William Henry Ross, son of William David Ross and Mary Marks.
     Married name: Ross.

Anna Maria Riedl

F, b. 20 January 1810, d. 8 April 1889
FatherSebastian Riedl b. 20 Jan 1769
MotherMagdalena Spielberger b. 22 Jul 1783
     Anna Maria Riedl was born on 20 January 1810 at Inchenhofen, Bavaria, Germany. She was christened on 27 January 1810. She married Andreas Schrems on 22 November 1831 (Weilach, Bavaria, G). Anna Maria Riedl died on 8 April 1889 at Sattelberg, Bavaria, Germany, at age 79.
     She was Type: Identifier Number 27. Augsburg Archives to AMB 29/11/90

Her records appeard in the Inchenhofen parish.
Birth -28 Jan 1810
The 8 written sideways could be mistaken for a 0, however her baptism date is recorded as 27 Jan 1810 ( so birthdate is not certain.
Father- Sebastian Riedl, smith in Inchenhofen, House # 84.
Mother- Magdalena Spielberger Schmiedin (feminine smith?) Inchenhofen
Godmother- Helena Breitsammerin, housekeeper (Zimmermannin)from Unterbernbach

She is listed in the Weilach family book at Haus Nr. 35 1/4, Housename: Schulmichl, but left there in 1871 to live with her daughter Nothburga, Hafmullerin (Hausname) in Sattelberg until her death. She outlived her daughter Anna Maria by 10 years, and moved to Sattelberg in 1871, the same year Anna Maria's son Johann Baptist Kneissl was born in that town. Presumably Notburga was older than her sister Anna Maria, since mother Anna Maria was 21 when she married, and 35 when daughter Anna Maria was born. Where there other children? Married name: Schrems. She was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Anna Maria Riedl and Andreas Schrems

Sebastian Riedl

M, b. 20 January 1769
     Sebastian Riedl died at Inchenhofen, Bavaria, Germany. He was born on 20 January 1769 at Inchenhofen, Bavaria, Germany. He married Magdalena Spielberger on 13 November 1807.
     Sebastian Riedl was Type: Identifier Number 54. Widower of Teresia Habbacherin before his marriage to Magdalena Spielberger 13 Nov. 1807.
Burgerlicher Schmeid (Smith) of Inchenhofen, House #84
Burgerlich means he became a burger or citizen of Inchenhofen,
that he was not a native. He was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

Child of Sebastian Riedl and Magdalena Spielberger

Alfred Riehl

     Alfred Riehl married Stella Drenth, daughter of Jan Harm Drenth and Stientje Spel.

Hans Riehl

M, b. 1907, d. 1987
     Hans Riehl married Ottilie Kneissl, daughter of Franz Xaver Kneissl and Magdalena Schmid. Hans Riehl was born in 1907. He died in 1987.
     He was Type: Record Change on 30 November 2001.

S. Rienstra

M, d. after 1918
     S. Rienstra married Maaike Bijlsma. S. Rienstra died after 1918.

Christiaan Rietveldt

M, d. 1973
     Christiaan Rietveldt married Rita Rietveldt. Christiaan Rietveldt died in 1973.

Rita Rietveldt

F, b. 1892, d. 6 March 1975
     Rita Rietveldt married Christiaan Rietveldt. Rita Rietveldt was born in 1892 at The Netherlands. She died on 6 March 1975 at 190 Cliff Street, Cliffside Park, Bergen County, NJ. She was buried on 10 March 1975 at Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, Bergen County, NJ.
     Surviving are four daughters: Cora (Woodcock) of Cliffside Park, Christina (Kind) of Norwood, PA, Clarice (Olsson) of Yonkers, and Rita (Muller) of the Bronx; and two sons: Peter of Crompond, NY and Bernardus of Monroe, NY. A daughter Gertrude predeceased her. Her husband Christiaan died in 1973. Married name: Rietveldt.