Mary Speer

     Mary Speer married Jonathan Beach Davenport in 1856.
     Married name: Davenport.

Child of Mary Speer and Jonathan Beach Davenport

Rachel Speer

     Rachel Speer married Gerrit Egberts, son of Wallens Egbertsen and Martje Spier. Rachel Speer died Y.
     Married name: Egberts.

William Speer

     William Speer married Elinor Brinkerhoff.

Child of William Speer and Elinor Brinkerhoff

William Speer

     William Speer married Jane M. Courter, daughter of John C. Courter and Jane Mead, at Pinebrook, NJ.

Catherine Cornelisse Speets

F, b. 19 February 1676, d. after 29 July 1733
     Catherine Cornelisse Speets was baptized on 19 February 1676 at NY Dutch Reformed Church, Manhattan, NY. She married Johannes Blauvelt, son of Gerrit Hendricksen Blauvelt and Marie Lamberts Moll, in 1693 at Tappan, Rockland County, NY. Catherine Cornelisse Speets died after 29 July 1733 at Tappan? (Orangeburgh), Orange County (now Rockland), NY.
     Married name: Blauvelt. Name variation: Catherine Coneli.

Child of Catherine Cornelisse Speets and Johannes Blauvelt

Caroline Speicher

F, b. 1842, d. 1909
     Caroline Speicher married Henry Homer Greim, son of Henry Greim and Sarah Himmelberger. Caroline Speicher was born in 1842. She died in 1909.
     Married name: Greim.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Caroline Speicher and Henry Homer Greim

Maria Speijkers

F, b. 1869
     Maria Speijkers was born in 1869 at 's-Heer Arendskerke, Zuid Beveland, Zeeland, The Netherlands. She married Cent Maat, son of Nicolaas Maat and Pieternella Traas, on 11 July 1889 at 's-Heer Arendskerke, Zuid Beveland, Zeeland, The Netherlands.
     Her parents were Jacobus Speijkers and Neeltje Otte. Married name: Maat. Name variation: Mary Martin. Maria Speijkers immigrated on 4 September 1898 to Passaic, Passaic County, NJ, on the Statendam, from Rotterdam, arriving on 4 Sep 1898 in New York, with six children: Nicholas (8), Neeltje (7), Jacobus (5), Pieternella (3), Cornelis Willem (2) and Jacoba (1 mo). They were going to his father an unknown person in Passaic, Passaic County, NJ. She and Cent Maat appeared on the census of 1910 at Westervelt Lane (#475), Acquackanonck Twp, Passaic County, NJ. with ten children: Nicholas (20), Nellie (18), James (17), Trina (15), Cornelius (13), Cora (12), Jennie (10), all born in Holland, and Peter (7), John (6), Johanna (1 + 7 mo), all born in NJ. Maria Speijkers and Cent Maat appeared on the census of 1920 at Westervelt Lane (#405), Clifton (5th Ward), Passaic County, NJ. with eight children: James (26), Cora (21), both born in Holland, and Jennie (19), Peter (17), John (16), Johanna (11), Gerrit (9), and Vincent (7), all born in NJ.

Stientje Spel

F, b. 1853
     Stientje Spel was born in 1853 at Woldendorp (Termunten), Groningen, The Netherlands. She married Jan Harm Drenth on 4 October 1873 at Nieuwolda, Groningen, The Netherlands.
     Her parents were Tonnis Spel and Aagtje Sijfkes Wijngaard. Married name: Drenth. Stientje Spel immigrated on 2 March 1896 on the Spaarndam, from Rotterdam, arriving on 2 Mar 1896 in New York, with nine children: Jan (17), Aaltje (16), Anna (14), Stientje (11), Pieterke (9), Syfke (8), Reinkje (6), Derk (4), and Ernst (2). They were going to Hackettstown, NJ. She and Jan Harm Drenth appeared on the census of 1900 at (#184), Hope Township, Warren County, NJ. with ten children: Tunis (May 1877), John Jr (Aug 1878), Annie (Nov 1991), Stella (Nov 1883), Pieterske (Feb 1886), Sypke (Mar 1888), Reintje (Mar 1890), Derk (Feb 1892), Ernest (Apr 1884), and Jennie (Dec 1896). All are born in Denmark, including John and Stella! Stientje Spel and Jan Harm Drenth appeared on the census of 1910 at Great Meadows Road, Hope Township, Warren County, NJ. with eight children: Anna (28), Stella (26), Nellie (24), Syfko (22), Rientje (20), Derk S. (18), Ernst (16), and Jennie (14), all are born in Holland.

Child of Stientje Spel and Jan Harm Drenth

Ambrose Spencer

     Ambrose Spencer married Mary Clinton, daughter of James Clinton and Mary Polly DeWitt, in 1807. Ambrose Spencer married Catherine Clinton, daughter of James Clinton and Mary Polly DeWitt, in 1809.
     Name variation: Judge.

Child of Ambrose Spencer

Caroline Matilda Spencer

     Caroline Matilda Spencer married William Eaton Hazard.
     Married name: Hazard.

Child of Caroline Matilda Spencer and William Eaton Hazard

Charles Goddard Spencer

M, b. 18 May 1857, d. 26 September 1937
FatherJ. H. Spencer
     Charles Goddard Spencer was born on 18 May 1857 at Zaleski, Vinton County, OH. He married Lydia Priscilla Peters, daughter of Alfred Louis Peters and Rachel Ann Wise, in 1892. Charles Goddard Spencer died on 26 September 1937 at Kettle Falls, WA, at age 80.

Child of Charles Goddard Spencer and Lydia Priscilla Peters

Darryel Spencer

     Darryel Spencer married Sandra Bakalak.

Frances Spencer

     Frances Spencer married Francis Oscar Wisner, son of Thomas Wisner.
     Married name: Wisner.

Georgia Spencer

     Georgia Spencer married Herman Arthur Van Elsberg.
     Married name: Van Elsberg.

Hannah Spencer

     Hannah Spencer married Joseph Byington.
     Married name: Byington.

J. H. Spencer


Child of J. H. Spencer

Jared Spencer

     Jared Spencer married Hannah.
     Name variation: Ensign.

Child of Jared Spencer and Hannah

John C Spencer

M, b. 1786, d. 1854
FatherAmbrose Spencer
     John C Spencer married Eliza Smith. John C Spencer was born in 1786. He died in 1854.
     Name variation: Hon.

Child of John C Spencer and Eliza Smith

Laura Catherine Spencer

FatherJohn C Spencer b. 1786, d. 1854
MotherEliza Smith d. 1869
     Laura Catherine Spencer married George William Clinton, son of DeWitt Clinton and Maria Franklin, in May 1832.
     Married name: Clinton.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Laura Catherine Spencer and George William Clinton

Margaret Spencer

F, b. 1632/33, d. 1669/70
     Margaret Spencer was born in 1632/33 at South Berwick, York County, ME. She married Daniel Goodwin, son of Daniel Goodwin Sr. and Dorothy Barker, in January 1642/43 at Kittery, York County, ME. Margaret Spencer died in 1669/70 at Kittery, ME.
     Married name: Goodwin.

Child of Margaret Spencer and Daniel Goodwin

Neva Estelle Spencer

F, b. 26 January 1897, d. 12 October 1987
FatherCharles Goddard Spencer b. 18 May 1857, d. 26 Sep 1937
MotherLydia Priscilla Peters b. 22 Dec 1861, d. 11 Mar 1901
     Neva Estelle Spencer was born on 26 January 1897 at Wilbur, Lincoln County, WA. She married Creed Jennings, son of George William Jennings and Sarah Annice Myrtle, on 16 February 1916. Neva Estelle Spencer died on 12 October 1987 at Whitefish, Flathear County, MT, at age 90.
     Married name: Jennings.

Child of Neva Estelle Spencer and Creed Jennings

Sarah Spencer

FatherJared Spencer
     Sarah Spencer married Stephen Backus, son of William Backus and Sarah Charles, in December 1666.
     Married name: Backus.

Frederick S Spengler

     Frederick S Spengler married Melissa Hermanse, daughter of Jacob Edward Hermanse and Elizabeth Mericle?.

Robert Spera

     Robert Spera married Margaret Goggins.

John Sperry

     John Sperry married Amy Dickerman.

Child of John Sperry and Amy Dickerman

Lucinda Sperry

F, b. 24 June 1814, d. 18 April 1876
FatherJohn Sperry
MotherAmy Dickerman
     Lucinda Sperry was born on 24 June 1814 at Russia, NY. She married James Noble DeWitt, son of Luther DeWitt and Sara Pratt, on 16 August 1841 at Boonville. Lucinda Sperry died on 18 April 1876 at St. John, MI, at age 61.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lucinda Sperry and James Noble DeWitt

Mary Sperry

     Mary Sperry married Joel Hotchkiss, son of Joel Hotchkiss and Mary Sherman, on 29 August.
     Married name: Hotchkiss.

Peck Sperry

     Peck Sperry married Anna Augusta Lake, daughter of Walker Lake and Anna, on 8 November 1849.

Anne Spicer

F, b. circa 1630, d. 1709
FatherThomas Spicer b. 3 Feb 1591/92, d. bt 30 Sep 1638 - 4 Nov 1638
MotherAnne Grant d. c 1633
     Anne Spicer was born circa 1630 at Sandwich?, England. She married John Lake, son of Richard Lake, in February 1649 at Gravesend, Long Island, NY. Anne Spicer died in 1709 at Long Island, NY.
     Married name: Lake.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Anne Spicer and John Lake

Jacob Spicer

FatherThomas Spicer b. 3 Feb 1591/92, d. bt 30 Sep 1638 - 4 Nov 1638
MotherMichal d. a 1675
     Jacob Spicer was born at England.
     He lived in 1648 at Flatlands, NY. He lived in 1656 at Gravesend, NY.