George Sappenfield

     George Sappenfield married Anna Catharine Meyers, daughter of Johan Michael Meyers and Maria Eva Greim.

Mathias Sappenfield

     Mathias Sappenfield married Christina Greim, daughter of Johann Charles Greim and Barbara Frank.

Eleanor Sappington

     Eleanor Sappington married DeWitt Clinton, son of George William Clinton and Laura Catherine Spencer, in 1873.
     Married name: Clinton.


     Sarah married John Paterson at Wordlington.
     Married name: Paterson.

Child of Sarah and John Paterson


F, b. March 1866, d. after 1930
     Sarah married Charles Van Wagner, son of Charles Edward Van Wagner and Elizabeth. Sarah was born in March 1866 at England. She died after 1930 at Englewood Cliffs, NJ.
     Married name: Van Wagner.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah and Charles Van Wagner


F, b. November 1835, d. after 1930
     Sarah married John William Van Wagoner, son of Elizabeth. Sarah was born in November 1835 at New Jersey. She died after 1930 at Englewood, NJ.
     Married name: Van Wagoner.

Child of Sarah and John William Van Wagoner


F, b. 1827
     Sarah married Thomas Ball. Sarah was born in 1827 at Ireland.
     Married name: Ball.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah and Thomas Ball

  • Michael 'Martin Ball b. 1858
  • Katie Ball b. 1862
  • Julia Ball b. 1865
  • Sarah Ball b. 1868
  • Mary Ball b. 1869
  • Thomas Ball Jr. b. 1870
  • Patrick Ball b. May 1872

Annie Isabelle Sargent

F, b. 1867, d. 11 August 1930
     Annie Isabelle Sargent married Herbert B Vreeland, son of Thomas Orson Vreeland and Martha Brown. Annie Isabelle Sargent was buried at Ridgelawn Cemetery, Passaic, NJ. She was born in 1867. She died on 11 August 1930.
     She left a will at Passaic County, NJ. (#29975). Married name: Vreeland.

Hugh Sargent

M, b. circa 1530, d. 23 February 1595/96
     Hugh Sargent married Margaret Gifford, daughter of Nicholas Gifford and Agnes Masters. Hugh Sargent was born circa 1530 at Northampton, England. He died on 23 February 1595/96.

Child of Hugh Sargent and Margaret Gifford

John Sargent

M, b. 8 December 1639, d. 9 September 1716
FatherWilliam Sargent b. 20 Jun 1602
     John Sargent married Lydia Chipman, daughter of John Chipman and Hope Howland. John Sargent was born on 8 December 1639 at Charlestown, MA. He died on 9 September 1716 at Malden, MA, at age 76.
     He lived at Malden, MA.

Child of John Sargent and Lydia Chipman

Lydia Sargent

FatherJohn Sargent b. 8 Dec 1639, d. 9 Sep 1716
MotherLydia Chipman b. 25 Dec 1654, d. 2 Mar 1730
     Lydia Sargent married Joseph Waite, son of Joseph Waite and Hannah Oakes, in 1701.
     Married name: Waite.

Child of Lydia Sargent and Joseph Waite

Roger Sargent

M, b. circa 1562, d. July 1649
FatherHugh Sargent b. c 1530, d. 23 Feb 1595/96
MotherMargaret Gifford
     Roger Sargent was born circa 1562. He married Ellen Mackerness, daughter of William Mackerness, on 3 January 1589/90. Roger Sargent died in July 1649.

Child of Roger Sargent and Ellen Mackerness

Ruth Sargent

F, b. 25 October 1642, d. 4 October 1713
FatherWilliam Sargent
     Ruth Sargent married Richard Bourne. Ruth Sargent married Jonathan Winslow. Ruth Sargent was born on 25 October 1642 at Charlestown, MA. She married John Chipman, son of Thomas Chipman, in 1684. Ruth Sargent died on 4 October 1713 at Sandwich, MA, at age 70.
     Married name: Winslow. Married name: Bourne. Married name: Chipman.

Susan Sargent

F, d. 10 May 1856
     Susan Sargent married John Sprague Youngs, son of Curtis S Youngs and Lucy Lincoln, on 5 January 1853 at Union City, MI. Susan Sargent died on 10 May 1856.
     Married name: Youngs.

Child of Susan Sargent and John Sprague Youngs

William Sargent


Child of William Sargent

William Sargent

M, b. 20 June 1602
FatherRoger Sargent b. c 1562, d. Jul 1649
MotherEllen Mackerness d. Oct 1645
     William Sargent married Sarah. William Sargent was born on 20 June 1602.

Child of William Sargent and Sarah

Anthony Sarley

M, d. before 19 November 1702
     Anthony Sarley married an unknown person before 1685. He married Jasyntie Janse on 4 March 1685. Anthony Sarley died before 19 November 1702.

Maria Sarngions?

     Maria Sarngions? married Abraham Schoonmaker.
     Married name: Schoonmaker.

Child of Maria Sarngions? and Abraham Schoonmaker

Anthony James Sartor

M, b. 1902, d. 1975
     Anthony James Sartor married Emilie Elaine Shamberger, daughter of Joseph Schamberger Sr. and Anna Dorothy Svantner, at New Jersey. Anthony James Sartor was born in 1902 at Italy. He died in 1975 at Clifton, NJ.

Linda Dianne Sartor

F, b. 24 August 1948, d. 27 April 2005
     Linda Dianne Sartor was born on 24 August 1948 at Clifton, NJ. She married Nicholas J Latzoni on 10 December 1998 at Fort Lauderdale, FL, (Brwrd C Curthus = Broward County Courthouse?)). Linda Dianne Sartor died on 27 April 2005 at Florida at age 56.
     Married name: Latzoni.

Sarah Sarvent

     Sarah Sarvent married Garret Hennion, son of John F Hennion and Elizabeth Berry.
     Married name: Hennion.

Curtis W Satterlee

M, b. 1838
     Curtis W Satterlee married Margaret Tompkins, daughter of John Tompkins and Maria Mariah Davis. Curtis W Satterlee was born in 1838.

Harriet Satterly

     Harriet Satterly married Daniel Morrell DeWitt, son of Peter DeWitt and Sarah Ann Morrell, on 22 October 1890 (no issue).
     Married name: DeWitt. Harriet Satterly lived before 1890 at Mt. Vernon, NY.

Sarah Sally Satterly

F, b. circa 1778, d. May 1838
     Sarah Sally Satterly was born circa 1778. She married Joseph Durland, son of Charles Garrett Durland and Jane Swartwout, on 4 June 1799. Sarah Sally Satterly died in May 1838.
     Married name: Durland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Sarah Sally Satterly and Joseph Durland

Elizabeth Sauer

F, b. 1816, d. 11 August 1881
     Elizabeth Sauer was born in 1816 at Prussia, Germany. She married Adam Roth at Germany. Elizabeth Sauer died on 11 August 1881 at Englewood, NJ.
     Name variation: Elizabeth Lauer. Married name: Roth.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Sauer and Adam Roth

Benjamin Saul

M, b. circa 1893
FatherGeorge W Saul b. c 1865
MotherAnna (Elizabeth) Federlichner b. 16 Mar 1866, d. 24 Apr 1921
     Benjamin Saul was born circa 1893.

Bertha Saul

F, b. circa 1896
FatherGeorge W Saul b. c 1865
MotherAnna (Elizabeth) Federlichner b. 16 Mar 1866, d. 24 Apr 1921
     Bertha Saul was born circa 1896.

Charles H. Saul

M, b. circa 1888
FatherGeorge W Saul b. c 1865
MotherAnna (Elizabeth) Federlichner b. 16 Mar 1866, d. 24 Apr 1921
     Charles H. Saul was born circa 1888.

Edwin Saul

M, b. circa 1897
FatherGeorge W Saul b. c 1865
MotherAnna (Elizabeth) Federlichner b. 16 Mar 1866, d. 24 Apr 1921
     Edwin Saul was born circa 1897.

Frank Saul

M, b. circa 1899
FatherGeorge W Saul b. c 1865
MotherAnna (Elizabeth) Federlichner b. 16 Mar 1866, d. 24 Apr 1921
     Frank Saul was born circa 1899.