Hendrick Suydem

     Hendrick Suydem married Aeltje Rapalje, daughter of Jacob Rapalje and Sarah Brinkerhoff.

Maritje Suyland

     Maritje Suyland married Theunis Ostrander, son of Pieter Pieterzen and Rebecca Traphagen, on 21 March 1718.
     Married name: Ostrander.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Maritje Suyland and Theunis Ostrander

  • Wilhelmus Ostrander b. 15 Feb 1719
  • Johannes Ostrander b. 27 Nov 1720
  • Zara Ostrander b. 2 Dec 1722
  • Zara Ostrander b. 1 Dec 1723
  • Abraham Ostrander b. 15 Sep 1725
  • Rebecca Ostrander b. 25 Dec 1726
  • Catrina Ostrander b. 27 Oct 1728
  • Lena Ostrander b. 1 Sep 1734, d. 31 Mar 1762
  • Wilhelmus Ostrander b. 3 Oct 1736

Cathryntje Suylandt

F, b. 5 April 1696
FatherHuybert Suylandt
MotherSara Crispell b. 18 Jun 1671
     Cathryntje Suylandt married Benjamin DuBois. Cathryntje Suylandt was baptized on 5 April 1696.
     Married name: DuBois.

Johannes Suylandt

M, b. 20 July 1701
FatherHuybert Suylandt
MotherSara Crispell b. 18 Jun 1671
     Johannes Suylandt married Eva Van Vegten. Johannes Suylandt was baptized on 20 July 1701.

Rachel Suylandt

     Rachel Suylandt married Benjamin Van Steenbergh.
     Married name: Van Steenbergh.

Child of Rachel Suylandt and Benjamin Van Steenbergh

Anna Dorothy Svantner

F, b. 21 January 1862, d. 19 January 1937
FatherAnton Schwandtner
MotherAnna Panosch
     Anna Dorothy Svantner was born on 21 January 1862 at Nonakdyne, Czechoslovakia. She married Joseph Schamberger Sr., son of George Schamberger and Ursula Kokeisi, on 21 January 1882 at Nonakdyne, Czechoslovakia. Anna Dorothy Svantner died on 19 January 1937 at Garfield, NJ, at age 74.
     She lived at 78 Wessington Ave, Garfield, NJ. Married name: Schamberger.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Anna Dorothy Svantner and Joseph Schamberger Sr.

Karna Svensdotter

F, b. 1780, d. 1837
FatherSven Nilsson
MotherAnna Nilsdotter
     Karna Svensdotter married Jons Erlandsson, son of Erland Jonsson and Anna Mickelsdotter. Karna Svensdotter was born in 1780 at Hedeskoga, Sweden. She died in 1837 at Hedeskoga, Sweden.
     Married name: Erlandsson. Name variation: Karin Svensdotter.

Child of Karna Svensdotter and Jons Erlandsson

Stina Svensdotter

F, b. 1793
     Stina Svensdotter married Andreas Isaksson. Stina Svensdotter was born in 1793.
     Married name: Isaksson.

Child of Stina Svensdotter and Andreas Isaksson

Johan Svensson

M, b. 1860, d. 1933
FatherSven Johnsson b. 1826, d. 1863
MotherHelena Fredriksdatter b. 1823, d. a 1889
     Johan Svensson married Kari Olsdotter, daughter of Olav Sorensson Asland and Jorunn Olavsdatter Tjaldal. Johan Svensson was born in 1860 at Katslosa, Sweden. He died in 1933 at Sussex, NJ.
     Name variation: John Swenson.

Child of Johan Svensson and Kari Olsdotter

Olof Svensson

M, b. 1798
     Olof Svensson married Jacobina Magnusdotter. Olof Svensson was born in 1798.

Child of Olof Svensson and Jacobina Magnusdotter

Elizabeth Swain

F, b. 1859, d. 1896
FatherJames Swain b. 1828, d. 1891
MotherJane Price b. c 1832, d. 1903
     Elizabeth Swain was born in 1859 at Guilsfield, Welshpool, Powys (County), Wales. She married Robert Jones. Elizabeth Swain died in 1896.
     Name variation: Elizabeth Jones.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Elizabeth Swain and Robert Jones

Henry Swain

M, b. 1831
FatherJohn Swain b. c 1790
MotherDorothy b. c 1835
     Henry Swain was born in 1831 at Montgomeryshire, England.

James Swain

M, b. 1828, d. 1891
FatherJohn Swain b. c 1790
MotherDorothy b. c 1835
     James Swain married Jane Price, daughter of Thomas Price. James Swain was born in 1828 at Berrview, Montgomeryshire, England. He died in 1891.

Child of James Swain and Jane Price

Jane Swain

     Jane Swain married John Byington.
     Married name: Byington.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jane Swain and John Byington

John Swain

M, b. circa 1790
     John Swain married Dorothy. John Swain was born circa 1790 at Montgomeryshire, England.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Swain and Dorothy

John Swain

M, b. 1824
FatherJohn Swain b. c 1790
MotherDorothy b. c 1835
     John Swain was born in 1824 at Montgomeryshire, England.

Simon Swain

     Simon Swain died Y. He married Catharine Egbert, daughter of Abraham Egbert and Elizabeth Van Cleve.

Anita Belle Swan

     Anita Belle Swan was born at Rhode Island. She married Robert Milton Roth, son of George Fredrick Roth and Anna Lundstrom.
     Married name: Roth.

Harry Swan

     Harry Swan married Agnes Vreeland, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Vreeland and Lavena Hughes.

M J Swan

     M J Swan married Emma Vreeland, daughter of John Vreeland and Caroline Hall.

Child of M J Swan and Emma Vreeland

  • Edith Swan b. 1869

Matthew E Swan

M, b. circa 1821
     Matthew E Swan was born circa 1821 at Maryland. He married Lavinia Schnebly, daughter of Henry Claggett Schnebly and Henrietta Chew, at Franklin County, OH.

Phoebe Swan

     Phoebe Swan married David W Mueller, son of David Miller and Elizabeth Welch.
     Married name: Mueller.

W Dana Swan

     W Dana Swan married Eleanor Gould, daughter of Charles Judson Gould and Annie Westbrook, in December 1894?

Alice Swandt

     Alice Swandt married Frank Ernest Henderson, son of Charles Ernest Henderson and Caroline Florence Leyshon Rees.
     Married name: Henderson.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Alice Swandt and Frank Ernest Henderson

Alexander Cockburn Swart

M, b. 1832, d. 1879
FatherWashington Swart b. 7 Jun 1805, d. 1834
MotherAdeliza Cockburn d. c 1850
     Alexander Cockburn Swart married Julia Ann Wickes. Alexander Cockburn Swart was born in 1832. He died in 1879.

Child of Alexander Cockburn Swart and Julia Ann Wickes

  • Edwin Wickes Swart b. 1856

Anna Swart

     Anna Swart married Benjamin Sleght.
     Married name: Sleght.

Child of Anna Swart and Benjamin Sleght

Baartien Swart

     Baartien Swart married Aries Van Steenbergh.
     Married name: Van Steenbergh.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Baartien Swart and Aries Van Steenbergh

Catalyntje Swart

     Catalyntje Swart married Adam Peersen, son of Matthys Peersen and Anna Winnen, on 25 June 1736.
     Married name: Peersen.

Catharine Ann Swart

F, b. 10 March 1803
FatherWilliam Swart b. 1763, d. 1833
MotherAriantje Van Gaasbeck b. 5 Feb 1775, d. 14 Aug 1852
     Catharine Ann Swart married John D Middagh. Catharine Ann Swart was baptized on 10 March 1803.
     Married name: Middagh.

Deborah Maria Swart

F, b. 5 January 1801
FatherWilliam Swart b. 1763, d. 1833
MotherAriantje Van Gaasbeck b. 5 Feb 1775, d. 14 Aug 1852
     Deborah Maria Swart married Cornelius Romme. Deborah Maria Swart was baptized on 5 January 1801.
     Married name: Romme.