Lewis David Scofield

M, b. 1815, d. 1878
     Lewis David Scofield married Mary Ann Cleveland. Lewis David Scofield was born in 1815. He died in 1878.

Child of Lewis David Scofield and Mary Ann Cleveland

Louise Adeline Scofield

F, b. 28 May 1840
FatherLewis David Scofield b. 1815, d. 1878
MotherMary Ann Cleveland
     Louise Adeline Scofield was born on 28 May 1840 at Joliet, IL. She married George H DeWitt on 24 August 1870 at Elmira, NY.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Child of Louise Adeline Scofield and George H DeWitt

  • Eloise DeWitt b. 8 Jul 1871

Mercy Scofield

F, b. 30 October 1690
FatherJohn Scofield
MotherHannah Mead
     Mercy Scofield married Henry Lounsbury, son of Richard Lounsbury and Elizabeth Pennoyer. Mercy Scofield was born on 30 October 1690.
     Married name: Lounsbury.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mercy Scofield and Henry Lounsbury

Samuel Scofield

     Samuel Scofield married Hannah.

Child of Samuel Scofield and Hannah

William Scofield

FatherJudson A Scofield
MotherLillian Eliza Vreeland b. 3 Jun 1858
     William Scofield married Edna P James.


     Scott married Rachel Drake Flock, daughter of Jacob D Flock and Katherine Drake.

Agnes Scott

F, b. 23 August 1818, d. December 1912
FatherJohn Scott
MotherMarian Weild
     Agnes Scott married Daniel Smith. Agnes Scott was born on 23 August 1818. She died in December 1912 at age 94.
     Married name: Smith.

Child of Agnes Scott and Daniel Smith

Agnes Lambie Lyon Scott

F, b. 19 September 1836
FatherJohn Scott
MotherCatherine Margaret Watson
     Agnes Lambie Lyon Scott was born on 19 September 1836 at Auchtergaven, Perthshire, Scotland. She married Richard Johnson, son of Samuel Johnson and Margaret J Blakey, on 4 July 1864 at Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.
     Married name: Johnson.

Child of Agnes Lambie Lyon Scott and Richard Johnson

Allen Scott

M, b. 1910
     Allen Scott died at Wallasey, England. He was born in 1910. He married Annie Hill, daughter of John Hill and Annie Mc Gregor Thomson, circa 1933 at England.

Belle E Scott

F, b. 25 October 1878
FatherJohn Scott
     Belle E Scott was born on 25 October 1878. She married DeWitt Canfield Ramsey, son of Samuel Axford Ramsey and Elmira Snyder, on 17 February 1904.
     Belle E Scott lived at Morristown, NJ. Married name: Ramsey.

Child of Belle E Scott and DeWitt Canfield Ramsey

  • Willis Ramsey b. 9 Jan 1906

Charles Scott


Child of Charles Scott

Edith Marion Scott

M, b. 1868
     Edith Marion Scott married Frederick Howard Davis, daughter of Homer Carlott Davis and Frances Emma Moffitt. Edith Marion Scott was born in 1868.

Edward F Scott

M, b. 1857, d. 4 October 1911
     Edward F Scott married Belle L Vreeland, daughter of Walling Van Winkle Vreeland and Mary J Tolles. Edward F Scott was born in 1857. He died on 4 October 1911.

Elizabeth Scott

     Elizabeth was from Watertown, CT.

Elizabeth Scott

F, b. 1731, d. 27 September 1791
     Elizabeth Scott married John Morrison, son of John Morrison 1st and Prudence Gwyn. Elizabeth Scott was born in 1731 at Northern Ireland. She died on 27 September 1791 at Montgomery Twp., NY.
     Married name: Morrison.

Child of Elizabeth Scott and John Morrison

Elmira Seymour Scott

FatherWilliam James Scott b. 1827, d. 1891
MotherMaria DeWitt Newkirk d. 1882
     Elmira Seymour Scott was born at Brooklyn, NY. She married George Alexander.
     Married name: Alexander.

James Scott

M, d. March 1757
     James Scott married Christiana Clinton, daughter of James Clinton and Elizabeth Smith. James Scott died in March 1757 at New York.

James Scott

     James Scott married Alice Warren Chipp.

Child of James Scott and Alice Warren Chipp

Janet Scott

F, b. 1821, d. 1857
FatherJohn Scott
MotherMarian Weild
     Janet Scott married James Kent, son of James Kent and Janet Steel. Janet Scott was born in 1821. She died in 1857.
     Married name: Kent.

Child of Janet Scott and James Kent

Joan Scott

F, b. circa 1604/5, d. circa 1654/55
     Joan Scott was born circa 1604/5 at Long Sutton, Somerset, England. She married John Gibbs on 23 February 1624/25 at Somerset, England. Joan Scott died circa 1654/55 at Newburyport, Essex County, MA.
     Married name: Gibbs.

Child of Joan Scott and John Gibbs

John Scott

     John Scott married Emma.

Child of John Scott and Emma

John Scott

     John Scott married Ruth Stockton.

Child of John Scott and Ruth Stockton

John Scott

     John Scott married Marian Weild.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Scott and Marian Weild

John Scott

FatherCharles Scott
     John Scott married Catherine Margaret Watson, daughter of James Watson, on 1 March 1831 at Dunoon, Argyllshire, Scotland.

Child of John Scott and Catherine Margaret Watson

John Wesley Scott Sr.

     John Wesley Scott Sr. married Maryon M Bennett, daughter of Benjamin Henry Bennett and Grace May Farrell.

Children (not necessarily in order) of John Wesley Scott Sr. and Maryon M Bennett

  • Carol Lynn Scott
  • Martha Murleen Scott

Luella Scott

F, b. 27 April 1863, d. 4 December 1917
     Luella Scott was born on 27 April 1863. She married Samuel Outwater, son of Tunis Outwater and Mary Elizabeth Cudeback. Luella Scott died on 4 December 1917 at age 54.
     Married name: Outwater.

Mahetable Scott

F, b. 14 February 1757, d. before October 1852
FatherJohn Scott
MotherRuth Stockton
     Mahetable Scott married John Melrose, son of James Melrose and Mary Thompson. Mahetable Scott was born on 14 February 1757 near Princeton, Somerset County, NJ. She died before October 1852.
     Married name: Melrose.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mahetable Scott and John Melrose

Maria Litchfield Scott

     Maria Litchfield Scott married John Thompson Lewis.
     Married name: Lewis.

Child of Maria Litchfield Scott and John Thompson Lewis

Mellaney Scott

     Mellaney Scott married an unknown person.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mellaney Scott

  • Ryan
  • Daniel

Pheobe Scott

F, b. between 1800 and 1810
     Pheobe Scott was born between 1800 and 1810. She married Lawrence L Ackerman, son of Lawrence A Ackerman and Fytje Lozier, in April 1820 at Hackensack, NJ. Pheobe Scott married Jacob Stults, son of Charles Stults and Jannetje Demarest, on 5 January 1833 at First Reformed Church, Hackensack, NJ.
     From 1834-1842 Jacob and Phebe Stults made numerous land transactions in or near Lodi Twp., NJ. Married name: Ackerman. Name variation: Ann Scott. Married name: Stults. Pheobe Scott lived in 1842 at Saddle River Twp, NJ. She lived in 1850.