Lavinia M Vreeland

F, b. 1 April 1816, d. 4 October 1868
FatherMichiel J Vreeland b. 11 Oct 1770, d. 3 Sep 1840
MotherRachel DeGroot b. c 1775, d. 28 Sep 1820
     Lavinia M Vreeland married William Dyckman. Lavinia M Vreeland was born on 1 April 1816. She died on 4 October 1868 at age 52.
     Married name: Dyckman.

Lawrence A Vreeland

FatherIsaac C Vreeland b. Apr 1823, d. 13 Aug 1891
MotherCharlotte E b. 1836, d. 1906
     Lawrence A Vreeland lived in 1891 at Denver, CO. He lived in 1942 at Pueblo, CO.

Lawrence Magaw Vreeland

M, b. 21 June 1849, d. 1849
FatherGarret Vreeland Jr. b. 26 Nov 1814, d. 23 Sep 1890
MotherCatherine Van Buskirk b. 13 Jul 1815, d. 3 Jan 1874
     Lawrence Magaw Vreeland died in 1849. He was born on 21 June 1849.

Lea Vreeland

FatherAbraham Vreeland Sr. b. 22 Jun 1678, d. 10 Dec 1734
MotherMargrietje Jacobse Van Winkle b. 22 Oct 1678
     Lea Vreeland married ? Doolhaven in 1752.
     Married name: Doolhaven.

Lea Vreeland

F, b. 22 February 1736
FatherEnoch Vreeland b. 14 Mar 1700, d. 17 May 1777
MotherRachael Spier b. 14 Apr 1692
     Lea Vreeland was born on 4 November 1735. She was baptized on 22 February 1736 at Second River Church, Belleville, Essex County, NJ.

Lea Vreeland

     Lea Vreeland married Abraham Vreeland, son of Cornelius E Vreeland and Margaretta Van Winkle.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lea Vreeland and Abraham Vreeland

Lea Vreeland

F, d. before September 1816
FatherEnoch C Vreeland b. 24 Jan 1748, d. 1816
MotherLea Van Winkle
     Lea Vreeland married Jacob Vanderhoef. Lea Vreeland died before September 1816.
     Married name: Vanderhoef. She left a will on 28 March 1811. proved 4 Sep 1816.

Lea Vreeland

F, b. 17 March 1828, d. 1881
FatherJohannis Jacob Vreeland b. 14 Feb 1797, d. 18 May 1835
MotherRachel Sigler b. c 1798, d. 23 May 1875
     Lea Vreeland married James Briggs. Lea Vreeland was born on 17 March 1828. She died in 1881.
     Married name: Briggs. Name variation: Leah Louisa Vreeland.

Lea Vreeland

F, b. 26 July 1813
FatherElias A Vreeland b. 28 Apr 1783, d. bt Jun 1816 - Sep 1816
MotherAnnaetje Spier
     Lea Vreeland died Y , in infancy. She was born on 26 July 1813.

Lea Vreeland

FatherJacob Vreeland b. 25 Apr 1812
     Lea Vreeland married Peter Banta.
     Married name: Banta.

Leah Vreeland

FatherAbraham Vreeland
MotherChristyntjen Romain
     Leah Vreeland married Hendrick Brown in 1792 at Acquackanonck, Passaic County, NJ.
     Married name: Brown.

Leah Vreeland

FatherHartman A Vreeland b. 4 Jan 1804, d. 13 Apr 1871
MotherRebecca R d. 26 Jun 1875
     Leah Vreeland married James Van Winkle Tuers on 3 September 1846.
     Married name: Tuers.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Leah Vreeland and James Van Winkle Tuers

Leah Vreeland

F, b. 15 June 1815
FatherJohn E Vreeland d. 1834
MotherJane Van Winkle
     Leah Vreeland was born on 15 June 1815. She was baptized on 6 August 1815 at Reformed Dutch Church, Totowa, NJ.

Leah Vreeland

F, b. circa 1829
FatherHartman A Vreeland b. c 1805
     Leah Vreeland was born circa 1829. She married James Van Winkle Tuers, son of Garrit Tuers and Hester (Hiley) Kingsland, on 3 September 1846 at Dutch Reformed Church, Acquachanonk, NJ.
     A "Leah" age 50 is living with a Mary and her husband, George W. Post 1880 Census, Paterson, NJ. We think this is possibly Mary Eliza listed as marrying a Post in the Ackerman papers. Name variation: Leah Tuers.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Leah Vreeland and James Van Winkle Tuers

Leah Bertholf Vreeland

FatherRichard Peter Vreeland
MotherEmma Jane Bertholf b. 1836, d. 3 Mar 1914
     Leah Bertholf Vreeland married John H Beswick.
     Married name: Beswick.

Leah M Vreeland

F, d. 5 August 1899
FatherJohn A Vreeland
MotherJane d. 5 Nov 1889
     Leah M Vreeland married Nicholas Alyea, son of Peter D Alyea and Ann Van Riper, on 3 May 1857. Leah M Vreeland died on 5 August 1899. She was buried in September 1899 at Cedar Grove, Passaic County, NJ.
     Married name: Alyea.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Leah M Vreeland and Nicholas Alyea

Lelita Vreeland

F, b. circa 1836
FatherRichard Vreeland
     Lelita Vreeland was born circa 1836. She married Gilbert Howard, son of Albertus Howard, in August 1862.
     Married name: Howard.

Lena Vreeland

F, b. 27 February 1764
FatherJohannis E Vreeland d. 1811
MotherAntje Van Blercum
     Lena Vreeland was born on 27 February 1764. She married Johannis Pier on 31 December 1782 at (Acq.).
     Married name: Pier. Name variation: Elinor Vreeland.

Lena Vreeland

F, b. 31 August 1803
FatherHartman Vreeland b. 25 Jun 1770
MotherCathalyntje Post
     Lena Vreeland married Garret G Garrison. Lena Vreeland was born on 31 August 1803.
     Married name: Garrison.

Lena Vreeland

F, b. 22 December 1868
FatherJacob Benjamin Vreeland b. 11 May 1837
MotherKate Ann Welsh
     Lena Vreeland married Charles A Loesch. Lena Vreeland married T Herbert Alton. Lena Vreeland was born on 22 December 1868.
     Married name: Alton. Married name: Loesch.

Leroux Vreeland

M, b. 16 October 1866
FatherAbraham Vreeland b. 29 Oct 1840
MotherEleanor Rapp
     Leroux Vreeland married Carrie Dention. Leroux Vreeland married Margaret Ball. Leroux Vreeland was born on 16 October 1866.

Child of Leroux Vreeland and Carrie Dention

  • Leroux Denton Vreeland b. 10 Mar 1894

Child of Leroux Vreeland

  • Wallace Kenneth Vreeland b. 3 Jun 1899

Leroy Henry Vreeland

M, b. 24 March 1900
FatherJames Henry Vreeland b. 5 Mar 1876, d. 25 Feb 1948
MotherJennie Kreiger b. 12 Feb 1881, d. 26 Oct 1957
     Leroy Henry Vreeland married Anna Romaine. Leroy Henry Vreeland was born on 24 March 1900. He married Myrtle Buehrer in 1940.
     Leroy Henry Vreeland lived in 1957 at 16 Ryerson Ave, Paterson, NJ.

Child of Leroy Henry Vreeland and Myrtle Buehrer

Child of Leroy Henry Vreeland and Anna Romaine

Lester Orson Vreeland

M, b. 8 June 1860, d. 23 December 1937
FatherThomas Orson Vreeland b. 13 Apr 1837, d. 19 Aug 1876
MotherMartha Brown b. 5 Mar 1834, d. 27 Jan 1884
     Lester Orson Vreeland was buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery, Upper Montclair, NJ. He married Sarah Jane Vought. Lester Orson Vreeland was born on 8 June 1860 (calculated). He died on 23 December 1937 at age 77.

Child of Lester Orson Vreeland and Sarah Jane Vought

Lewis Vreeland

M, b. 19 March 1858
FatherCornelius Vreeland b. 16 Feb 1828, d. 1890
MotherMary Newkirk b. 1838, d. 1922
     Lewis Vreeland married Louise Quackenbush. Lewis Vreeland was born on 19 March 1858.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lewis Vreeland and Louise Quackenbush

Leya Vreeland

FatherIsaac Vreeland b. 4 Jan 1682/83
MotherTryntje Simese Van Winkle b. 1688
     Leya Vreeland and Nicasy Kip obtained a marriage license on 6 October 1750. Leya Vreeland married Nicasy Kip, son of Hendrik Kip and Geertje Van Dien, on 11 November 1750.
     Married name: Kip. Name variation: Lea Freeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Leya Vreeland and Nicasy Kip

  • Hendrick Kip b. 1751
  • Trintie Kip b. 1754
  • Isaac Kip b. 1756, d. 1813
  • Trintie Kip b. 1758
  • Hendrick Kip b. 1760
  • Petrus Kip b. 1762

Lillian Vreeland

F, b. 1882, d. 1943
FatherTheodore Vreeland b. 9 Sep 1845, d. 15 Aug 1917
MotherMary C. b. 1847, d. 2 Apr 1898
     Lillian Vreeland was buried at Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, NJ. She married John C. Plemerick. Lillian Vreeland was born in 1882. She died in 1943.
     Married name: Plemerick.

Lillian Vreeland

F, b. 26 November 1889, d. 1943
FatherThomas G Vreeland b. 14 Jan 1862, d. 1923
MotherAnna Cadmus b. 1864, d. 1910
     Lillian Vreeland married William Perrine. Lillian Vreeland was born on 26 November 1889 at New Jersey. She died in 1943.
     Married name: Perrine.

Lillian Vreeland

F, b. circa 1894
FatherJames C Vreeland b. 4 May 1847, d. 13 May 1912
MotherMay E Norman b. c 1852, d. 7 Jul 1917
     Lillian Vreeland married John Coyle. Lillian Vreeland was born circa 1894.
     Married name: Coyle. She lived between 1912 and 1917 at 8 Piaget Ave, Clifton, NJ.

Lillian Vreeland

F, b. circa 1889
FatherPeter Vander Voort Vreeland b. 20 Mar 1857, d. 28 Sep 1924
MotherElmira Budd b. 1859
     Lillian Vreeland married James Smith. Lillian Vreeland was born circa 1889.
     Married name: Smith. She lived in 1924 at 198 16th Ave., Paterson, NJ.

Lillian Eliza Vreeland

F, b. 3 June 1858
FatherCornelius Vreeland b. 4 Jul 1834
MotherRebecca Ayres d. 1908
     Lillian Eliza Vreeland married Judson A Scofield at Newark, IL. Lillian Eliza Vreeland was born on 3 June 1858.
     Married name: Scofield.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lillian Eliza Vreeland and Judson A Scofield