Franny Summa

F, b. circa 1767
     Franny Summa was born circa 1767 at Lancaster, PA. She married Joel Witwer in 1796 at Lancaster, PA.
     Married name: Witwer.

Child of Franny Summa and Joel Witwer



Children (not necessarily in order) of Summers

Edward Summers

     Edward Summers married Mary Mapes, daughter of Jonathan Mapes and Abigail Corey, circa April 1740 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY.

Ellen Summers

     Ellen Summers married William J Axford, son of John Axford IV and Sarah De Cue.
     Ellen Summers lived at Rochester, MI. Married name: Axford.

Child of Ellen Summers and William J Axford

Florence Livingston Summers

FatherGardner Summers
MotherEliza Ann Axford b. 23 Mar 1821, d. 20 Jul 1873
     Florence Livingston Summers married St. Johns.
     Married name: St. Johns.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Florence Livingston Summers and St. Johns

Frank Summers

     Frank Summers married Bernice Kline, daughter of Ephraim Kline and Caroline Smith, (sine prole).
     Name variation: Dr.

Gardner Summers

     Gardner Summers married Eliza Ann Axford, daughter of Samuel Axford II and Rachel Morgan.
     Gardner Summers lived at Utica, MI.

Child of Gardner Summers and Eliza Ann Axford

Mary Ann 'Polly' Summers

F, b. 21 November 1841, d. 26 February 1913
FatherThomas Summers
MotherSusan E. O'Brien
     Mary Ann 'Polly' Summers was born on 21 November 1841 at Indiana. She married George H. Carrico, son of George G. Carrico and Elizabeth Cissell, on 23 November 1859 at St. Mary's Church, Daviess County, IN. Mary Ann 'Polly' Summers died on 26 February 1913 at Kansas City, KS, at age 71 at home.
     Married name: Carrico.

Child of Mary Ann 'Polly' Summers and George H. Carrico

Phoebe Summers

     Phoebe Summers married Samuel Axford III, son of Samuel Axford II and Rachel Morgan.
     Married name: Axford.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Phoebe Summers and Samuel Axford III

Rebecca Summers

     Rebecca Summers married Morgan Axford, son of Samuel Axford II and Rachel Morgan.
     Rebecca is a cousin of Gardner Summers who married Eliza Ann Axford. Married name: Axford.

Thomas Summers

     Thomas Summers married Susan E. O'Brien.

Child of Thomas Summers and Susan E. O'Brien

William Summers

M, b. 1868
     William Summers married Charlotte Valleau, daughter of George Peter Valleau and Priscilla Low. William Summers was born in 1868.

Margaret Sunbreck

F, d. August 1662
     Margaret Sunbreck married Richard Clayton, son of Edmond Clayton and Margaret, in 1652. Margaret Sunbreck died in August 1662.
     Married name: Clayton.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Margaret Sunbreck and Richard Clayton

Agnus Josephine Amalia Sundell

F, b. 1876, d. 1941
     Agnus Josephine Amalia Sundell was born in 1876 at Omaha, NE. She married Daniel Tracey Courtright, son of Henry Tracy Courtright and Catherine Ophelia Trauger, on 11 October 1899 at East Omaha, NE. Agnus Josephine Amalia Sundell died in 1941 at McDonald, KS.
     Married name: Courtright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Agnus Josephine Amalia Sundell and Daniel Tracey Courtright

Elizabeth Ann Sunderland

F, b. 1840
     Elizabeth Ann Sunderland married Gilbert L Newcomb. Elizabeth Ann Sunderland was born in 1840.
     Married name: Newcomb.

Child of Elizabeth Ann Sunderland and Gilbert L Newcomb

James Albert Sunderland

     James Albert Sunderland married Alice Louisa Edgerly, daughter of John Woods Edgerly and Maria Louisa Chambers.

Cathrine Supenor

F, b. 1 March 1796, d. 26 June 1880
FatherChriistopher Supenor b. 1761, d. 17 Sep 1851
MotherMary Polly Simonson b. 29 Apr 1765, d. 19 Dec 1848
     Cathrine Supenor was born on 1 March 1796 at Irvington, NJ. She married Levi Gardner before 1818 at Irvington, NJ. Cathrine Supenor died on 26 June 1880 at Irvington, NJ, at age 84.
     Married name: Gardner.

Child of Cathrine Supenor and Levi Gardner

Chriistopher Supenor

M, b. 1761, d. 17 September 1851
     Chriistopher Supenor was buried at First Presbyterian Church, West Caldwell, NJ. He was born in 1761 at Passaic, NJ. He married Mary Polly Simonson circa 1790 at New Jersey. Chriistopher Supenor died on 17 September 1851 at New Jersey.

Child of Chriistopher Supenor and Mary Polly Simonson

Mary Elizabeth Supplee

     Mary Elizabeth Supplee married Milton Lerch Kortright, son of Abraham D Kortright and Elizabeth Berch, on 7 December 1871.
     Married name: Kortright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Mary Elizabeth Supplee and Milton Lerch Kortright

Julia Sussman

     Julia Sussman married Charles Riley Dutcher, son of Seneca Dutcher and Rachel DePuy.
     Married name: Dutcher.

Mary Ann Sutcliffe

     Mary Ann Sutcliffe married Phillip Smeltzer, son of Paul Smelser and Elizabeth. Mary Ann Sutcliffe died at Ireland. She was born at Ireland.
     Married name: Smeltzer.

Child of Mary Ann Sutcliffe and Phillip Smeltzer

Fannie Sutherland

     Fannie Sutherland married Walter J Vreeland, son of Lewis Vreeland and Louise Quackenbush, on 10 April 1907.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Child of Fannie Sutherland and Walter J Vreeland

  • Olga Mildred Vreeland b. 3 Jan 1909

Walter Sutherland

     Walter Sutherland married Alice Maranda Bennett, daughter of George H Bennett and Olive Leonora Sprague.

Clarissa Sutliff

F, b. 22 August 1798, d. 27 February 1877
     Clarissa Sutliff was buried at Hillside Cemetery, Damascus, PA. She was born on 22 August 1798. She married John Paul Keesler, son of William Keesler and Boults, on 11 June 1818 at Bethel, NY. Clarissa Sutliff died on 27 February 1877 at age 78.
     Married name: Keesler.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Clarissa Sutliff and John Paul Keesler

Mary Sutliff

     Mary Sutliff married Miles Comstock.
     Married name: Comstock.

Child of Mary Sutliff and Miles Comstock

Nathaniel Sutliffe

     Nathaniel Sutliffe married Hannah Plimpton, daughter of John Plimpton and Jane Dammant, on 31 January 1665.


     Sutphen married Teuntje Eunice Low, daughter of Dirck Low and Rebecca Emmons.

Aaron Sutphen

M, b. 1813
FatherDerick Sutphen b. 3 Sep 1785, d. 13 Jan 1842
MotherElizabeth Myers b. 1790, d. 1836
     Aaron Sutphen married Mary Conover. Aaron Sutphen was born in 1813.

Aaron D Sutphen

M, b. 14 December 1761, d. 8 October 1846
FatherDerick Sutphen b. 1719, d. 1794
MotherMaria Longstreet
     Aaron D Sutphen was born on 14 December 1761. He married Sarah Chasey in 1782. Aaron D Sutphen married Jane Voorhees in 1799. Aaron D Sutphen died on 8 October 1846 at age 84.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Aaron D Sutphen and Sarah Chasey

  • John Sutphen b. 1783
  • Derick Sutphen+ b. 3 Sep 1785, d. 13 Jan 1842
  • Mary Sutphen b. 1788
  • Sarah Sutphen b. 1790
  • Ann Sutphen b. 1794
  • Martha Sutphen b. 1796

Abraham Sutphen

M, b. 19 July 1726
FatherAbraham Derickse Sutphen b. 25 Sep 1696
MotherMaria Burkelow
     Abraham Sutphen died Y young. He was baptized on 19 July 1726 at Reformed Dutch Church, Freehold, NJ.