Ella Utz

F, b. March 1891, d. 14 July 1971
     Ella Utz was born in March 1891 at Buffalo, Erie County, NY. She was born in 1899 (Buffalo ,NY). She married Jesse Moore Taylor Jr., son of Jesse Moore Taylor and Kathrine Kents, circa 1926 at Buffalo, Erie County, NY. Ella Utz died on 14 July 1971 at Buffalo, NY, at age 80. She was buried on 16 July 1971 at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY.
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Ella Utz appears in the Buffalo directories of 1930 as living with Jes se Taylor Jr. at 103 Best St. This is the first time wives are listed in t he directories. Jesse JR lived at 103 best St since 1926.Ella Utz was bo rn in 1890 in NY and died July 14 1971. Her survivors were Marion Seeriet er, Clayton Utz, and Virginia Mullen. ( this makes me believe that s he had a brother and Mabe two sisters.)

( Information comes from the Buffalo library and the Forest lawn Cemete ry in Buffalo NY which provided the original obituaries.). Married name: Taylor. Name variation: Ella M Utz.

Magdalen Uzile

     Magdalen Uzile married Abraham Le Roux.
     Married name: Le Roux.

Helena Uzille

F, b. 27 March 1696
FatherPieter Uzille
MotherCornelia Damen b. c 1665
     Helena Uzille was born on 27 March 1696 at Kingston, NY. She married Willem Hooghteling, son of Conrad Houghtaling and Tryntje Wllemse Van Slyck, on 9 November 1716.
     Married name: Hooghteling. Name variation: Lena Uzile.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Helena Uzille and Willem Hooghteling

  • Coenradt Hooghteling b. 25 Aug 1717
  • Pieter Hooghteling+ b. 19 Oct 1718
  • Tryntje Hooghteling b. 25 Dec 1720
  • Cornelia Hooghteling b. 30 Sep 1722
  • Maria Hooghteling b. 5 Jul 1724
  • Elizabeth Hooghteling b. 23 Apr 1727
  • Mathias Hooghteling b. 19 Feb 1729
  • Jonathan Hooghteling b. 12 Sep 1736
  • Willem Hooghteling b. 7 Sep 1740

Pieter Uzille

     Pieter Uzille married Cornelia Damen, daughter of Jan Cornelis Damen and Fytie Martens, on 6 August 1686 at Albany, Albany County, NY.

Child of Pieter Uzille and Cornelia Damen

Vivian V?

     Vivian V? married Robert King, son of William Henry King and Mary Ellen Higgins.
     Married name: King.

Child of Vivian V? and Robert King

  • Robert King

John Vader

     John Vader married Annie Kip, daughter of Nicasi Kip and Leah Mandeville.

Augusta Vail

FatherDavid W Vail
     Augusta Vail married Theodous? Romeyn Westbrook, son of Cornelius Depuy Westbrook and Sarah Beekman, in 1846.
     Married name: Westbrook.

David W Vail

     David W Vail lived at New Brunswick, NJ. Name variation: Hon.

Child of David W Vail

Eleanor Louise Vail

     Eleanor Louise Vail married Charles Frederick Hoffman, son of Samuel Verplanck Hoffman and Glowina Russell Storm, before 1856.
     Married name: Hoffman.

Child of Eleanor Louise Vail and Charles Frederick Hoffman

  • Charles Frederick Hoffman b. 1856

Irena Vail


Child of Irena Vail and Enos Mapes

Jeremiah Vail

M, b. circa 1618, d. 1687
FatherJohn Vail
MotherElizabeth Dawsome
     Jeremiah Vail was born circa 1618 at England. He married Catherine. Jeremiah Vail married Mary Folger, daughter of John Folger Jr. and Merebah Gibbs, on 24 May 1660. Jeremiah Vail married Joyce Rejoice before 1685. Jeremiah Vail died in 1687 at Southold, Long Island, NY.
     Jeremiah Vail settled at Salem, MA in 1639, moved to Easthampton, LI in 1655 and then to Southold in 1659. Henry Hobart Vail states that Jeremiah and Anthony Waters worked the farm of Lion Gardiner on Gardiner's Island from 1653-1655. Jeremiah was a blacksmith and after marrying Mary they lived on Peter Paine's home lot.

Child of Jeremiah Vail and Mary Folger

John Vail

FatherThomas Vele
     John Vail married Elizabeth Dawsome on 23 April 1612.
     Name variation: John Veale. Sources: Southold Connections, Judy Jacobson, pp 96, 97; OCGS 4, 15, 1974.

Child of John Vail and Elizabeth Dawsome

John Vail

     John Vail married Tamer Budd.

Child of John Vail and Tamer Budd

Luther Vail

M, b. 15 March 1870, d. 1 March 1919
     Luther Vail was born on 15 March 1870. He married Elizabeth Louise Sly, daughter of Norman Sly and Roxana Bertholf, on 25 December 1903. Luther Vail died on 1 March 1919 at age 48.

Child of Luther Vail and Elizabeth Louise Sly

  • Norman W Vail b. 14 Jan 1904

Moses Vail

     Moses Vail married Hannah Benedict, daughter of Nathaniel Benedict and Hannah.

Phebe Vail

F, b. 5 September 1765, d. 25 August 1844
FatherWilliam Vail
     Phebe Vail was born on 5 September 1765. She married Erastus Mapes, son of Samuel Mapes and Mary Smith, on 6 March 1788 at Goshen, Orange County, NY. Phebe Vail died on 25 August 1844 at age 78.
     Married name: MAPES.

Child of Phebe Vail and Erastus Mapes

Phoebe Vail

     Phoebe Vail married Charles Elmore, son of Samuel Lyman Elmore and Fanny Hammond, in 1840.
     Married name: Elmore.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Phoebe Vail and Charles Elmore

Tamar Vail

FatherJohn Vail
MotherTamer Budd
     Tamar Vail married John Lounsbury, son of Isaac Lounsbury and Deborah Smith, on 21 November 1798.
     Married name: Lounsbury.

Tibitha Vail

F, b. 1661, d. 16 December 1735
FatherJeremiah Vail b. c 1618, d. 1687
MotherMary Folger b. a 1617, d. b 1685
     Tibitha Vail was born in 1661 at Suffolk County, NY. She married Henry Case, son of Henry Case and Martha Corwin, in 1681 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY. Tibitha Vail died on 16 December 1735 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY.
     Married name: Case. Source: OCGS 4, 15, 1974.

Child of Tibitha Vail and Henry Case

William Vail

     William Vail married Phoebe.

Child of William Vail and Phoebe

Phebe Valantine

     Phebe Valantine married Caleb Munson Godwin, son of Abraham Godwin and Maria Munson.
     Married name: Godwin.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Phebe Valantine and Caleb Munson Godwin

Ann Valentine

     Ann Valentine married Henry Pearsall, son of Thomas Pearsall and Mary Brent.
     Married name: Pearsall.

Child of Ann Valentine and Henry Pearsall

Margaret Valentine

     Margaret Valentine married Joseph Pohlman Post, son of Joseph Post, in 1860.
     Married name: Post.

Child of Margaret Valentine and Joseph Pohlman Post

Mary Elizabeth Valentine

F, b. 1801, d. 17 March 1823
     Mary Elizabeth Valentine was born in 1801. She married Albert Bertholf, son of Hendrick Albertse Bertholf, at Kakiat Church, Rockland County, NY. Mary Elizabeth Valentine died on 17 March 1823.
     Married name: Bertholf. Name variation: Polly Valentine.

Ypse Janae Valentyn

     Ypse Janae Valentyn married Symon Schouten.
     Married name: Schouten.

Child of Ypse Janae Valentyn and Symon Schouten

Antoine-Francois Valeran

M, b. 1755
FatherFrancois Valeran b. c 1735
MotherFrancoise-Louise Samson b. 2 Mar 1724
     Antoine-Francois Valeran was born in 1755 at Quebec, Quebec, Canada.

Francois Valeran

M, b. circa 1735
FatherJacques Valeran b. c 1690
MotherMarie-Therese Bonnier b. c 1690
     Francois Valeran was born circa 1735 at Quebec, Canada. He married Francoise-Louise Samson on 21 October 1754 at Quebec, Canada.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Francois Valeran and Francoise-Louise Samson

Francois Valeran

M, b. circa 1765
FatherFrancois Valeran b. c 1735
MotherFrancoise-Louise Samson b. 2 Mar 1724
     Francois Valeran was born circa 1765 at Quebec, Canada.

Jacques Valeran

M, b. circa 1690
     Jacques Valeran was born circa 1690 at Paris, France. He married Marie-Therese Bonnier.

Child of Jacques Valeran and Marie-Therese Bonnier

Louis Valeran

M, b. 1757
FatherFrancois Valeran b. c 1735
MotherFrancoise-Louise Samson b. 2 Mar 1724
     Louis Valeran was born in 1757 at Quebec, Quebec, Canada.