Rachel Sammons

     Rachel Sammons married John A Schoonmaker.
     Married name: Schoonmaker.

Child of Rachel Sammons and John A Schoonmaker

Sarah Sammons

     Sarah Sammons married David Schoonmaker.
     Married name: Schoonmaker.

Child of Sarah Sammons and David Schoonmaker

Thomas Sammons

     Thomas Sammons married Pieternella Schoonmaker, daughter of Cornelius Barent Schoonmaker and Engeltje Roose, on 7 June 1744.

Child of Thomas Sammons and Pieternella Schoonmaker

Elizabeth Sampson

FatherHenry Sampson
MotherAnn Plummer
     Elizabeth Sampson married Robert Sproat.
     Married name: Sproat.

Child of Elizabeth Sampson and Robert Sproat

Henry Sampson

     Henry Sampson married Ann Plummer.

Child of Henry Sampson and Ann Plummer

Joseph Sampson

     Joseph Sampson married Adele Livingston, daughter of John W Livingston and Julia Broome.

Sabra Sampson

F, b. 25 July 1759, d. 25 August 1841
     Sabra Sampson married James Armstrong, son of Robert Armstrong and Ann. Sabra Sampson was born on 25 July 1759. She died on 25 August 1841 at Jacob's Creek, PA, at age 82.
     Married name: Armstrong.

Child of Sabra Sampson and James Armstrong

Sarah Sampson

F, d. after 1809
     Sarah Sampson was born (Probably born in MA.). She married William Gifford on 14 September 1791 at New Bedford, MA. Sarah Sampson died after 1809 Probably died in MA.
     Married name: Gifford.

Child of Sarah Sampson and William Gifford

Francoise-Louise Samson

F, b. 2 March 1724
     Francoise-Louise Samson was born on 2 March 1724 at Pointe-de-Levy (Lauzon), Levis, Quebec, Canada. She married Francois Valeran, son of Jacques Valeran and Marie-Therese Bonnier, on 21 October 1754 at Quebec, Canada.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Francoise-Louise Samson and Francois Valeran

Ariantje Samuels

     Ariantje Samuels married William Jans Houghteling.
     Married name: Houghteling. Name variation: Harriet Samuels.

Child of Ariantje Samuels and William Jans Houghteling

Eleanor Clara Samuels

F, b. 4 February 1921, d. 28 November 1988
FatherPaul Gordon Samuels b. 30 Jan 1897, d. 1971
MotherAnna Clara Wilhemina Ullrich b. 30 Sep, d. 12 Oct 1970
     Eleanor Clara Samuels was born on 4 February 1921 at Englewood, Bergen County, NJ. She died on 28 November 1988 at Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ, at age 67.
     Married name: Stone.

James H. Samuels

M, b. March 1860, d. circa 1925-6
     James H. Samuels died circa 1925-6 at Chicago, Cook County, IL. He married Mary Augusta Brown (Nelson?). James H. Samuels was born in March 1860 at New York.

Child of James H. Samuels and Mary Augusta Brown (Nelson?)

Paul Gordon Samuels

M, b. 30 January 1897, d. 1971
FatherJames H. Samuels b. Mar 1860, d. circa 1925-6
MotherMary Augusta Brown (Nelson?) b. Mar 1866
     Paul Gordon Samuels was born on 30 January 1897 at Buffalo, Erie County, NY. He married Anna Clara Wilhemina Ullrich, daughter of Francis Joseph Ullrich and Anna Maria Walter, on 15 April 1920 at Englewood, Bergen County, NJ. Paul Gordon Samuels died in 1971 at Florida.

Child of Paul Gordon Samuels and Anna Clara Wilhemina Ullrich

Robert Samuels

     Robert Samuels married Eliza Stagg, daughter of Richard Stagg and Sara Ackerman.

Marie Sanamalcchi

     Marie Sanamalcchi married Joseph Abate.
     Married name: Abate.

Child of Marie Sanamalcchi and Joseph Abate

Widow Sanborn

F, d. circa 1758
     Widow Sanborn married Joseph Edgerly, son of Thomas Edgerly and Jane Wheedon, in 1757. Widow Sanborn died circa 1758.
     Married name: Edgerly. She lived at Stratham, NH.

Caroline Sanborn

F, b. circa 1821, d. January 1850
     Caroline Sanborn was born circa 1821 at New Hampshire. She married John Henry Staples on 11 August 1844 at Moultonborough, NH, (John may have been married previously (see age of daughter).). Caroline Sanborn died in January 1850 at Sandwich, NH, aged 28 yrs (probably).
     Married name: Staples.

Child of Caroline Sanborn and John Henry Staples

Mary Sanborn

F, b. 14 May 1753, d. 12 December 1831
     Mary Sanborn married Benjamin Edgerly, son of Caleb Edgerly and Abril Cilley. Mary Sanborn was born on 14 May 1753. She died on 12 December 1831 at Michigan at age 78.
     Married name: Edgerly. Name variation: Mercy Sanborn.

LeRoy Sandberg

     LeRoy Sandberg married Merlynn Pope, daughter of Clive Arden Pope and Sylva Harrison.

Child of LeRoy Sandberg and Merlynn Pope

  • Sylva Marie Sandberg

Samuel A Sandefur

M, d. 12 March 1915
     Samuel A Sandefur married Emma Elizabeth Shuck, daughter of William Thomas Shuck and Susan Demaree, on 8 October 1900. Samuel A Sandefur died on 12 March 1915.

Amanda Sanders

FatherGeorge Sanders
MotherMaria Nicholas
     Amanda Sanders married Edward Lounsbury, son of Peter Lounsbury and Harriet Cantine, on 3 November 1858 at Brookton, NY.
     Married name: Lounsbury.

Anne Sanders

FatherSanders Egbertse b. c 1658
MotherMagdaline Van Giesen
     Anne Sanders married Jacobus Vander Spregil.
     Married name: Spregil.

Anne Sanders

     Anne Sanders married John W Livingston.
     Married name: Livingston.

Child of Anne Sanders and John W Livingston

Annetje Sanders

F, b. circa 1683
FatherSanders Egbertse b. c 1658
MotherElsie Pieters Staats d. c 1700
     Annetje Sanders was born circa 1683. She was baptized on 2 May 1683 at Bergen, NJ, (pg 107). She married Johannes Van Winkle in 1703.
     Married name: Winkle.

Catharina Sanders

     Catharina Sanders married Hendrick Barent Ten Eyck, son of Barent Ten Eyck and Lena Ryckman.
     Married name: Ten Eyck.

Catherine Sanders

     Catherine Sanders married William Lucian DeWitt, son of John Henry DeWitt and Margaret Hauck.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catherine Sanders and William Lucian DeWitt

  • Robert DeWitt
  • Mary DeWitt
  • John DeWitt
  • Lettie DeWitt
  • David DeWitt
  • Daisy DeWitt

Edward Sanders

     Edward Sanders died Y. He married Rachel Egbert, daughter of James Egbert and Rachel Bray, in 1837.
     Name variation: Rev.

Egbert Sanders

M, d. 1749
FatherSanders Egbertse b. c 1658
MotherElsie Pieters Staats d. c 1700
     Egbert Sanders married Trintje Walimgse Van Winkle on 16 September 1710. Egbert Sanders died in 1749.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Egbert Sanders and Trintje Walimgse Van Winkle

Elizabeth Sanders

FatherSanders Egbertse b. c 1658
MotherMagdaline Van Giesen
     Elizabeth Sanders married Everet Wendel.
     Married name: Wendel.

Elsie Sanders

FatherSanders Egbertse b. c 1658
MotherElsie Pieters Staats d. c 1700
     Elsie Sanders married Richard Rhee in 1705.
     Married name: Rhee.