Nellie Vandermay

F, b. December 1865
     Nellie Vandermay was born in December 1865 at The Netherlands. She married Ytsen van der Mey, son of Harmen van der Mey and Jantje Hager, in 1887.
     Married name: van der Mey. Nellie Vandermay and Ytsen van der Mey appeared on the census of 1900 at (#76), Little Falls Township, Passaic County, NJ. with three children: Herman (Mar 1889), Hike (Jul 1891) and Jennie (Apr 1894), all born in NJ.

Jacobus Vandermerk

M, b. 28 March 1800
FatherBanjamin Vandermark
MotherMary Cortright b. 1770
     Jacobus Vandermerk was christened at Dutch Reformed Church, Walpack, Sussex County, NJ. He was born on 28 March 1800.
     Source! Records of the Walpeck DRC, p.48.

Jacomeyntjen VanderMerken

     Jacomeyntjen VanderMerken married Jacobus Tack, son of Cornelius Tack and Barbara Metselaer, on 27 October 1727.
     Married name: Tack.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jacomeyntjen VanderMerken and Jacobus Tack

  • Helena Tack b. 28 Jul 1728
  • Ary Tack b. 21 Apr 1734
  • Lidia Tack b. 8 Aug 1736
  • Johannes Tack b. 25 Mar 1739, d. b 22 Jan 1790
  • Alida Tack b. 5 Sep 1742
  • Jacobus Tack b. 21 Sep 1746

Kerstin Vandermewe

     Married name: Clark.

John Vanderoot

M, b. 5 January 1806, d. 17 October 1879
     John Vanderoot was born on 5 January 1806. He married Fanny Holbert, daughter of John Holbert Jr. and Eleanor Smith, circa 1830. John Vanderoot died on 17 October 1879 at age 73.

Jacobus Vanderpoel

     Jacobus Vanderpoel married Hannah Schermerhorn, daughter of Lt. Col. Jacob C Schermerhorn and Cornelia Gardenier.

Melgert Wynantse Vanderpoel

     Melgert Wynantse Vanderpoel married Ariantje Ver Planck, daughter of Abram Isaacsen Ver Planck and Maria Guylense Vinge. Melgert Wynantse Vanderpoel married Elizabeth Teller, daughter of William Teller and Margaret Donchesen, on 29 June 1692.

Catherine Vanderpool

F, b. 1786, d. 1871
     Catherine Vanderpool married Peter Westervelt, son of John Van Westervelt and Annetje Leroy. Catherine Vanderpool was born in 1786. She died in 1871.
     Married name: Westervelt.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Catherine Vanderpool and Peter Westervelt

Emeline Vanderpool

F, b. 1823, d. 1890
     Emeline Vanderpool married David Board Kingsland, son of Abraham Kingsland and Mary Hull. Emeline Vanderpool was born in 1823. She died in 1890.
     Married name: Kingsland.

Ethel Vanderpool

F, b. circa 1895
     Ethel Vanderpool married John Dyer VanStone, son of Richard J VanStone and Mary Wickham. Ethel Vanderpool was born circa 1895.
     Married name: VanStone.

Rebecca Vandershine

     Rebecca Vandershine married Ryer Aria Uriah Ryerson, son of Marten Adrien Ryerson and Annetje Rapalje, in March 1696.
     Married name: Ryerson.

Wilhelmina VanDerSluys

F, b. 31 October 1921, d. 19 January 2011
     Wilhelmina VanDerSluys was born on 31 October 1921. She died on 19 January 2011 at West Milford, NJ, at age 89.

Magdalena Vanderstraiten

     Magdalena Vanderstraiten married Simon Druine. Magdalena Vanderstraiten died at New York.
     Married name: Druine. Name variation: Magdaleen Van der Straten. Name variation: Magdalena Van Derstraaten. Name variation: Magdalena Vander Straaten.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Magdalena Vanderstraiten and Simon Druine

Femmetje Vanderveen

     Femmetje Vanderveen married Jakob Seubring, son of Cornelis Seubring and Aeltjie Lubbertsen.
     Married name: Seubring.

Joseph Vanderveer

     Joseph Vanderveer married Catherine Duyckinck, daughter of Evert Duyckinck and Aafie Hardenbroeck, in 1765.
     Name variation: Dr.

Martin Vanderveer

M, b. 25 April 1884, d. 15 February 1972
     Martin Vanderveer married Della Zeedyk. Martin Vanderveer was born on 25 April 1884 at The Netherlands. He died on 15 February 1972 at 1 Inglis Place, Paterson, Passaic County, NJ, at age 87. He was buried on 18 February 1972 at Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery, Fair Lawn, Bergen County, NJ.
     Surviving, besides his wife, are a daughter Helen (Moezelaar) of Prospect Park, and three sons: Peter of North Haledon, William of Franklin Lakes, and Fred of Mahwah. T623 Roll: 990 Page: 302, ED 109. with his father Peter (Apr 1867), mother Minie (Jul 1867), Clara (Feb 1882), Martin (Apr 1884) and Abram (Nov 1885), all born in Holland. Married 20 yrs. imm 1888. He immigrated in 1887 in 1887. He and Della Zeedyk appeared on the census of 1910 at 24 English Place, Paterson City (1st Ward), Passaic County, NJ. with son Peter (1). In the same house is Cornelius Zeedyk (27) with wife Anna (26) and son Peter (1). All, except Martin and Anna are born in NJ. Martin Vanderveer and Della Zeedyk appeared on the census of 1920 at 1 Inglis Place, Paterson City (1st Ward), Passaic County, NJ. with three children: Peter (10), Helen (5) and William H. (1 + 11 mo). In the same house is Cornelius Zeedyk (37) with wife Anna (36) and 4 children: Peter S. (11), Cornel J. (9), Robert E. (2 + 3 mo), and May (7). All, except Martin and Anna are born in NJ.

Sarah VanderVlucht

     Sarah VanderVlucht married Jan Tiebout.
     Married name: Tiebout.

Child of Sarah VanderVlucht and Jan Tiebout

Aeltje? Vandervoort

FatherMichiel Vandervoort
MotherMaria Rapalje b. 11 Mar 1627
     Aeltje? Vandervoort married Derick Janse.
     Married name: Janse.

Elizabeth Vandervoort

     Elizabeth Vandervoort married George Rapalje, son of George Rapalje and Elizabeth Remsen.
     Married name: Rapalje.

Elizabeth Paulus? Vandervoort

FatherMichiel Vandervoort
MotherMaria Rapalje b. 11 Mar 1627
     Elizabeth Paulus? Vandervoort married Volkert Hendricksen.
     Married name: Hendricksen.

Ella Alice Vandervoort

F, b. 14 September 1870, d. 21 February 1941
     Ella Alice Vandervoort married William Lewis Robertson, son of Lewis A Robertson and Esther S Vaninwegen. Ella Alice Vandervoort was born on 14 September 1870 at South Centerville, NY. She died on 21 February 1941 at Middletown, NY, at age 70.
     Married name: Robertson.

Child of Ella Alice Vandervoort and William Lewis Robertson

Hannah Vandervoort

     Hannah Vandervoort married Peter Lein II, son of Peter Lein I and Elizabeth, in 1795.
     Married name: Lein.

John C Vandervoort

     John C Vandervoort married Eliza Mueller, daughter of David Miller and Elizabeth Welch.
     Name variation: Rev.

Josyntie Michaelse Vandervoort

F, b. 20 December 1643
FatherMichiel Vandervoort
MotherMaria Rapalje b. 11 Mar 1627
     Josyntie Michaelse Vandervoort died Y young. She was baptized on 20 December 1643.

Michiel Vandervoort

     Michiel Vandervoort was born at Dendermonde, Flanders, The Netherlands. He married Maria Rapalje, daughter of Joris Jansen Rapalje and Catalina Trico, on 18 November 1646.
     Name variation: Michael Pauluzen Vander Voort. Name variation: Michael Paulus Vandervoort.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Michiel Vandervoort and Maria Rapalje

  • Aeltje? Vandervoort
  • Elizabeth Paulus? Vandervoort
  • Michael Michaelse Vandervoort b. 19 Jan 1642
  • Josyntie Michaelse Vandervoort b. 20 Dec 1643
  • Josyntie Michaelse Vandervoort b. 2 Jun 1647
  • Paulus Michaelse Vandervoort b. 3 Jan 1649
  • Jan Michaelse Vandervoort b. 11 Dec 1650
  • Maria Michaelse Vandervoort b. 27 Jul 1653
  • Hendrick Michaelse Vandervoort b. 22 Aug 1655
  • Joris Michaelse Vandervoort b. 18 Oct 1656
  • Claertje Michaelse Vandervoort b. 27 Oct 1658

Paul Vandervort

     Paul Vandervort married Mary Banker, daughter of Nathaniel Banker and Hannah Conklin.

Jane Vanderwoort

     Jane Vanderwoort married Simon Duryea, son of Simon (Joosten) Duryea and Annetje Sprung, on 17 December 1758.
     Jane Vanderwoort lived at Bushwick, NY, first, and later in NJ. Married name: Duryea.

Child of Jane Vanderwoort and Simon Duryea

Maritje VanDeusen

     Maritje VanDeusen married Johannes Thomasen, son of Thomas Fredricksen and Maritje Adriaens.
     Married name: Thomasen.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Maritje VanDeusen and Johannes Thomasen

Ellen Vandevere

     Ellen Vandevere married Jacob Conover.
     Married name: Conover.

Child of Ellen Vandevere and Jacob Conover

Jan Vandevoort

     Jan Vandevoort married Lea Vandevoort on 12 January 1770.