Wyntie Sybrant

F, b. 1642
     Wyntie Sybrant was born in 1642. She married William Bogart, son of Everardus Bogardus and Anneke Jans, on 29 August 1658.
     Married name: Bogart.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Wyntie Sybrant and William Bogart

Edith Syder

     Edith Syder married Willet Valleau, son of Peter Valleau and Martha Potter.
     Married name: Valleau.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Edith Syder and Willet Valleau


     Sykes married Catharine Ann Philhower, daughter of Philip Philhower and Mary.

A. P. Sykes

     A. P. Sykes married Serepta Axford, daughter of Abraham Axford Jr. and Pennina Swayze.

Daisy Sykes

     Daisy Sykes married Albert R Vreeland, son of Oliver Perry Vreeland and Anna Romane, on 25 March 1909.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Child of Daisy Sykes and Albert R Vreeland

  • Albert R Vreeland Jr. b. c 1910

Mattie Sykes

     Mattie Sykes married Homer Axford, son of Abraham Axford Jr. and Pennina Swayze.
     Married name: Axford.

Ann Sylvester

     Ann Sylvester married William Stults, son of John Marlin Stults and Mary Elizabeth Higbee.
     Ann Sylvester and William Stults were Type: Removed at Ohio. Married name: Stults.

Edward (Teddy) John Sylvester

M, b. 5 March 1916, d. 17 February 2006
FatherHarry Sylvester d. 7 Sep 1938
MotherElsie Ada Truss b. 21 Sep 1887, d. 21 Jun 1987
     Edward (Teddy) John Sylvester was born on 5 March 1916. He married Barbara Hoffman on 1 October 1938. Edward (Teddy) John Sylvester died on 17 February 2006 at Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ, at age 89.

Elsie T Sylvester

F, b. 15 January 1920, d. 20 December 1985
FatherHarry Sylvester d. 7 Sep 1938
MotherElsie Ada Truss b. 21 Sep 1887, d. 21 Jun 1987
     Elsie T Sylvester was born on 15 January 1920. She died on 20 December 1985 at age 65.
     Name variation: Elsie T Hillman.

Francis Sylvester

     Francis Sylvester married Ytje Bosch.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Francis Sylvester and Ytje Bosch

  • Ann Sylvester b. 30 Sep 1713
  • Susanna Sylvester b. 22 May 1715
  • Susanna Sylvester b. 29 Mar 1719

Harry Sylvester

M, d. 7 September 1938
     Harry Sylvester was born at Blackpool, England. He married Elsie Ada Truss, daughter of Walter George Truss and Ada Mary James. Harry Sylvester died on 7 September 1938.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Harry Sylvester and Elsie Ada Truss

Jerusha Sylvester

     Jerusha Sylvester married John Dalrymple.
     Married name: Dalrymple.

Child of Jerusha Sylvester and John Dalrymple

Jerusha Sylvester

     Jerusha Sylvester married John Dalrymple.
     Married name: Dalrymple.

Child of Jerusha Sylvester and John Dalrymple

Kenneth Henry Sylvester

M, b. 16 August 1912, d. 29 January 1971
FatherHarry Sylvester d. 7 Sep 1938
MotherElsie Ada Truss b. 21 Sep 1887, d. 21 Jun 1987
     Kenneth Henry Sylvester was born on 16 August 1912. He died on 29 January 1971 at age 58.

Mary Sylvester

     Mary Sylvester married Richard Edgerton.
     Married name: Edgerton.

Child of Mary Sylvester and Richard Edgerton

Barent Symessen

     Barent Symessen married Appollonia Mesecar, daughter of Johannes Machgielzen Mesecar and Neeltje Coerten.

Hulda Symonds

F, b. 20 November 1660, d. 13 March 1746
     Hulda Symonds was born on 20 November 1660 at Woburn, MA. She married Samuel Blodgett II, son of Samuel Blodgett and Ruth Eggleton, on 30 April 1683. Hulda Symonds died on 13 March 1746 at Woburn, MA, at age 85.
     Married name: Blodgett.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hulda Symonds and Samuel Blodgett II

  • Samuel Blodgett III+ b. 27 Dec 1683, d. 12 Dec 1762
  • Daniel Blodgett b. 24 Mar 1685
  • William Blodgett b. 11 Jan 1686
  • Hulda Blodgett b. 9 Feb 1688
  • Caleb Blodgett b. 11 Nov 1691
  • Joshua Blodgett b. 26 Feb 1693
  • Josiah Blodgett b. 27 Mar 1696
  • John Blodgett b. 19 Apr 1699
  • Benjamin Blodgett b. 4 Mar 1701
  • Nathan Blodgett b. 15 Mar 1704

Jannetje Symons

     Jannetje Symons married Evert Pels.
     Married name: Pels.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jannetje Symons and Evert Pels

Marytje Symonsen

F, b. circa 1700
     Marytje Symonsen was born circa 1700. She married Johannes Cashow, son of Jacques Jacob Cossart and Anna Marie Rapalje, circa 1730.
     Married name: Cashow.

Child of Marytje Symonsen and Johannes Cashow

Alexander Sympson

     Alexander Sympson married Jannetje Van Voorhies, daughter of Steven Coerte Van Voorhies and Willempie Roeloffse Seuberine, 29 feb 1690.

Christiaan Syourt

M, b. 1770
FatherWilliam Syourt b. 1735
MotherCatrina b. 1735
     Christiaan Syourt was born in 1770. He was baptized on 29 July 1770 at Paramus, Bergen County, NJ.

William Syourt

M, b. 1735
     William Syourt married Catrina. William Syourt was born in 1735.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William Syourt and Catrina

Clarence Hosea Tabor

     Clarence Hosea Tabor married Ella Jane Bailey, daughter of Samuel Bailey and Ella Godfrey.

Phebe Tabor

     Phebe Tabor was born at Oyster Bay, Nassau County, NY. She married John Brown in 1803 at Oyster Bay, Queens County, NY.
     Name variation: Phebe Brown.

Child of Phebe Tabor and John Brown

Aert Pietersen Tack

M, b. between 1630 and 1635, d. after 1688
     Aert Pietersen Tack was born between 1630 and 1635 at Etten, Barony of Breda, Brabant, The Netherlands. He married Anna Adriance, daughter of Aerjan Jans and Geertjen Jans, circa 1660 at New Netherlands. Aert Pietersen Tack married Grietjen Vooght in 1663 (illegally). Aert Pietersen Tack and Anna Adriance were divorced in 1664; Annetje sued for divorce from Aert on the grounds of desertion. Aert Pietersen Tack died after 1688 at Harlem, New York City, NY.

Child of Aert Pietersen Tack and Anna Adriance

Cornelius Tack

M, b. 14 August 1661
FatherAert Pietersen Tack b. bt 1630 - 1635, d. a 1688
MotherAnna Adriance b. 29 Aug 1645, d. a 1712
     Cornelius Tack was baptized on 14 August 1661 at Kingston, NY. He married Barbara Metselaer, daughter of Jan Adamsen Metselaer and Geertruyd Dircks, on 18 November 1688.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Cornelius Tack and Barbara Metselaer

  • Jacobus Tack+
  • Johannes Tack b. 6 Nov 1692
  • Annatje Tack b. 12 Nov 1693
  • Maria Tack+ b. 15 Nov 1696
  • Abraam Tack b. 9 Jul 1699
  • Grietje Tack b. 13 Apr 1701
  • Isaack Tack b. 10 Jan 1703
  • Sara Tack b. 9 Apr 1704
  • Ary Tack b. 17 Mar 1706
  • Racheltje Tack b. 20 Jun 1708
  • Cornelis Tack b. 6 Jul 1712

Geertje Tack

     Geertje Tack married Frederick Vandermark.
     Married name: Vandermark.

Child of Geertje Tack and Frederick Vandermark

Grietje Artz Tack

F, b. 1663, d. after 1720
     Grietje Artz Tack married Leur Jacobz Van Kuykendall, son of Jacob Leursen and Styntie Douwes. Grietje Artz Tack was born in 1663. She died after 1720.
     Married name: Van Kuykendall.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Grietje Artz Tack and Leur Jacobz Van Kuykendall

Jacobus Tack

FatherCornelius Tack b. 14 Aug 1661
MotherBarbara Metselaer b. 12 Sep 1666
     Jacobus Tack married Jacomeyntjen VanderMerken on 27 October 1727.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jacobus Tack and Jacomeyntjen VanderMerken

  • Helena Tack b. 28 Jul 1728
  • Ary Tack b. 21 Apr 1734
  • Lidia Tack b. 8 Aug 1736
  • Johannes Tack b. 25 Mar 1739, d. b 22 Jan 1790
  • Alida Tack b. 5 Sep 1742
  • Jacobus Tack b. 21 Sep 1746

Jemima Tack

F, b. 3 April 1777
FatherJohannes Tack
MotherSara Elmendorph
     Jemima Tack was born on 3 April 1777 at Marbletown, NY. She married Jacob Lounsbury, son of Edward Lounsbury and Elizabeth Keator, on 18 November 1803 at Marbletown, NY.
     Married name: Lounsbury. Name variation: Jacomyntje Tack.

Child of Jemima Tack and Jacob Lounsbury