William P Vreeland

M, b. 11 August 1862
FatherMichael DeMott Vreeland b. 21 Nov 1818
     William P Vreeland married Grace Halliday. William P Vreeland was born on 11 August 1862.

William P Vreeland

M, b. 1 April 1875
FatherJohn Henry Vreeland b. 14 Sep 1844
MotherAnna Van Horn
     William P Vreeland was born on 1 April 1875. He married Lenora Stillwell on 29 March 1898.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William P Vreeland and Lenora Stillwell

  • Velma Frances Vreeland b. 15 Mar 1899
  • Clarence Pennington Vreeland b. 24 Dec 1905

William P Vreeland

M, d. before 1917
FatherJames C Vreeland b. 4 May 1847, d. 13 May 1912
MotherMay E Norman b. c 1852, d. 7 Jul 1917
     William P Vreeland died before 1917.
     He lived in 1912 at Staten Island, NY.

Child of William P Vreeland

  • Harry W Vreeland b. c 1908

William Pennington Vreeland

M, b. 9 July 1863, d. 10 November 1943
FatherRichard C Vreeland b. 14 Dec 1820, d. 6 May 1891
MotherMargaret Ann Demarest b. 1 Feb 1827, d. 11 Mar 1909
     William Pennington Vreeland was buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Paterson, NJ. He married Annie Vreeland, daughter of Cornelius Vreeland and Sarah C Van Riper. William Pennington Vreeland was born on 9 July 1863 at Rochelle Park, NJ. He died on 10 November 1943 at age 80.
     He lived in 1943 at 109 East Central Ave, Maywood, NJ.

Child of William Pennington Vreeland and Annie Vreeland

William Pennington Vreeland

M, b. 15 October 1840, d. 1849
FatherPeter V B Vreeland b. 27 Aug 1795
MotherAntje Vreeland b. 4 Feb 1799
     William Pennington Vreeland was born on 15 October 1840. He was baptized on 29 November 1840 at First Reformed Church, Bayonne, NJ. He died in 1849.

William Pennington Vreeland

M, b. 1 January 1850
FatherCornelius Vreeland b. 28 Jun 1821
MotherAnn Eliza Van Buskirk d. 1909
     William Pennington Vreeland married Elizabeth A Crawford. William Pennington Vreeland was born on 1 January 1850.

Child of William Pennington Vreeland and Elizabeth A Crawford

William R Vreeland

FatherWilliam H Vreeland b. 26 Jan 1844
MotherMargaret Stager
     William R Vreeland married Elizabeth Purcell.

Child of William R Vreeland and Elizabeth Purcell

William R Vreeland

M, d. circa 1950
FatherWilliam R Vreeland
MotherElizabeth Purcell
     William R Vreeland was buried at Bloomfield Cemetery, Bloomfield, NJ. He died circa 1950.

William Roswell Vreeland

M, b. 16 April 1915, d. 20 July 1977
FatherRoswell Vreeland
MotherMary C Sloan d. 22 Sep 1931
     William Roswell Vreeland married Charlotte Bray. William Roswell Vreeland was born on 16 April 1915. He died on 20 July 1977 at age 62.

William Thomas Vreeland

M, b. 7 December 1857
FatherJacob Vreeland b. 28 Dec 1827
MotherSarah Cadmus
     William Thomas Vreeland married Ann Murphy at Wilmington, DE. William Thomas Vreeland was born on 7 December 1857.

Children (not necessarily in order) of William Thomas Vreeland and Ann Murphy

  • William Vreeland
  • Edna Vreeland

William Updike Vreeland

M, b. 13 August 1870
FatherJacob Vreeland b. 2 Aug 1839, d. 1904
MotherLouisa Opdyke
     William Updike Vreeland was born on 13 August 1870. He married Alice May Brown on 9 May 1900.

Child of William Updike Vreeland and Alice May Brown

  • May Vreeland b. 26 Feb 1901

Wina Vreeland

F, b. 25 November 1802, d. 1 August 1805
FatherMichiel J Vreeland b. 11 Oct 1770, d. 3 Sep 1840
MotherRachel DeGroot b. c 1775, d. 28 Sep 1820
     Wina Vreeland was born on 25 November 1802. She died on 1 August 1805 at age 2.

Wyntje Vreeland

F, b. 14 June 1772
FatherJacob Vreeland b. 11 Mar 1737
MotherWyntje Durie
     Wyntje Vreeland was born on 14 June 1772. She was christened on 2 August 1772 at Schraalenburgh. She married Benjamin Westervelt on 15 April 1797 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.
     Married name: Westervelt. Name variation: Lavinia Vreeland.

Phillipus Vrelen Jr.

M, b. 20 October 1706
     Phillipus Vrelen Jr. was baptized on 20 October 1706. He married Magdalena Burhans, daughter of Barent Burhans and Margriet Jans Matthysen, on 21 March 1730 at Kingston, NY.

Lynn Vriesman

     Lynn Vriesman married Michael Robert Caraway, son of Marion Robert Caraway and Marilyn Ellen Dean.
     Lynn Vriesman and Michael Robert Caraway were Type: MarrPriv. Married name: Caraway.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lynn Vriesman and Michael Robert Caraway

  • Casey Helena Caraway
  • Shelby Michal Caraway

Christian Vroom

     Christian Vroom married Christina Van Loon, daughter of Jan Van Loon and Maria Alberts.

Hendrick Corsz Vroom

     Hendrick Corsz Vroom married Josina Van Nest, daughter of Pieter Pietersen Van Nest and Judith Rapalje.

Pieter Corsz Vroom

     Pieter Corsz Vroom married Catherine Van der Beek, daughter of Paulus Van der Beek and Maria Thomas Badie, in 1679.

Abraham Vrooman

M, b. 15 November 1715
FatherPieter Vrooman b. 4 May 1684, d. c Nov 1777
MotherGrietje Van Alstyne
     Abraham Vrooman was born on 15 November 1715. He married Martie Ver Planck on 23 September 1735.

Child of Abraham Vrooman and Martie Ver Planck

Adam Vrooman

M, b. 14 September 1649, d. circa May 1732
FatherHendrick Meese Vrooman d. 10 Feb 1690
     Adam Vrooman married Engletie Blom. Adam Vrooman was born on 14 September 1649. He died circa May 1732.

Child of Adam Vrooman and Engletie Blom

Alisa Vrooman

FatherVolkert Vrooman
MotherMaria Smith
     Alisa Vrooman was born at Mohawk, Montgomery County, NY. She married Thomas Getman, son of Robert Getman and Lucy Young, on 26 November 1852.
     Married name: Getman.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Alisa Vrooman and Thomas Getman

Barent H Vrooman

     Barent H Vrooman married Volkje Wemple, daughter of Jan Barentsen Wemple and Helen Van Tright.

Bartholomeus Vrooman


Child of Bartholomeus Vrooman

Cornelius Vrooman

M, b. 3 July 1742, d. after 1817
FatherAbraham Vrooman b. 15 Nov 1715
MotherMartie Ver Planck
     Cornelius Vrooman was born on 3 July 1742. He married Magdalena Huyck, daughter of Lodowyk Huyck and Magdalena Fylie, on 19 December 1766 at Bethlehem, NY. Cornelius Vrooman died after 1817.

Child of Cornelius Vrooman and Magdalena Huyck

Cornelius Vrooman

     Cornelius Vrooman was born at Schenectady, NY. He married Maria Ten Eyck, daughter of Henry Ten Eyck and Anna Van Eps.

Hendrick Adam Vrooman

     Hendrick Adam Vrooman married Marytje Wemple, daughter of Barent Jansen Wemple and Volkje Veeder.
     Name variation: Capt.

Hendrick I Vrooman


Child of Hendrick I Vrooman

Hendrick Meese Vrooman

M, d. 10 February 1690
FatherBartholomeus Vrooman
     Hendrick Meese Vrooman died on 10 February 1690 at Schenectady, NY.

Child of Hendrick Meese Vrooman

Jacob S Vrooman

     Jacob S Vrooman married Margarita Wemple, daughter of Jan Barentsen Wemple and Helen Van Tright, on 29 December 1758.

Jacobus C. Vrooman

M, b. 10 September 1780, d. 6 December 1845
FatherCornelius Vrooman b. 3 Jul 1742, d. a 1817
MotherMagdalena Huyck
     Jacobus C. Vrooman was born on 10 September 1780. He married Magdelena Waggoner, daughter of Christian Waggoner and Unknown, on 2 June 1803 at Bethlehem, NY. Jacobus C. Vrooman died on 6 December 1845 at Bethlehem, NY, at age 65.

Child of Jacobus C. Vrooman and Magdelena Waggoner