Allenora Westfall

     Allenora Westfall married David Cool.
     Married name: Cool. They settled in Deerfield. Name in some records is Eleanrose.

Child of Allenora Westfall and David Cool

Benjamin Westfall

     Benjamin Westfall married Syntche Gumaer, daughter of Peter D Gumaer and Margery Decker.

Child of Benjamin Westfall and Syntche Gumaer

  • Simon Westfall

Benjamin Westfall

FatherJurian Westfall
MotherMaria Codebec b. BEF 02 AUG 1695/96, d. c 1796
     Benjamin Westfall married Annetje VAN AUKEN.

Catharine Westfall

     Catharine Westfall married John Van Vliet, son of James Van Vliet and Margaret Palmatier.
     Married name: Van Vliet.

Cornelius Westfall

     Cornelius Westfall married Hulda Cuddeback, daughter of Henry Cuddeback and Esther Gumaer.

Daniel Westfall

FatherJurian Westfall
MotherMaria Codebec b. BEF 02 AUG 1695/96, d. c 1796
     Daniel Westfall married Maria Westbrook.

David Westfall

     David Westfall married Jemima Cuddeback, daughter of Abraham C Cuddeback and Esther Gumaer.

James Westfall

M, b. 1711
FatherJurian Westfuall b. 1684, d. b 1731
MotherStynie Van Kuykendall d. 1715
     James Westfall married Appolonia Cortright, daughter of Jan Hendricksen Cortright and Maria Van Vreedenburg. James Westfall was born in 1711. He was baptized on 21 June 1711.
     Name variation: Johannes J Westphaal. Name variation: Johannes Westphaal.

Children (not necessarily in order) of James Westfall and Appolonia Cortright

Jannetje Westfall

     Jannetje Westfall married Peter Swartwout, son of Philippus Swartwout and Deborah Schoonover, on 24 January 1788.
     Married name: Swartwout.

Child of Jannetje Westfall and Peter Swartwout

Jemima Westfall

FatherSimon Westfall
MotherCynthia Cuddeback
     Jemima Westfall married John DeWitt, son of Moses DeWitt and Margaret Wilson.
     Married name: DeWitt.

Johannis Westfall

M, b. 28 June 1741
FatherJames Westfall b. 1711
MotherAppolonia Cortright b. 1706
     Johannis Westfall died Y young. He was born on 28 June 1741.

Jurian Westfall

     Jurian Westfall married Maria Codebec, daughter of Jacques Caudebec and Margaretta Provoost, between 20 August 1715 and 1716.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jurian Westfall and Maria Codebec

Jurian Westfall

M, b. 27 September 1698
FatherSimon Westfall b. 30 Sep 1663
MotherNeeltje Quackenbush
     Jurian Westfall was baptized on 27 September 1698. He married Blandina DeWitt, daughter of Jan DeWitt and Wyntie Kierstide, on 24 October 1719.
     Jurian Westfall was Type: Removed at Dutchess County, NY. He was Type: Source NY Rec. vol. 18, p. 41; Rec vol 15?; Machackameck Ch. Rec TE. Name variation: Jurian Westphael.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jurian Westfall and Blandina DeWitt

  • Simon Westfael+ b. 30 Jul 1721
  • Lydia Westfall b. 8 Mar 1724
  • Jan DeWitt Westfall b. 3 Apr 1726
  • Catrina Westfall b. 17 Nov 1728
  • Maria Westfall b. 4 Jul 1733
  • Annatje Westfall b. 3 May 1737

Lewis Westfall

     Lewis Westfall married Margaret DeWitt, daughter of Jacob Wilson De Witt and Phoebe Fuller.

Lydia Westfall

FatherNiclaas Westfall
MotherSara Van Aken b. 12 Feb 1688
     Lydia Westfall married Jacob Westbrook, son of Anthony Westbrook and Anjie Van Etten. Lydia Westfall married Benjamin Westbrook Vernoy, son of Johannes Vernooy and Orseltje Westbrook, on 8 January 1749.
     Married name: Westbrook. Married name: Vernoy.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lydia Westfall and Benjamin Westbrook Vernoy

Children (not necessarily in order) of Lydia Westfall and Jacob Westbrook

  • Jane Westbrook+
  • Blandina Westbrook b. 10 Aug 1746
  • Johannes Westbrook b. 19 May 1751
  • Saffrein Westbrook b. 12 May 1754
  • Maria Westbrook b. 29 May 1767

Margaret Westfall

F, d. before October 1748
     Margaret Westfall married Abraham Van Aaken Jr. Margaret Westfall died before October 1748.
     Married name: Van Aaken.

Margruetje Gretje Westfall

F, b. 1752, d. 1822
     Margruetje Gretje Westfall was born in 1752 at Sandyston, NJ. She married Samuel Cortright, son of Arien Jansen Cortright and Elizabeth Cool, at Sandyston, Sussex County, NJ. Margruetje Gretje Westfall died in 1822 at Sandyston, NJ.
     Married name: Cortright.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Margruetje Gretje Westfall and Samuel Cortright

Merrietie Westfall

FatherJurian Westfall
MotherMaria Codebec b. BEF 02 AUG 1695/96, d. c 1796
     Marriage banns for Merrietie Westfall and Jan Van Etten were published on 26 March 1738. Merrietie Westfall married Jan Van Etten, son of Jacob Van Etten and Antje Westbrook, on 13 April 1738.
     Name variation: Maritje Westfael. Married name: Van Etten. Name variation: Marritie Westfall.

Niclaas Westfall

FatherJohannes Westfall Westvall b. 1659
MotherMarrietje Cool Kool b. 1666
     Niclaas Westfall married Sara Van Aken, daughter of Martinus Van Aken and Pieternella De Pree.
     Name variation: Nicholas Wesfael. Name variation: Niclaus Westvaal.

Child of Niclaas Westfall and Sara Van Aken

Petrus Westfall

     Petrus Westfall was born at Machackemech. He married Arriantje Rosenkranz circa 25 August 1754.

Child of Petrus Westfall and Arriantje Rosenkranz

Sara Westfall

F, b. 26 May 1691
FatherJohannes Westfall Westvall b. 1659
MotherMarrietje Cool Kool b. 1666
     Sara Westfall married Jacob Kuykendall. Sara Westfall married Tobias Decker, son of John Jan Decker and Diana Kuykendall. Sara Westfall was christened on 26 May 1691 at Esopus, Ulster County, NY.
     Info from UA CD#100. Married name: Decker. Married name: Kuykendall.

Child of Sara Westfall and Jacob Kuykendall

Simon Westfall

     Simon Westfall married Cynthia Cuddeback, daughter of Benjamin Cuddeback and Catherine Van Fleet, on 29 May 1787.

Child of Simon Westfall and Cynthia Cuddeback

Simon Westfall

M, b. 30 September 1663
FatherJurien Westphalen d. c 1667
MotherMarvtje Hansen
     Simon Westfall married Neeltje Quackenbush. Simon Westfall was baptized on 30 September 1663.
     Name variation: Symen Westval.

Child of Simon Westfall and Neeltje Quackenbush

Jurian Westfuall

M, b. 1684, d. before 1731
FatherJohannes Westfall Westvall b. 1659
MotherMarrietje Cool Kool b. 1666
     Jurian Westfuall married Stynie Van Kuykendall, daughter of Leur Jacobz Van Kuykendall and Grietje Artz Tack. Jurian Westfuall married Marytje Cuddeback, daughter of Jacob Cuddeback. Jurian Westfuall was born in 1684. He was baptized on 27 April 1684. He died before 1731.
     Name variation: George Westfael.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Jurian Westfuall and Stynie Van Kuykendall

Dirkje Westhoeve

F, b. 1869, d. between 1917 and 1920
     Dirkje Westhoeve was born in 1869 at Ouddorp, Goeree-Overflakkee, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands. She married Jacob Heerschap on 1 December 1892 at Ouddorp, Goeree-Overflakkee, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands. Dirkje Westhoeve died between 1917 and 1920.
     Her parents were Krijn Westhoeve and Pieternella Klein. They emigrated at the same time as Jacob and Dirkje, together with two siblings: Krijntje (23) and Johannes (16). Married name: Heerschap. Name variation: Dirkje Heerschop. She immigrated on 6 January 1893 to Paterson, Passaic County, NJ, on the Veendam, from Rotterdam, arriving in New York on 6 Jan 1893. They are from Oudorp, and are going to Paterson, Passaic County, NJ. She and Jacob Heerschap appeared on the census of 1910 at 318 Montgomery Street, Passaic (1st Ward), Passaic County, NJ. with six children: Walter (16), Crine (13), Clara (9), Nellie (8), Jacob (3) and Minnie (1 + 4 mo), all born in NJ.

Anna Westlake

     Anna Westlake married George Suffern.
     Married name: Suffern.

Child of Anna Westlake and George Suffern

Hannah Westlake

F, b. 13 September 1762, d. 2 March 1843
     Hannah Westlake was born on 13 September 1762. She married John Abrams on 6 April 1784 at New Windsor, NY. Hannah Westlake died on 2 March 1843 at age 80.
     Married name: Abrams.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hannah Westlake and John Abrams

Edward Rathbone` Weston

     Edward Rathbone` Weston married Elisabeth Witt, daughter of Thomas Witt and Elizabeth Newhall, on 24 November 1837.
     Edward Rathbone` Weston lived before 1837 at New York City, NY.

Gladys M Weston

F, b. 1 April 1904, d. 22 June 1970
FatherCornelius Tuers b. c 1855, d. 17 Dec 1909
     Gladys M Weston was born on 1 April 1904 at Newark, Essex County, NJ. She died on 22 June 1970 at age 66.
     Gladys M. Tuers, daughter of Cornelius and Clara, was married twice. Charles B. Weston was her second husband. Her first husband was Frank Boller. Name variation: Gladys M Tuers. Name variation: Gladys M Boller.

Janet Westover

F, b. 15 February 1945, d. February 1986
     Janet Westover married Bruce Harris Galbraith, son of Edmund William Galbraith and Grace Bullen Harris. Janet Westover was born on 15 February 1945 at Logan, Cache County, UT. She died in February 1986.
     Married name: Galbraith.