Francis Salisbury

M, b. 1679, d. 1756
FatherSylvester Salisbury
MotherElizabeth Beeck
     Francis Salisbury was born in 1679. He married Maria Van Gaasbeck, daughter of Laurentius Van Gaasbeck and Laurentia Van de Kellenaan, in 1693. Francis Salisbury died in 1756.
     He lived at Kingston, NY. He was Type: Removed at Catskill, NY.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Francis Salisbury and Maria Van Gaasbeck

Laurentia Salisbury

F, b. 2 June 1695
FatherFrancis Salisbury b. 1679, d. 1756
MotherMaria Van Gaasbeck b. 10 Dec 1674
     Laurentia Salisbury died Y young. She was baptized on 2 June 1695.

Lawrence Salisbury

M, b. 12 April 1706, d. 29 November 1781
FatherFrancis Salisbury b. 1679, d. 1756
MotherMaria Van Gaasbeck b. 10 Dec 1674
     Lawrence Salisbury was born on 12 April 1706. He was baptized on 18 August 1706. He married Anna Maria Van Gaasbeek, daughter of Abraham Van Gaasbeek and Sarah Bayard, on 12 January 1735. Lawrence Salisbury died on 29 November 1781 at age 75.

Melinda Salisbury

     Melinda Salisbury married Valentine Stover Benn, son of John Benn and Margaret Sills.
     Married name: Benn.

Peter Salisbury

M, b. 25 April 1703, d. 1703
FatherFrancis Salisbury b. 1679, d. 1756
MotherMaria Van Gaasbeck b. 10 Dec 1674
     Peter Salisbury died in 1703. He was baptized on 25 April 1703.

Sylvester Salisbury

     Sylvester Salisbury married Elizabeth Beeck.
     Name variation: Capt.

Child of Sylvester Salisbury and Elizabeth Beeck

Sylvester Salisbury

M, b. 10 October 1697, d. January 1739
FatherFrancis Salisbury b. 1679, d. 1756
MotherMaria Van Gaasbeck b. 10 Dec 1674
     Sylvester Salisbury was baptized on 10 October 1697. He died in January 1739 at age 41 unmarried.

William Salisbury

M, b. 30 January 1709
FatherFrancis Salisbury b. 1679, d. 1756
MotherMaria Van Gaasbeck b. 10 Dec 1674
     William Salisbury died Y young. He was born on 30 January 1709 at Albany, NY.

William Salisbury

M, b. 25 December 1714, d. 1801
FatherFrancis Salisbury b. 1679, d. 1756
MotherMaria Van Gaasbeck b. 10 Dec 1674
     William Salisbury was baptized on 25 December 1714. He married Teuntje Staats on 27 March 1740. William Salisbury died in 1801.

Robert Salmanowitz


Ann Salmon

     Ann Salmon married John Corey.
     Ann was the sister of William Salmon. Married name: Corey.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Ann Salmon and John Corey

Christopher Salmon

M, b. 30 July 1586, d. circa 1625
FatherPeter Salmon b. c 1560, d. c 1600
MotherAlice b. c 1564, d. c 1610
     Christopher Salmon married Katherine Sinderland. Christopher Salmon was born on 30 July 1586 at Laxton, Nottinghamshire, England. He married Sarah Curtis circa 1607 at Westmorland, England. Christopher Salmon died circa 1625 at Laxton, Nottinghamshire, England.

Child of Christopher Salmon and Sarah Curtis

Elizabeth Salmon

F, b. 1655, d. 20 June 1734
FatherWilliam Salmon b. c 1610, d. 13 May 1657
MotherSarah Horton b. c 1650
     Elizabeth Salmon was born in 1655 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY. She was born in 1660 at Oysterponds, Suffolk County, NY. She married Jonathan Brown, son of Richard Brown II and Hannah King, circa 1685 at Oysterponds, Suffolk County, NY. Elizabeth Salmon died on 20 June 1734 at Suffolk County, NY.
     Info AA CD#3. Married name: Brown. Name variation: Elizabeth Sylvester.

Child of Elizabeth Salmon and Jonathan Brown

Peter Salmon

M, b. circa 1560, d. circa 1600
     Peter Salmon married an unknown person. He was born circa 1560 at Brough, Westmorland, England. He married Alice circa 1584 at Brough, Westmorland, England. Peter Salmon died circa 1600 at Brough, Westmorland, England.

Child of Peter Salmon and Alice

William Salmon

M, b. circa 1610, d. 13 May 1657
FatherChristopher Salmon b. 30 Jul 1586, d. c 1625
MotherSarah Curtis b. c 1588, d. c 1630
     William Salmon was born circa 1610 at Nazing, Essex, England. He married Katherine Curtis circa 1642. William Salmon married Sarah Horton circa 1652 at Leichester, Leicestershire, England. William Salmon died on 13 May 1657 at Southold, Suffolk County, NY.
     Info from AA CD#1 and AA CD#3.

Child of William Salmon and Sarah Horton

Lysbeth Salmons

     Lysbeth Salmons married Fredrick Hendrickzen De Boog.
     Married name: De Boog.

Child of Lysbeth Salmons and Fredrick Hendrickzen De Boog

Abram Salsbury

FatherAbraham Salisbury b. 17 Dec 1699, d. 1757
MotherRachel Ten Broeck b. 10 Oct 1707
     Abram Salsbury married Elsie Hasbrouck, daughter of Abraham Hasbrouck and Catryna Bruyn, on 9 November 1770.

Hannah Saltar

FatherRichard Saltar d. 1728
MotherSarah Bowne
     Hannah Saltar married Mordecai Lincoln II in 1714.
     Married name: Lincoln.

Child of Hannah Saltar and Mordecai Lincoln II

Richard Saltar

M, d. 1728
     Richard Saltar married Sarah Bowne, daughter of John Bowne and Frances. Richard Saltar died in 1728.
     He was called 'King's Attorney.' He became justice and then judge in Monmouth County and served for almost 25 years. As early as 1695 he was elected to the Second Assembly and served in the Assembly of East Jersey in 1711.
Richard owned 2100 acres in Monmouth County.

Child of Richard Saltar and Sarah Bowne

Augusta Salter

     Augusta Salter married Albert Vreeland, son of Albert T. Vreeland and Matilda L. Lydecker.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Daniel Salter

     Daniel Salter married Metje Storms, daughter of Isaac Storms and Sarah Volk.

John Salter

     John Salter married Jane Vreeland, daughter of Henry Vreeland and Lucinda Jerolamon, circa April 1841 at First Reformed Church, Bayonne, NJ.

Rachel Salter

     Rachel Salter married George Vreeland, son of Garret Vreeland and Mary Smith.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Susan Salter

     Susan Salter married Cornelius Vreeland, son of Michael Vreeland and Altie Outwater, on 7 September 1839 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.
     Married name: Vreeland. Susan Salter lived in 1907 at Kirkwood, IL.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Susan Salter and Cornelius Vreeland

Edward Salyer

     Edward Salyer married Rachel Wanmaker, daughter of Henry R Wanmaker and Anna Bogert, circa 1824.

Sarah Sammis

     Sarah Sammis married Gilbert Wickes, son of Josiah Wickes and Mary Conklin.
     Married name: Wickes.

George Sammond


Eliza Sammons

F, d. 27 March 1900
     Eliza Sammons married John T Houghtaling, son of Theunis Houghtaling and Sarah Krum. Eliza Sammons died on 27 March 1900 at Hurley, NY.
     Married name: Houghtaling.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Eliza Sammons and John T Houghtaling

  • Solomon Houghtaling
  • Solomon Shears Houghtaling
  • A S Houghtaling+ b. 30 Jul 1841
  • Abraham Sammons Houghtaling b. 8 Mar 1843

Elizabeth Sammons

F, b. 30 September 1750, d. circa 1881?
FatherThomas Sammons
MotherPieternella Schoonmaker b. 3 Jun 1716
     Elizabeth Sammons was baptized on 30 September 1750. She married Jacobus Elmendorf, son of Jacobus Elmendorf and Ariantje Nieukerk, on 2 October 1770. Elizabeth Sammons died circa 1881?
     Married name: Elmendorf.

Jane Sammons

     Jane Sammons married Peter A Cantine, son of Abraham Cantine and Elizabeth Delameter, in 1790.
     Married name: Cantine.