Hartman Vreeland

M, b. 27 January 1839, d. 1842
FatherHenry Vreeland b. 11 Oct 1797
MotherLucinda Jerolamon b. 1800, d. 1879
     Hartman Vreeland was born on 27 January 1839. He was baptized on 19 May 1839 at First Reformed Church, Bayonne, NJ. He died in 1842.

Hartman Vreeland

M, b. 8 November 1823
FatherMichael Vreeland b. 31 Oct 1781
MotherAltie Outwater b. 1785
     Hartman Vreeland married Seny Cranmer. Hartman Vreeland was born on 8 November 1823.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hartman Vreeland and Seny Cranmer

Hartman Vreeland

     Hartman Vreeland married Maritje Gerbrandsen, daughter of Cornelius Gerbrandsen and Jannetje Prior, on 20 November 1739.

Hartman A Vreeland

M, b. 4 January 1804, d. 13 April 1871
FatherAbraham E Vreeland b. 25 Sep 1774, d. bt 12 Oct 1805 - Nov 1805
MotherLea Degrauw
     Hartman A Vreeland was buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Paterson, NJ. He married Rebecca R. Hartman A Vreeland was born on 4 January 1804. He died on 13 April 1871 at age 67.
     He lived in 1871 at Paterson, Passaic County, NJ. He left a will on 10 May 1871 at Passaic County, NJ. (#14459 C Will 627, O INV 386, A Rel 314, 347, 380, 473).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hartman A Vreeland and Rebecca R

Hartman A Vreeland

M, b. 1 December 1848
FatherAbraham Vreeland b. 13 Jan 1822, d. 10 May 1894
MotherRachel Vreeland b. 18 Mar 1827
     Hartman A Vreeland married Jennie McDonald. Hartman A Vreeland was born on 1 December 1848. He married Letty J Clendenny on 20 December 1871.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hartman A Vreeland and Letty J Clendenny

Hartman A Vreeland

M, b. circa 1805
     Hartman A Vreeland was born circa 1805.

Child of Hartman A Vreeland

Hartman C Vreeland

M, b. 4 July 1785, d. before February 1841
FatherCornelius Vreeland d. bt 1824 - 1827
MotherElizabeth Vreeland
     Hartman C Vreeland married Theodocy Snyder, daughter of Richard Snyder. Hartman C Vreeland married Hester Hand. Hartman C Vreeland was born on 4 July 1785. He died before February 1841.
     He left a will on 20 August 1840 at Passaic County, NJ. (Recorded 2 Feb 1841 #14460 A-1 Will 122 A INV 98).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hartman C Vreeland

Child of Hartman C Vreeland and Theodocy Snyder

Hartman C Vreeland

M, b. 1838, d. 18 January 1898
FatherCornelius Vreeland b. 5 Mar 1812, d. b 1841
     Hartman C Vreeland was born in 1838. He died on 18 January 1898.

Hartman Enochse Vreeland

FatherEnoch Hartman Vreeland b. 1 Apr 1691
MotherJannetje Van Blercum b. 28 Jun 1702
     Hartman Enochse Vreeland and Jannitje Van Norstrand obtained a marriage license on 8 August 1747. Hartman Enochse Vreeland married Jannitje Van Norstrand on 20 August 1747 at Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ.
     On 22 Sep 1767 Hartman witnessed the will of Elias Vreeland of Wesel.

Child of Hartman Enochse Vreeland and Jannitje Van Norstrand

Hartman I Vreeland

FatherJohn H Vreeland b. 1733, d. bt 8 Feb 1803 - Dec 1804
     Hartman I Vreeland was buried at Reformed Dutch Church, Pompton Plains, NJ. He married Elizabeth Van Duyne, daughter of Jacobus Van Duyne and Hester Jacobus.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hartman I Vreeland and Elizabeth Van Duyne

Hartman Vreeland Jr.

M, b. 7 December 1826
FatherHartman Vreeland b. 15 Mar 1784
MotherEliza Gautier b. c 1788
     Hartman Vreeland Jr. married Margaret Cadmus. Hartman Vreeland Jr. was born on 7 December 1826.
     Name variation: Hartman Van Horn.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hartman Vreeland Jr. and Margaret Cadmus

Hartman Klaes Vreeland

M, b. 10 March 1698, d. 1760
FatherClaas Vreeland b. 6 Apr 1675, d. bt 27 Apr 1757 - Oct 1757
MotherAnnetje Harmanse b. 1674, d. 20 Dec 1698
     Hartman Klaes Vreeland was born on 10 March 1698 at Gamonepa, NJ. He married Jannetje Jacobusse, daughter of Roeloff Jacobusse and Geertruyt Buys, on 15 September 1733 at Acquackanonk Church, Passaic County, NJ. Hartman Klaes Vreeland died in 1760.
     He lived at Pequannock, NJ. Hartman received one half of the Hoeck from his grandfather's will and himself died intestate. Hartman sold his one-half of Constable's Hoek 17 Dec 1730 to his uncle Pieter Van Boskerk. About 1735 Hartman became a settler at Jacksonville (Morris County).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hartman Klaes Vreeland and Jannetje Jacobusse

Hartman Michielsen Vreeland

M, b. 1 October 1651, d. 18 January 1707
FatherMichiel Jansen b. 1610, d. b Jun 1663
MotherFitje Hartmans b. 1611, d. c 17 Oct 1697
     Hartman Michielsen Vreeland was christened on 1 October 1651 at Church at New Amsterdam. He married Maritje Braecke, daughter of Dirck Claase Braecke and Echtje Jacobs, in 1672 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. Hartman Michielsen Vreeland died on 18 January 1707 at age 55. He was buried at Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ.
     The older brothers all moved to Acquackanonk, but Michiel remained at Reckpokus, and as his mother sold him the land at Reckpokus where she lived, it is presumed that he continued to live at the homestead. He left a will on 16 June 1724 at New Jersey. (Abstr. of Will Vol I p484).

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hartman Michielsen Vreeland and Maritje Braecke

Hartman Michielsen Vreeland

M, d. between 4 November 1776 and April 1785
FatherMichiel Hartmansen Vreeland b. 26 Dec 1695, d. 6 Apr 1766
MotherElysbet Gerrits Van Ripen b. 29 May 1694, d. 18 Nov 1767
     Hartman Michielsen Vreeland was born at Gemoenepa, NJ. He married Maritje Gerbrants, daughter of Cornelius Garrabrants, on 20 November 1739 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. Hartman Michielsen Vreeland died between 4 November 1776 and April 1785.
     Hartman Vreeland and Hendrick Post were witnesses to the will of Hessel Pietersen of Essex County, dated 6 Oct 1744. The will was proved 7 Apr 1753 and the inventory of the estate, dated 5 Apr 1753, was made by Hartman Vreeland and Johannes Vreeland (Abstract of Wills vol3, page 254). He left a will on 4 November 1776. It names his children. The will divided the realty between his two sons, who were the executors. The will was proved 13 Apr 1785 (Book of Wills 27, pages 292 etc., Abstr of Wills Vol VI p423, Trenton). Hartman was named the oldest son in his faher's will and received all of his father's reality. This caused much dissension in the family.
Hartman and his wife joined the Bergen Church on confession of their faith 1 Apr 1740. Some time after their marriage they moved to Wesel, along the Passaic River, and established their home on the farm bought from Claes Romeyn by his father.
The Vreeland Homestead is an old stone house that stands near the corner of Twenty-first Ave. and East Forty-second St. in Paterson, NJ. This house was ascribed to Hartman Michielsen Vreeland, but but Mr. Nelson and Louis Beach Vreeland both feel that it was built by Hartman's son, Cornelius H. Vreeland. Avery good picture of the house is given in Nicholas G. Vreeland's book, page 139.
About 1900 the entire second story of of The Homestead , which was of wood, was gutted by fire. The property at that time was owned by a Van Houten. When the second story of the structure was rebuilt its shape and the shape of the roof were changed while the lower potion was kept almost in its original form.
No records have been found to document his active service during the Revolutionary War. He was a patriot as shown by the vertificates given him by the Quartermaster General's Department for the use of his teams. Cerificate 298, dated 7 Nov 1780 for eight days carting with two-horse team for 256.00, due 2 Aug 1780, from Daniel Marsh, Quartermaster at Rahway.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hartman Michielsen Vreeland and Maritje Gerbrants

Hartman N Vreeland

M, b. 25 October 1762, d. between 21 February 1823 and May 1823
FatherClaes Vreeland b. 1730, d. 1811
MotherCatrina Van Duyn
     Hartman N Vreeland was born on 25 October 1762. He was christened on 14 November 1762 at First Reformed Church, Pompton Plains, NJ. He married Martha Van Riper. Hartman N Vreeland died between 21 February 1823 and May 1823.
     He lived at Pequannock, NJ. He left a will on 21 February 1823 at Morris County, NJ. It was probated 20 May 1823 (Morris County Records Book C, page 87). Mentions his brothers Martin and Abraham, and his father's estate.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hartman N Vreeland and Martha Van Riper

Hattie Vreeland

     Hattie Vreeland married Mathews.
     Married name: Mathews.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Hattie Vreeland and Mathews

Hattie Vreeland

FatherJohn Milton Vreeland b. 14 Oct 1854, d. 9 Sep 1913
MotherIda Kate Jacobus
     Hattie Vreeland married Samuel Male.
     Married name: Male.

Hazel Vreeland

F, b. 18 August 1918
FatherRichard Henry Vreeland b. 2 Feb 1889, d. 1979
MotherElsie Brunjes d. 1965
     Hazel Vreeland married Arthur Collins. Hazel Vreeland was born on 18 August 1918.
     Married name: Collins.

Hazel Vreeland

F, b. 1904, d. 1 July 1953
FatherJames Henry Vreeland b. 5 Mar 1876, d. 25 Feb 1948
MotherJennie Kreiger b. 12 Feb 1881, d. 26 Oct 1957
     Hazel Vreeland married Lester Goble. Hazel Vreeland was born in 1904. She died on 1 July 1953.
     Married name: Goble.

Hazel Belle Vreeland

F, b. 14 January 1894
FatherJames Oscar Vreeland b. 4 Feb 1866, d. 13 Oct 1913
MotherFeammie Dawson b. c 1 Aug 1868, d. 6 Nov 1934
     Hazel Belle Vreeland married John Spreen. Hazel Belle Vreeland was born on 14 January 1894.
     Married name: Spreen.

Helen Vreeland

F, b. 22 December 1823
FatherGeorge Vreeland b. 12 Jul 1787
MotherCatherine Newkirk
     Helen Vreeland married Jasper Cadmus. Helen Vreeland was born on 22 December 1823.
     Married name: Cadmus.

Helen Vreeland

F, b. 27 March 1876, d. 1878
FatherGeorge Washington Vreeland b. 3 Jun 1842
MotherHelen G Smith
     Helen Vreeland was born on 27 March 1876. She died in 1878.

Helen Louise Catherine Vreeland

F, b. 1 August 1917, d. 4 August 1970
FatherFranklin Vreeland b. 15 Dec 1877, d. 14 Dec 1945
MotherAlice Conway Hutchinson b. 11 Feb 1879, d. 25 Oct 1929
     Helen Louise Catherine Vreeland married McGuire. Helen Louise Catherine Vreeland was born on 1 August 1917 at Philadelphia, PA. She died on 4 August 1970 at Bethesda, MD, at age 53.
     Married name: McGuire.

Helen M Vreeland

FatherHenry Van Houten Vreeland b. 23 Aug 1845, d. 3 Apr 1912
MotherAnna May Brokaw b. 9 Jun 1848, d. 8 Feb 1938
     Helen M Vreeland married Orrok.
     Married name: Orrok. Name variation: Helen L Vreeland. Helen M Vreeland lived in 1912 at Nutley, NJ. She lived in 1927 at Avon, NJ.

Helen M Vreeland

FatherJames Morton Vreeland b. 14 Feb 1844
MotherMary Rossback
     Name is given as Henry M, of Chicago.

Helen Maria Vreeland

F, b. 9 March 1854
FatherElias Jacob Vreeland b. 19 Jan 1818, d. 28 Feb 1895
MotherRachel Van Houten b. 1818, d. 18 Aug 1902
     Helen Maria Vreeland married Thomas Lee. Helen Maria Vreeland married Fuller. Helen Maria Vreeland was born on 9 March 1854.
     Married name: Fuller. Married name: Lee. Name variation: Maria Helena Vreeland. She lived in 1902 at Bordentown, Burlington County, NJ.

Helena Vreeland

F, b. 20 May 1756, d. 7 March 1846
FatherJoris E Vreeland b. 25 Sep 1710, d. 21 Jun 1795
MotherAnnetje Gerritse Van Wagenen b. 1714, d. 28 Feb 1782
     Helena Vreeland married Garret Van Ripen, son of Juriaen Van Ripen and Grietje. Helena Vreeland was born on 20 May 1756 at Bergen, NJ. She died on 7 March 1846 at age 89.
     Married name: Van Ripen. Name variation: Leena Vreeland.

Child of Helena Vreeland and Garret Van Ripen

Helena Vreeland

F, b. 22 June 1790, d. 18 June 1866
FatherIsaac Vreeland b. 16 Feb 1760, d. 6 Jul 1808
MotherGrietje Vreeland
     Helena Vreeland married John F? Vreeland. Helena Vreeland was born on 18 June 1790. She was born on 22 June 1790. She died on 18 June 1866 at age 75.
     Married name: Vreeland.

Children (not necessarily in order) of Helena Vreeland and John F? Vreeland

Helena Vreeland

F, b. 23 January 1782
FatherEnoch C Vreeland b. 24 Jan 1748, d. 1816
MotherLea Van Winkle
     Helena Vreeland was born on 23 January 1782. She married George Willer on 25 October 1801.
     Married name: Willer. Name variation: Eleanor Vreeland.

Helena J Vreeland

F, b. 1696, d. 15 March 1774
FatherJohannes Michielsen Vreeland b. 1 Oct 1656, d. 26 Jun 1713
MotherClaesje Dirckse Braecke b. 7 Mar 1658/59, d. 1713
     Helena J Vreeland was born in 1696. She and an unknown person obtained a marriage license on 30 May 1719 at Bergen Church, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. She married Johannis Helmigsen Van Houten, son of Helmus Van Houten and Jannetje Pieterse, on 17 June 1719. Helena J Vreeland died on 15 March 1774.
     Married name: Van Houten. Name variation: Aegie Vreeland.

Child of Helena J Vreeland and Johannis Helmigsen Van Houten